Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blinded By The Sun

On Trial was a legendary Psychedelic Garage Rock band from Denmark. This band made eight studio albums and Blinded By The Sun is the fifth one. On Trial excelled in their Psychedelic Sixties sound. If I'm correct there was also some involvement of some Baby Woodrose members. A highly recommended album by an outstanding band. Too bad they split up recently. Enjoy!

What is it with these guys? Even though I'm usually quite cranky at this hour in the morning (8:32 AM), it seems that these guys are allergic to making bad or even mediocre albums. Basically, if you like New Day Rising, you're gonna dig this one as well. Like that album, Blinded by the Sun has a tendency towards shorter, tougher songs than the ones so elaborately displayed on Head Entrance. The production is probably more elaborate here as well, while there's a bigger variety in styles and sounds. Some people collect stamps, others collect naughty toys or records, these guys seem to collect guitar pedals. Guf's influence is still increasing (he wrote more than half of the lyrics) and it shows, as about half of the album are tack-hard cuts of late '60s/early '70s psych rock, mixed up with hard rock, pop and even folksy stuff. The title track continues the more accessible direction of many of NDR's songs: it's muscular, yet melodic, tough, yet accessible. It's the same deal with most other tracks: "Everything" is a marvellous fuzzed-out rocker with vocalist Bo resembling the MC5's Rob Tyner so much it's scary, while "Driver" (an obscure cover) is ultra-catchy hippie music. Those songs are not even the hardest rocking tunes, the ones that are guaranteed to set their live shows ablaze. No, for those opportunities, there are cuts like the call to arms-rock of "Miles Away" that comes complete with sirens and all; the exquisite six minute-beast "Downer" (most likely to impress the stoners in the audience, think of Monster Magnet-meets-Pentagram) with its awesome guitar sounds and the simple, in-your-face hard rock of "Poor Soul." It's not a 50-minute rave-up, though, as the broadened sound palette also includes quieter, moodier material. The half-acoustic "Too Late," sung by Guf, is as atmospheric as this kind of stuff gets, dark and fatalistic. The real winner here, however, is "So Close," a wonderfully realized slice of lush L.A. psych-pop. With those melancholic vocals and additional trumpets it's a dead ringer for Love's folk-psych. With the exception of "Downer," all the songs are easily digestible and short, but in good old fashion, there's a reward for trip addicts at the end of the album, with two +10 minute space travels inviting the listener to enjoy the view from up above. "Slippin' and Slidin'" is a mantra-like dirge that takes a while to build up, but manages to create a weird, melancholy atmosphere and when those compressed vocals kick in, the visions are complete. "Kolos" is darker and heavier and despite being less melodic, there's damn fine guitar stuff goin' on and that acceleration and intensification probably leads to stunning results in a live setting. The brief "Kosmonaut" serves as a hard-rocking coda to that drone. Blinded by the Sun isn't a departure from New Day Rising like that album differed from Head Entrance before it, but because of the uniformly strong songs, terrific musicianship and occasionally beautiful moments, it ranks as an excellent album. Not as idiosyncratic as Head Entrance (God, I can't seem to keep my mouth shut about that one), but a lot more satisfying than most of today's self-conscious drivel that's being sold as "da new thing." Whatever, I'm sticking with On Trial.
(Review by Guy Peters)

On Trial - Blinded By The Sun (2002)

Cross The Skull River

Thanks Gloria from the band A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm for sharing their album!
From Toulouse, France comes the band with the odd name A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm. This foursome plays some incredible Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal. The songs on their debut album Primary Septagon are a paragon of heaviness! These tunes has everything it needs: Awesome guitars, very great vocals and heavily pounding bass and drums.
The songs themselves are very strong compositions. Needless to say that we are dealing with a masterpiece! Enjoy!

Formed in 2009, A VERY OLD GHOST BEHIND THE FARM is based on a visceral desire to break down barriers between doom, sludge, blackened metal, stoner and crust. You will find in this mass grave the scattered remains of a moribund Black Sabbath, some putrefying limbs of Acid Bath and the emaciated corpse of Khanate violating the consanguineous carcasses of Eyehategod and Crowbar.

