Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Celestial Season from Holland was a band that started as a Doom/Death/Goth Metal band. The first release was Solar Lovers. After this album Celestial Season developed into a Stoner Rock band. The first attempt in this style was the EP Sonic Orb. Orange is the second full-lenght album and it's a great one. I love it! Do you?
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Years ago, I worked at a record store for a few months. There was this one fellow who had sold all his death and black metal CDs to focus solely on stoner rock. For whatever reason, he had found religion in weed and submerged himself entirely in its culture.

Based on Celestial Season's Orange, the band's first full length effort after their transition into a "stoner rock" style, I have come to the conclusion one would have to be entirely baked to find much appreciation here.

While Sonic Orb at least hinted that Celestial Season would find some musical gratification after moving away from the increasingly cluttered doom metal field, Orange does not cash in on that promise. The lazy, sonically squashed Orange lumbers through the album's duration without really catching onto a good hook, solid groove or great song. Songs about auto racing and weird titles like "Daisy's Lunch" don't offer a whole lot beyond novelty. The album is mostly hesitant and timid. Ultimately Celestial Season would find considerably more comfort in writing songs within this style, but Orange is not that album.

(Review by John Chedsey at Satan Stole My Teddybear)

Celestial Season - Orange (1997)

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