Saturday, October 31, 2009

Psychedelic Stoner From Greece.

A big thanks to Kooh for dropping this one in my C-Box and mail. Last Rizla, hm, isn't that a brand that makes smoking papers? When you got your last one, then you're in trouble.
However, Last Rizla is a Stoner Rock band from Greece and this is their first demo. Well I can't hardly call it a demo when I listen to this. Press it right away on vinyl, so good does this sound. Last Rizla plays Stoner with a variety of influences. They sound like nothing I ever heard, but it is incredible good. Enjoy this one! Go to their MySpace page and give 'em support!

Just like a flatulent bowel aerification, it all started back in 2003, in that certain 2x3 basement, all being clumsy as mollusks. Punk Rock and Red Hot covers. The Last Rizla thang was conceived around 2006, during a session in that uncertain studio, featuring actual musicians that, of course, did not continue with the band. Line-up changed (actually still does), instruments exchanged and as of 2009, Last Rizla have eventually found the money to pay for their first recording, self-releasing it and giving it around for free (stupid morons! - DIY and shit...). Last Rizla suffer/have suffered from raging haemorrhoids, thyroid anomalies, high blood pressure, a bunch of broken teeth, stones in the gall bladder, dandruff (just to mention a few). Blame Rock.

Someone wrote:

Last Rizla is a session band formed by independent musicians who share the need of experimenting with new sounds as well as fusing different styles. We believe that music is not static and therefore there are no rules for creating interesting music. Music should have no boundaries and any musician should be free to express himself by any means available...

He has no facial hair...

Furthermore, the vast majority of the Last Rizla Group members encounter a dispiriting problem of bad, plain bad, haircuts or hairstyles; ranging from total baldness to buddha-looking-chubby-heads, oily-lovelocks to 80s-mane-full-of-shame, disoriented-dreadlocks to yippy-yow-cowlicks, one-bread-all-head to pussy-looking-fluffy-mohawks and weak-afanaz, Last Rizla have made their statement to the world of style! Bad Taste!

(From MySpace)

Last Rizla - Last Rizla (2009)

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