Saturday, January 31, 2009

Øresund Space Collective - The Black Tomato

This is really a great album from these Psychedelic Space Rockers from Denmark, Sweden and The U.S.A.

Wow, these guys are really on a roll. Hot on the heels of their outstanding 2-CD "It's All About Delay" album, Øresund Space Collective (OSC) are back with a brand new set of space jams. The Black Tomato consists of three tracks, totalling nearly 80 minutes of all instrumental improvisational space rocking bliss.

The CD kicks off with the nearly 40 minute "RumBle", which begins with a stoned jamming cosmic hard rocking space groove. There's some ripping trip guitar, freaked out alien electronics, and the whole atmosphere is like a deep space stoner acid jam. This is some of the heaviest music I've heard from OSC yet. And as you can imagine on a 40 minute improv jam, the music twists and turns through a multitude of moods and themes, though of course the key to real appreciation is to just sit back and surrender yourself to wherever the band wants to take you. It's a guided tour with the focus on the voyage and destination is the least of your concerns. OSC have a fluid cast of participants but everyone has more or less played with each other enough that it's no surprise that they continue to crank out ass kicking space jams that you can groove to endlessly! Some of it brings to mind a cross between Ozric Tentacles and Alien Planetscapes.

Next up is the 32 minute "The Black Tomato", another space rocking excursion. It's got some killer melodic development that really hooked me, while retaining the driving jam quality throughout. The organ and heavy keyboards give the music a 70s hard prog-psych edge that I really liked, and combined with the electronics, guitars and pounding rhythm section makes for an absolutely awesome space rock journey. Lots of cool Gong/Hillage elements and I even detected some moments of Frippertronic styled guitar, but mostly this is searing acidic mucho cosmic heavy jamming space rock. OSC have cultivated a real knack for taking off and exploring while keeping these loooooong jams comprehensible and consistently seductive throughout. Finally, rounding out the set is the relatively short (6 minutes) "Viking Cleaner", a quirky, playful, but totally spaced out rhythmic groove tune that makes for an appropriate finale to this outstanding set. These guys gotta start making the rounds of the festival circuit.

For more information you can visit the Øresund Space Collective website.
There are STILL many hours of jams you can download from their site!

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz from Aural Innovations

The Black Tomato (2007)

Thanx again to Zillagord and credits to Ihriel from

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Shepherd Has Stopped Barkin'

Duitse Herder (Dutch for German Shepherd) from Leiden, NL is a Sex Punk combo with two insane female singers. Every show was a total madness mess-up. They were really climbing on everything. To bad this band quitted. They released one vinyl 10" EP and these two EP's.

Having barely survived the vicious attack of a German Shepherd & being marked with the kiss of Death, Hester Childmolester could do nothing else but bow before the powers of the mighty Dog & swear eternal dedication to the forth bringing of the dog-fearing cult in honour of the mighty Shepherd.
As years went by, with the worldwide search of worthy followers slowly driving her to insanity, she almost gave up until she miraculously realized she hadn't looked in her own backyard...and yes! There they were, the rest of the pack, ready to leap onto debauchery's lap pissing on all what's law & order.
This is how three pedigree dogs & 2 equally regal bitches joined forces to give shape to a new breed of rock'n'roll, the barking mad, fierce & feared Duitse Herder! Untrained, untamed, guided by pure instinct, these bitches deliver a raw bite of nitro-fuelled-high-octane r'n'r!
Riding Satan's leg & backed by the most ferocious trio that ever escaped a kennel, they form a combo that will rip everything you thought to be sacred to pieces, leaving you behind with a bite in your guts.
(From MySpace)


Hester Childmolester: Vocals
Romylar Dee: Vocals
Kuit Kibbeling: Guitar
Lammy Langlever: Bass (Later replaced by Trees Tupperware)
Barry The Hatchet: Drums

Blitzkrieg Bark (2005)


Bark At The Poon (2004)

BLUESONG: Another Project Of Ross Westerbur!

After playing keyboard and singing in 500 Ft. Of Pipe and Aquarius Void, Ross Westerbur appears now on Hammond organ and vocals in a new project called Bluesong. This trio from Detroit plays Heavy Psych Rock. In 2008 they recorded a four-track demo. I can't find any further info, except for the MySpace page.

DOWNLOAD The Bluesong Demo (Thanx again to Peter from Greece)


Friday, January 23, 2009


Here some more Duster 69; The self-titled album and a split 7" with Calamus from Sweden. This stuff is sended to me by Peter from Greece. I'm grateful for that.

Duster 69 (2001)


Calamus Vs Duster69 7" (1999)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Another band that is no more. Duster 69 from Germany has made some good Stoner Rock albums.

The first sign of life from Duster69 was back in 1999 the release of a split 7" which became single of the month at the leading US stoner rock label/mag METEOR CITY. In the same year the debut CD was released.
Both outputs were sold out in a short period. The follow-up in 2000 simply was called "II". 2001 with Lucki a new singer and with Fio a second guitar player joined the band and at the end of 2002 Duster69 released a split 10" with the leading Swedish stoner rock band THE AWESOME MACHINE again on Daredevil Records. The same split is available since February 2003 on CD (with a Duster69 bonus track) at Fluid Groove/MGM in Australia and Bellaphon in Europe.

