Sunday, October 18, 2009

Space Probe Taurus

Space Probe Taurus is a Swedish Stoner Rock band with Garage Rock influences. This album rocks! Read the review below and you know what I mean. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Acid Fuzz Rock from Sweden you will get from ex-Snake Machine (1992-1997), which are now SPACE PROBE TAURUS. The sound is compared with bands like Mudhoney, Hellacopters, Stooges, MC 5, NEBULA and a little FU MANCHU. The opener DIG THE LIZARD is a fast forward dirty rock song in the veins of THE HELLACOPTERS or GLUECIFER, with some Fuzz Rock elements. BUZZ AMP, ELECTRIC EXPLOSION and SNAKEBIRTH are that direction. And it will give you the typical sound. It would be a boring record, if not the other tracks like MOLTEN LAVA (with a great Stoner Rock beginning), BAREFOOT (the typical Stoner touch again, but with a lot of drive!) or the mighty and slower PSI-BURN, which is a great groove monster with excellent vocal lines. This track is the highlight on that record in my eyes. Sounding like a good Stoner Rock song, written in the best Stoner Rock years, back in 1998-2000. SUPERSONIC WOMAN rocks too and LEVITATION give you the classic psychedelic input, which made NEBULA huge. The last track (bonus track) called SHE-WOLF, BABY is taken from the movie HOLLYWOOD SHE-WOLF. Cool. All in all a record which makes a lot of fun and sounding fresh if you not expect a new influence for the Stoner Rock scene. Good record, this sound will work on stage definitely.
(By Jochen at Daredevilrecords)

Space Probe Taurus - Space Probe Taurus (2005)

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