"The result is ranging from thrilling mid-tempo doomed anthems and some bastard up- tempo savage straight-in-your-face aggression.” —
"The songs have the typical occult edge you expect from so many doom bands these days but they are constantly throwing you a curve-ball...” — Doommantia
"All that sticks to your skin, whether in heavy "doomesque" shipments or with more speed tempos of a disturbed Southern rock ..." - Pavillon 666

After the release of an EP, then a debut album, "Primary Septagon", acclaimed by the critics, and concerts with bands like Coliseum (U.S.), Drawers (FR) and Dwail (FR), the Old Ghost is ready to come back on stage.
The band is opened to any proposal for concert / festival in France.

Sometimes shall you hear the voices of very ancient ghosts.
Sometimes shall you feel the touch of some diabolic spell.
Sometimes shall you behold what hides behind the farm.

(Their bio)

A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm - Primary Septagon (2010)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

V Column

The following contribution was sent in by Tam Ali from the band Awooga!
Awooga is a trio from Sheffield, UK. This band plays some awesome Progressive Power Rock. The EP V Column is the second release and it contains five supurb songs. The guitar sound is excellent. It is full of spectecular effects. The singer does a great job, this guy has a very good voice. The rhythm section creates a solid base for the amazing music of Awooga.
Awooga doesn't play everyday's music, but it does for sure deserve a listen. Enjoy!

AWOOGA started in late 2008 jamming away in a cold little decrepit practice room in Sheffield city centre across from a 86 year old Master Steel Forger who once made knives for Bill Clinton and Elvis Presley. No lie, he showed us the photos.

AWOOGA are a 3 piece power trio that features: -

Tam Ali - Vocals and Bass Guitar
Taz Ali - Drums
James Borrowdale - Guitar

Our sound is heavy, melodic and atmospheric. It's a bit proggy and we have been told " you guys sound like a star exploding". Have a listen.

We spent a while writing and finding our sound and released the "OVER 9000" E.P. This enabled us to get gigs and get a good fan base. We have gigged at Corporation, West Street Live and have even covered Michael Jackson they day after he died.

We have just recorded our new 5 track album entitled " V Column". It's available for download on various sites and we are looking to tour near you in October 2011.

We have played with some really good bands in the past and still do now such as Stonerun, Saviours, Kruger, Downslide, and many more that we have been privileged to share bills with in the past.

(Their bio)

Awooga - V Column (2011)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Two Great Italian Compilation Albums

These compilation album were composed by the Italian web forum Rock & Ditorni. These compilations represent bands from the Italian underground scene. The guys from Rock & Ditorni did an awesome job with these two compilations. There are a lot of great songs on these albums. All information about the bands are included in the files. Enjoy!

Various Artists - Underground Attack Vol. 1 (2007)

Various Artists - Underground Attack Vol. 2 (2009)

It's All A Lie

Thanks to the band Câimbra for this contribution!
Câimbra is a fivesome from São Paulo, brazil. This band plays Sludge/Stoner Metal, where the emphasis very much is on Metal and less on Sludge and Stoner. Nevertheless, this band plays their music quite well. There are even some Hardcore influences present in their sound.
Their EP called É Tudo Uma Mentira (It's All A Lie) contains five tracks which sound all very decent. All of the lyrics are sung in Portugese, so I don't have any clue of what issues they're singing about.
I guess this is Câimbra's first release and it is really a good EP. Go check it out and support these guys! Enjoy!

"Câimbra (cramps) is a sensation that gets you from nowhere, an answer to intensive repetitive movements that is so ubearable it would make you want to die if it lasted just another minute.
We're talking about brazilian band Câimbra and their debut EP, "É Tudo Uma Mentira", that sounds just like the physical pain itself. A pain so cruel and relentless it's only compared to reality.
Composed by two brutal guitars, disturbed basslines, slightly diabolical drums and frightening vocals, Câimbra's sound won't leave you alone.
Here there is no peace or sense at all, only unstoppable search. What and why is it searched remains obliterated by the desperate urgency in this act."

