Saturday, October 31, 2009

Estonian Strange.

Thanks to Trash from
Trash Can Dance for sending me this one.
Tolmunud Mesipuu is an Estonian Instrumental Stoner band. They have their music labeled as Acid Country, but it's just more than that. I hear several styles in their music. It's very hard to define it. For all I know it's just awesome, very epic and atmospheric. Sometimes a bit jazzy. The instruments are played very well. This album has a great sound. You really should hear this. You must hear this! Enjoy!

This Estonian power trio mixes up all genres of music you can imagine. Doom, Metal, Jazz, Country, Blues, Stoner Rock and everything between are mixed up in a cosmic psychedelic energy boost. All-instrumental, a little crazy - in a good way, this weird blend of different heavy and hard music leaves the listeners only craving for more.
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Tolmunud Mesipuu - Puusse panen (2009)

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limbocolectivo said...

Great Sound!
This estonian guys are awesome.