Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cosmic Android

Whoooooosh, there is Cosmic Android from Amsterdam, Holland. They play Psychedelic Spacey Stoner Rock with some Grunge influences.
Cosmic Android claims to be influenced by the following bands and artists: 35007, 7zuma7, Alice in Chains, Cowboys & Aliens, Foo Fighters, Fu Manchu, Glowsun, Hawkwind, Honcho, Kyuss, Melvins, Monkey 3, Monster Magnet, Sleep, Truckfighters, ZzZ, Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov.
I must say that the vocals sound much like the singer of Cowboys & Aliens and that's not a bad thing. The Electroplastic 7 demo sounds very good. I hope to hear more from these guys (and girl) in the future. Give it a try and let me know your opinion. And give them support!

Cosmic Android is an Amsterdam based stoner-grunge-rock trio consisting of dutch rock'n'roll poet Tjø van Zuijlen on vocals and bass, guitarist Paul Geerts and Suzan Rooijers (Facehugger, Unabomber) on drums. Inspired by great 90's bands like Fu Manchu, Kyuss, the Melvins and Alice in Chains we produce our own tube-driven rock full of catchy riff's,ass-kicking beats and psychedelic whimsy.
With the release of our first demo we are ready to entertain any rock loving crowd with up to one hour of musical spectacle.

(From their website and MySpace)

Cosmic Android - Electroplastic 7 (2008)

(Thanx to Planet Fuzz)


fortnight1066 said...

Riez, thanks so much for the brilliant stuff you have posted over the last few weeks! Really good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Riez, Thanx for the support man!

We will keep on trying to get better, so we can conquer this blue planet with outer space rock!

CosmicTjø ,-)