Monday, October 26, 2009

Russian Sludge Metal

Fire To Fields is a Rusian Sludge Metal band. I can't tell much about them, cause this demo contains only two songs and one is a cover (EyeHateGod). Sounds good anyway.

The story of the band began from the year 2007, when young and ambitious vocalist Stas and drummer Oleg decided to form their own musical band, which could let them express themselves in slow and headcrushing music. But it was not so easy because of rare and outlandish music favours. So they started to search people, but their efforts weren’t awarded soon. Musicians went through, but none of them stayed in the band for long. It went to the dead end, but the chance helped and Stas and Oleg met bassist Dima at spring 2008. He came to an audition and fit perfectly into the band. Meanwhile, complete sound of band was evolved to noised and droned sludgecore. Recruitment was completely finished at the spring 2009, when guitarist Vova comes. With this line-up, they have recorded two-song demo in August 2009. Later on the band was accomplished with Alexander(who previously worked with such projects as Sinter and Buried Flags). So, five different people filled up each other in original, mindtwisting band from Syberia to make their own style of music. Fire is coming for its’ harvest, fire is coming to purge fields…
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Fire To Fields - Demo (2009)

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