Friday, October 23, 2009

The Black Angels

From Austin, Texas hails The Black Angels. They play some Nasty, Melancholic Psychedelic sort of Stoner Rock. Pass Over is a very strong album. Enjoy.

It has been an angry week. Most music will do for soothing the more banal stresses of work and relationships, but these early months of ‘07–with their pre-election madness, shooting madness, war madness–calls for something explosive, emotional and flat-out enraged. I pulled The Black Angels‘ 2006 release Passover off the shelf and have since had it on repeat to let it all out.

Formed in 2004 in Austin, Texas, the Angels rock a heavy mix of Velvet Underground moodiness, layered percussion and politically charged lyrics. With song titles like “Young Men Dead,” “Black Grease,” “Bloodhounds on My Trail,” and “Call to Arms” (all standouts), the band delves into some serious shit. But what could be a tedious exercise in self-righteousness instead becomes passionate, cathartic rock ‘n’ roll.

Vocalist Alex Maas has a gift for channeling the bastard child of Jim Morrison and Lou Reed without ever falling into parody. The rest of The Black Angels, aided by a drone machine and a variety of percussion in addition to the usual suspects, create a rich wall of sound for Maas to work with.

Their official website proclaims, “The Black Angels are marching forward into battle for your souls.” At a time when human beings seem so completely lost, this is one band whose music won’t let you go gently into that good night.

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The Black Angels - Passover (2006)

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Anonymous said...

Great album and great band! Their 2nd album (Directions to See a Ghost) is just as solid.