(Their bio)

Câimbra - É Tudo Uma Mentira (2011)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hallucination Boulevard

There are some outstanding free download albums floating on the web. Hallucination Boulevard by Gustnado is another example of that fact.
From Zafferana Etnea, Italy comes Gustnado. There is just one guy in this band and his name is Frank Tudisco. Frank does an excellent job with his album Hallucination Boulevard. This album contains an awesome collection of great instumental Psychedelic Stoner Rock songs. Gustnado claims it's influenced by the following bands: Kyuss, Slo Burn, Fu Manchu, Queens Of The Stone Age, Mexicola Oil Company and even Ugly Kid Joe. This gives you a small idea of what Gustnado is about.
I suggest you listen Hallucination Boulevard and then you might conclude that this could be one of the best releases of 2011. Enjoy!

Gustnado is from Zafferana Etnea, Italy, 20 miles from Catania.
Is a one man band who play heavy rock with fuzzy and tropical overtones.
The band has just finished recording sessions for "Hallucination Boulevard", their instrumental 8 tracks debut album.
They are still looking for a label to distribute and promote their music.
Are also exploring the idea of moving to a larger city, where they can find other musicians so they can tour anytime.

(From Facebook)

Gustnado - Hallucination Boulevard (2011)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Look Mom! I Made A Death Machine

This EP was submitted by Keeran of the band Thorun!
Thorun is a four headed band from Cardiff, Wales. This band plays some very nice instrumental Stoner/Sludge with Doom and Metal influences. This free download EP is a reissue of the Thorun EP of 2010.
Thorun's music can be described as heavy and lumpish. This EP sounds truly awesome. The guitar riffs are great and the drums and bass beech nicely aggressive.
So if you're ready for some instrumental violence, this is your chance! Enjoy!

Thorun was born (prematurely) in early 2010 as two well-travelled, axe wielding Caerphilly idiots decided to “start a new band” after the fall of Cardiff based noise makers Circa Regna Tonat left Jonny without a creative home. With phase one complete Keeran and Jonny set out to find a rhythm section. After some over zealous forum posting and a bit of begging they found Mike and Neal ‘Chest’ and thus the two piece became a four. The band agreed on one thing….”it has to be slow, loud and a bit like Electric Wizard but without the vocals cause we don’t have a singer!” Things moved quickly as ideas turned in to riffs, riffs in to songs and songs in to more songs until the band had enough material to record a 5 track EP/Demo that they decided to give away over the magical intermaweb as a free download. Thorun are now playing live shows at a crap hole near you!
(Their pointless bio)

Thorun - EP 2010: Reprise (2011)

Today is Technicolor

Thanks again to Blair Kodman, the manager of Heavy Glow, for sharing this album!
About a year ago I've posted the EP The Filth And The Fury by the band Heavy Glow.
Now is Heavy Glow back with their brand new album Midnight Moan. This album is a continuation on their previous releases. This trio from San Diego offers again a nice mixture of Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock and Psychedelics with influences of 60's and 70's Rock.
Heavy Glow shows again their musical abilities. The nine songs they wrote for Midnight Moan are stunning! The voice of Jared is just as phenomenal as on their previous work.
The highlights of this album are: Lose My Mind, Today is Technicolor (One Step Closer), All My Money and Collide. Enjoy!

Heavy Glow was formed in 2008 in San Diego. The hard rock trio recorded its first EP at Velvet Revolver’s Studio in Los Angeles with legendary producer Stevie Salas.

The self-titled debut EP captures the band’s ability to communicate raw, visceral music. Recorded in just 4 days, it was released to favorable reviews and international airplay. FOX’s new detective series “The Good Guys” used “Grinning in the Dark” in the soundtrack for its second episode.

The band is often compared to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Blue Cheer and The Black Keys. The band strives for hard-hitting, gritty, infectious and melodic rhythms to create a sound that is both informed by the past and undeniably modern.

