Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some Milligrams Of Stoner Punk

This is a short album by Milligram from Massachutes, U.S.A. Milligram play some sort of Stoner Punk. The songs sounds like high energized Rock 'n' Roll.
Their MySpace says that Milligram is influenced by the following bands and artists: Black Flag, MAINLINER, Stooges, FEAR, Loop, DWARVES, Jesus Lizard, Tom Waits, Kyuss, Birthday Party, Black Sabbath, HIGH RISE, Neil Young, Fu Manchu, Pink Floyd, La Gritona, Misfits, GUITAR WOLF, Refused, Ornette Coleman, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, Unsane.
There are some covers on this album. Check it out!

"Furious as punk and loud as hell, four Boston rock veterans (including ex-Roadsaw-er Darryl Shepherd) pound through seven tracks."

"This band from Massachusetts is a ball of furious energy spawning from such styles as MC5- Stooges."


Milligram - Hello Motherfucker! (2000)

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very nice
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