Sunday, October 25, 2009

Italian Instrumental Stoner Garage

I found a message in my C-Box from Plasticrane Productions. This is an Italian on-line music label/(photo)graphic studio. The music they promote is a Lo-Fi. The most stuff is Ambiance/Trance, but there are also some Stoner-like bands. Kill Jesus Kill is on of them.
Kill Jesus Kill is a duo from Modena, italy. They play some very nice Instrumental Stoner Garage Rock. Good sounding guitar riffs, great drums. So what do you want more (Except for more, cause 15 minutes is to less). Kill Jesus Kill was born from the ashes of NewHomeAutomatika. Check this out and visit the Plasticrane site.

Kill Jesus Kill - Kill Jesus Kill EP (2009)

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d. said...

this sound great.
thank you!
going to listen to it...
take care,