With the addition of new drummer Dan Kurtz in 2009, the band released a follow-up entitled “The Filth & the Fury.” The EP contains 5 songs, all cut with the band playing live in one room over a period of six hours. Classic Rock Magazine distributed the song “Hot Mess” in the sampler CD for its July issue. The EP was nominated for “Best Rock Album of the Year” at the 2010 San Diego Music Awards.

The band has toured the South West extensively with shows in San Diego, L.A, Las Vegas, and Arizona and has been featured in magazines as varying as Nug Magazine, High Times Magazine, and Classic Rock Magazine. Their music has been played in over 22 countries.

(Their bio)

Heavy Glow - Midnight Moan (2011)

Macho Libre

The following contribution comes from Athens, Greece.
Planet Of Zeus is a Heavy Rock band with Stoner, Southern Rock and Metal influences. This foursome has recently released their second album Macho Libre at B-Otherside Records. The sound that they present is pretty solid. The singer has an impressive voice that reminds a bit of Neil Fallon from Clutch. The guitar sound is very great, just as the bass and drums.
Macho Libre is an album with eleven strong compositions. Just as a lot of other bands, Planet Of Zeus is a great asset in the Greek Stoner Rock scene. Enjoy!

Planet of Zeus are a heavy rock, southern metal band from Athens, Greece. Were formed in 2000 and since then have extensively toured around Greece, playing in every venue possible, ranging from shitholes to stadiums. Their raw , sincere and constantly evolving live performances have secured them a loyal and hardcore underground following , which exceeds Greece's geographical boarders and has led them to sharing the stage with acts like Hermano and Brant Bjork.

Following the release of several compilations, that included some of their songs, but especially after the release of their track “Nervous Breakdown” , which became a heavy rock dj favorite, Planet of Zeus released their debut album “ Eleven the hard way” in April 2008. The album, which has sold out, was released worldwide through Casket Music / Copro records (uk) and received attention and reviews beyond expectation.

(Their bio)

Planet Of Zeus - Macho Libre (2011)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Projeto Trator

These two EP's were shared with me by Thiago from the band Projeto Trator!
Projeto Trator is a duo from São Paulo, Brazil. They play very nice Stoner/Sludge with here and there some catchy tunes. These guys do an excellent job on these EP's! Their sound is very solid and heavy. The guitar sound of Paulo is awesome and Thiago is more than a good drummer. Beside handling the guitar, Paulo is also responsible for the great vocals.
There are a lot of great Brazilian Stoner bands out there and Projeto Trator is for sure one of them. Enjoy!

Two and a half years after the release of the EP ”A Bombástica Barafunda do Batizado” in 2007, the paulistan duo, Projeto Trator, releases another bomb, while finishing touches on their first full album, the EP “O Caldo Vai Azedar”.

Rubber riffs, truants, bad mood, gambling, black coffee, cool people, youngsters wrath and grindhouse movies, all of these come together to form this petard, with the guttural appearances of Clayton Freres (Umbilichaos) and Dom Orione (Superduo), also featuring the magisterial art of Fernando Chamarelli on the cover.

Four songs written by the band itself, produced on the studio Papiris (SP), couting on Caio Monfort e Mr. Batata for technical support. If you like that fat peace of greasy bacon on the last corner of the tavern window and young and noisy music, guarantee yours as soon as possible, before the broth sour completely.

(From their MySpace)

Projeto Trator - A Bombastica Barafunda do Batizado EP (2007)

Projeto Trator - O Caldo Vai Azedar EP (2009)

Caesar Enters The Palace Of Doom

The Saint Petersburg Stoner band The Grand Astoria is back again with this upcoming 7" single. These two tracks are a continuation of their sound that is presented on their latest album Omnipresence.
The first track is the title track called Caesar Enters The Palace Of Doom. This is a great Stoner song with some Space influences. The second track is named Enigma Satanica, an awesome instrumental track. The physical copy will be released by Setalight Records on july 19th. Before that time you can download this single from their Bandcamp site for 3 Euros or more if you want to.
Check out also the dates for the third leg of the Omnipresence World Tour.

