Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finnish Stoner

If you like some up-tempo Stoner Rock, then this EP is your thing. Zerocharisma play damn fine Stoner Rock. I guess this was their only release. Too bad, I wish I could hear more of this band. Except for this review there's nothing to find about Zerocharisma, no website and no MySpace (Also too bad). Listen and enjoy!

Whoa!!! This record roars like a dragster at full speed! This great Ep is released by the good label Monsterzero Records...and their choice was right, because the band we're talking about has great chances to rise to great fame levels; Zerocharisma plays a sort of punk-influenced stoner-rock, mixed with some motorhead...I could say optimal tourmate of Zerocharisma are the finnish Sunride...they seem to have the same fuckin' irty attitude...they are the perfect bands to listen to at a wild alcholic party. Really adrenalinic.This Ep contains five top class songs. Oracle, the opener, is really fast and amphetaminic, Ridin' Astro is a bit slower, but still heavy. Then it's time for Caliphornia, another fast song...but with a lovely mid-tempo stoned break. The fourth song is Space Probe, and it's once again time for a highway ride in the night...this is my favourite song, and probably the most psychedelic, too. Finally, there is the title track, Flip the Man; in the beginning, it seems to be the most punk-song of the whole cd. Then, it becomes a real kick it the head, due to its dirty stoned-punk attitude I really love. The performance of the musician is perfect (especially, i loved the singer's voice) and the recording is really really good. A very high recording standard, for Zerocharisma. Definetively, this is a very very good record from Monsterzero Records...every rock-lover should buy it...another perfect record for tripping on the highway...
(By Alex (Stoned Gods))

Zerocharisma - Flip The Man EP (2000)

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Anonymous said...

zerocharisma released at least one more EP called "chiefs and captains" or so. (am far from my record collection, so i can´t check). i bought it on their 2003 tour with magnified eye.