The Grand Astoria - Caesar Enters The Palace Of Doom (2011)

Third leg of the Omnipresence World Tour:

15.7-tba-Riga (Latvia)
16.7-"Pogo"-Siauliai (Lithuania)
17.7-"Dokas"-Klaipeda (Lithuania)
18.7-"Boogie Bar"-Warsaw (Poland)
19.7-"Koma F"-Berlin (Germany)
20.7-tba-Berlin (Germany)
21.7-"Circus"-Usti Nad Labem (Czech Republic)
22.7-"E-Lite Culture Fest"-Stolzenhein (Germany)
23.7-"Mushroom Jam"-Kirchanschöring (Germany)
26.7-"Oli's"-Nuremberg (Germany)
28.7-"D.I.Rehearsal Space"-Munster (Germany)
29.7-"The Barn"-Drebber (Germany)
30.7-"Vortex"-Siegen (Germany)
31.7-"Vereinshoes"-Vaals (Netherlands)
2.8-tba-Lille (France)
3.8-"L'excalibur"-Reims (France)
4.8-tba-Paris (France)
5.8-"Le Galion"-Lorient (France)
6.8-"Le Galion"-Lorient (France)
7.8-"Folks Blues Festival"-Binic (France)
11.8-"Taberna Belfast"-Leon (Spain)
13.8-"Ovelha Negra"-Marina Grande (Portugal)
16.8 -"Studio Live"-Lisbon (Portugal)
19.8-"Fnac"-Faro (Portugal)
20.8-"Bafo De Baco"-Loule (Portugal)
21.8-"Supersonic"-Cadiz (Spain)
22.8-"Palo Palo"-Marinaleda (Spain)
23.8-"Velvet"-Malaga (Spain)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The next contribution was sent to me by David from the band Dickkicker!
Dickkicker is a band from Tallahassee, Florida. There is not a lot of information about this band, but I can assure you that they sound pretty impressive.
Dickkicker plays on their EP Somniloquent Stoner/Sludge Metal in the vein of High On Fire, but then even a little bit heavier. The riffs are great and the singer has a hell of a voice.
Because of the lack of information I cannot tell you more about Dickkicker. The only thing I can tell you is that the Somniloquent EP is released by Gaines St Records. Enjoy!

Dickkicker - Somniloquent (2010)

No Man's Land

The Italian label Go Down Records has released some awesome albums. Sequoia Seeds by Pater Nembrot is such an album.
Pater Nembrot is an Italian trio that plays some hell of a great Psychedelic Stoner Rock with Space, Grunge and even some Doom influences.
What I also like about Sequoia Seeds is the use of flute and synthesizers.
According to their MySpace, Pater Nembrot is inspired by the following: Agitation Free, Ash Ra Tempel, PFM, Osanna, Il Balletto di Bronzo, Il Rovescio della Medaglia, Patto, T2, Soft Machine, Blue Cheer, Grand Funk Railroad, Stooges, Mad Season, Big Chief, Melvins, Nirvana, Monster Magnet, Motorpsycho, Kyuss, Dead Meadow, Sleep, Causa Sui, Miles Davis, Sun Ra Arkestra.
Sequoia Seeds is the second album by Pater Nembrot and it absolutely an masterpiece with as highlight the final track No Man's Land! Enjoy!

Pater Nembrot formed in winter 2002 but it's in 2003 the band reaches its actual line up, with G.C. on drums, G.F. on bass and F.L. on voice, guitar and synthetizer. On late summer 2007, after many gigs, live efforts and fun, the band decides to record its new material at the Atomic Studio, with Enrico Zavalloni ( a.k.a. ENRi, who has collaborated with many national and international artist and rock guru, such as Faith no More's Mike Patton, playing with him in the Mondo Cane project!!!). The results of those recording sessions is "MANDRIA": 11 tracks of pure stoner, psychedelic rock'n'roll, suspended between Italian 70's progressive and Seattle muddy guitars: from Hendrix's to Cobain's one. "MANDRIA" will be released by GO DOWN RECORDS on september 2008 and it will be distributed in Italy, Europe and USA. At this moment, it's possible to hear some PATER NEMBROT vibes on "MANDRIA e.p." that collects 4 songs extracted from the omonimous album, or FREE downloading the first compilation of the deutch 70's/stoner/psych webzine, called "Electric-Magic Vol. I", which includes the song "E' Permesso?".

Pater Nembrot “Sequoia Seeds” is an envolving psychedelic rock journey across spacy, 70’s and post-grunge lands. The album – that will be officially released in February 2011 in mp3, cd and vynil format by Godown Records – features progressive legend Enzo Vita (original founder of the Italian progressive band Il Rovescio della Medaglia) on guitars. Vita joined the band during the recording sessions of Sequoia Seeds at the Atomic Studio (IT) in summer 2010 and played on the prog-rock anthem Ratla Klim, adding oddity to Awakening with Curiosity, and contributing to the final suite called No Man’s Land.
But Vita is not the only good thing dealing with the album. Actually, “Sequoia Seeds” features as guest and co-producer ENRì (Mike’s Patton Mondo Cane, VIP200) on Hammond organ on H.a.a.r.p. This album manages – better than its predecessor “Mandria” (Godown Records, 2008) – in representing what Nembrots can do best: wavy atmosphere, drones, slow and groovy rithms, reverberated melodies and a general psychedelic attitude to things.
Sequoia Seeds will be officially released in February 2011 by Godown Records, but Nembrot will be touring their homecountry and Europe from January on.
During their live activity, Pater Nembrot shared the stage with some of the most interesting stoner/psychedelic rock acts such as Fatso Jetson (USA), Sleepy Sun (USA), OJM (ITA), Samsara Blues Experiment (DE), Rotor (DE), gaining the plause of people and critics

(From Facebook)

Pater Nembrot - Sequoia Seeds (2011)

Motosluts From Hell

Thanks to Bojan for suggesting this great album!
As many of you know, is beside Stoner Rock also Death Metal a big love to me. So I was very glad with this suggestion.
Hellcrawler is a Death 'n' Roll band from Slovenia. These guys has just released their debut album on Hollow Earth records. This album called Wastelands is an awesome release. It is fast, it is brutal and it is heavy! Hellcrawler is for sure a promising band in this genre. Enjoy!

Dwelling among the debris of the whore capital of Western Slovenia, Hellcrawler are a bunch of cynical wasteland denizens who found unsavory panacea in the symbiosis of punk violence, stoner rock atmosphere and heavy riffage. Their soundtrack to the demise of humankind is a motorized assault of old school death metal and d-beat which reflects their major source of inspiration, the decaying aesthetic of post apocalyptic and spaghetti western cinematography. Beginning in 2010, the outfit saw their first release, Wastelands, in 2011 on Hollow Earth Records.
(Their bio)

Hellcrawler - Wastelands (2011)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sad Sun

Here is yet another great release by Go Down Records. This time it is the album Reborn by the band Muzzled from Treviso, Italy. This foursome plays some damn fine Psychedelic Stoner Rock. Muzzled is according to their Facebook page influenced by the following bands: Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Kyuss, Dozer, Ojm.. The Sade, The Hellacopters, Brant Bjork, Grand Funk Railroad and The Stooges.
A name that I miss in this list is Pink Floyd, because the first track of Reborn is a song called Barrett. This is a variation of the great Pink Floyd song Interstellar Overdrive.
What follows after this song are several strong compositions. Muzzled knows how to write some great Stoner songs. The musicians play very well and the singer is blessed with his impressive throat. The last track of this album is a nice version of The Rolling Stones song Gimme Shelter. Enjoy!

Everything started from the hot and sultry summer 2007... After the MADDOGS (a led zeppelin tribute band) broke up, Mattia and Daniele (guitar and voice) started thinking about a new project. After few months Stefano (bass) and Fabio (drums) took part in the band. The band is then complete. The band's musical choice is beginning to compose immediately own tracks, moving to harder and rougher sonorities. A stoner rock with powerful riffs, influences from the 70's, and psychedelic touches is the result.
In just over a year of live performances, MUZZLED are now on the stages of the most renowned rock clubs in the region of Veneto (New Age Club, Vinyl, Shindy Club, Smithy Controvento) and they are given the opportunity to represent the independent music of their region (veneto) at MEI (Meeting of the Independents) in Faenza (Emilia-Romagna).

(Their bio)

Muzzled - Reborn (2010)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The next contribution comes from the Peruvian band Sanat Kumara Band. This trio from Lima plays some nice Desert/Stoner Rock. The Desierto EP contains three songs and they're pretty decent. According to their Facebook page is Sanat Kumara Band inspired by the following bands and artists: Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Blue Cheer, Clifford Lee Burton, ZZ Top, Ghost, Electric Wizard, Colour Haze, Kenso, Drum Circus, Kyuss, Pentagram, Alabama Thunderpussy, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Misfits, Yes, Pink Floyd, Lemmy Kilmister, Saxon Shore, Pelican and Mono.
This list gives a good idea of what the band is about.
Sanat Kumara is a band that still has to grow. But the Desierto EP is nevertheless a nice starter by this new band. Enjoy!

Sanat Kumara Band - Desierto EP (2011)

Damned Love

First of all I like to thank Max from Go Down Records and the band OJM for sending me a nice package of CD's from his label!
Damned Love from the band The Sade is one of these CD's. The Sade is a band from Padova, Italy. This trio is formed by Andrew of the band OJM and they play awesome music with various styles. The base of The Sade is Rock 'n' Roll, that is blended with Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, Blues and even a pinch of punk. The songs from Damned Love are most of the time up-tempo and energetic. Some of the vocals reminds me a lot of that guy from The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. The highlight of this album is the last track called Alcoholizer. This is a delicious lingering song. In short terms: An excellent album! Enjoy!

THE SADE are a trio, hailing from the north east of Italy. They were born in the summer of 2008, thanks to Andrew Pozzy (former bass player and now guitar player of OJM) and Mark Kimberly, who at that time was playing in a Motorhead tribute band. The original idea was creating an OJM side project, in order for Andrew to practice guitar, which he had played in the band Ashtones, before joining OJM as a bass player. The duo was soon joined by Mat Zoombie, former drummer of Zoo.

After unsuccessfully auditioning several singers, Andrew himself picked up the mic and became the singer, guitarist and irreplaceable songwriter in the band. THE SADE immediately kicked off and played a number of crowded and warmly welcomed gigs in their area.

In 2009, after many live shows and counting about ten tracks in their whole repertoire, they set about making their first EP, recorded and mixed by Franz Fabiano and produced by Andrew Pozzy. This self produced ep contained 5 tracks that summed up the band's first year and as soon as it was ready they started a series of promotional live shows all over Italy, sharing the stage with many italian and foreign bands ( Lords of Altamont, Atomic Workers, Paperback Freud, Brant Bjork, OJM, Dollhouse, Small Jackets, Frigidaire Tango, Thee Stp among others) and opening for the MISFITS and GILBY CLARKE (ex Guns n' Roses). The tour ended in the summer of 2010 and the band concentrated on writing and arranging new tracks.

After a pause, punctuated with the odd live gig, the band set about making a debut album. In January 2011 they entered the studio and gave birth - with the essential help of Maurizio "Icio" Baggio - to
"DAMNED LOVE", which is distributed by Go Down Records and was recorded and mixed at the Hate studio in Rosà - Vicenza. Shortly after that they made a video for the album's first single "DEAF LOVE". The record will be released in April 2011 and the tour will start in the same period... Stay Tuned for more damned rock!!!
(Their bio)

The Sade - Damned Love (2011)