DUSTER 69 did a lot of shows in Germany and the Netherlands with bands like Sixty Watt Shaman (USA), Karma to burn (USA), Sunride (Finnland), Dozer (Schweden), Mammoth Volume (Schweden), WE (Norway), El Caco (Norway), and in 2002 they also got the opportunity to play at the most important European stoner rock festival,STONED FROM THE UNDERGROUND. A German tour followed in 2003 with Magnified Eye (Denmark) and Zerocharisma (Finland). In 2004 they did a tour with the Swedish bands Hell..n..Diesel and Sparzanza. In 2005 with Mother Misery (Sweden) and on some festivals with EKTOMORF (Hungary), THE BONES (Sweden) and SMOKE BLOW (Germany)

In 2004 the album RIDE THE SILVER HORSES has been recorded within 3 months at Freakstone Studio and got mastered at West West Side Music in New Jersey/USA by ALAN DOUCHES! It is available in Europe via Daredevil Records / Meisterbetrieb / Soulfood / Sony.

In October 2005 another split CD with the Swedish rockers from RICKSHAW got released via WUCK Records/Italy.

In February 2007 the fourth output, ANGEL KING, available through SLEASZY RIDER RECORDS (Greece) and DECIBELL RECORDS / RADAR MUSIC. It contains 9 songs and got mastered by Tobbe Bövik (The Awesome Machine, On Parole) in Gothenburg / Sweden.

John Hermansen, longtime friend and singer of MOTHER MISERY / STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA / AWESOME MACHINE, wrote the lyrics for GOING INTO RED and did the vocals on that track too! It was released on a limited (666 copies) Vinyl single with ex-UNIDA members, now called HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES. GOING INTO RED got released as a CD EP too in August 2007, containing 2 versions of the title track and 2 unreleased live songs from 2003.

March 2008 the record label from Greece, SLEASZY RIDER RECORDS, released a 76 minute compilation with unreleased, rare, liverecording and new stuff from Duster 69. It contains guest vocals from the singers of DISENGAGE, CALAMUS, SPARZANZA and MOTHER MISERY. The artwork was done by Ralf from the legendary DAREDEVIL MAGAZINE.

After 9 years, 4 full-length CDs, 4 professional video-clips, 4 Splits and Vinyl Singles and a lot of compilation contributions (Rock Hard Magazine Germany, People Like you Stoner compilation to mention a few) the guys decided on the 13/08/2008 to end the chapter of Duster69.

We are still proud about the last years and we want to thank all the fans and supporters from 1999-2008.

We say THANK YOU and you can order our farewell compilation NOTHING LEFT (unreleased and rare stuff from 1999-2008, fat full-coloured artwork, linernotes, guests appearances from Calamus, Disengage, Sparzanza, Mother Misery, Stonewall Noise Orchestra) for only 6 Euros right now.

We 4 still rehearse and jam in our Studio, so far only to have fun, and maybe you will hear new music under a new name in the future.
(From MySpace)

Ride The Silver Horse (2004)

Angel King (2007)


Going Into Red EP (2007)

Nothing Left (Rare & Unreleased Stuff 1999-2007)


Here a nice split EP from The Awesome Machine (Sweden) and Duster 69 (Germany).

This split has been around for a while now, released by Daredevil Records in 2002 but it's still worth to lose some words about it. It contains six tracks, three from each group while the MCD contains one bonus cut from DUSTER 69. THE AWESOME MACHINE are the first band who delivers their typical downtuned tube-laden 70's influenced brand of heavy gasoline rock, and especially the third track "The Crailsheim Experience" is an excellent instrumental cut with psychedelic fringes and a fabulously different fade out. DUSTER 69 follow up with another heavy slab of bass-driven punkish buzz saw distortion that can slice your mind into tiny irregular pieces. Here I like to mention the slow "Laugh Is Suffocated" that builds up a bittersweet atmosphere with a bass-sound can only be described as monstrous. Due to the fact that this release is free from any crap cuts, you should give it a try! If you dig both bands, it's a must-have! At least, the 10" edtion comes up with a different cover-artwork!

(From Cosmic

The Awesome Machine Vs Duster 69 (2002)

The Awesome Machine Website & MySpace

Duster 69 Website & MySpace

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Peter from Greece sended this one to me (Thanx Again). Aquarius Void is a great band after 500 Ft. Of Pipe has quit. Beside the 7" the download contains the Basement Demos from 2006.

With a pedigreed lineup (see Ross Westerbur of 500 Ft. of Pipe; Mike Alonso of Five Horse Johnson and Speedball; and Zach Shipps of Atomic Numbers and Electric Six), it's no wonder Aquarius Void hurls fistfuls of space rock that can shake molars and crack sternums. Catch them whenever possible.
(Eve Doster from

Salt Mine/Walk Behind 7" (2005)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Swedish The Awesome Machine has famous albums like The Soul Of A Thousand Years and ...It's Ugly Or Nothing. Under The Influence is not that well known, but still a great album. After they stopped in 2006, members continued in bands such as On Parole, Mother Misery and Stonewall Noise Orchestra.

"The Awesome Machine delivers once again! It’s full speed ahead rightaway with ”Tomorrow” and ”Cure Me”, just the kinda tunes that made me like Awesome Machine from the start... killer fuzz and a pounding groove, and there’s even some cool slide guitars on "Tomorrow"."

(Review From

Under The Infuence (2002)

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Loud Pipes, a project that was started by some Swedish Death Metal musicians and a local well known Punk singer. The Downhill Blues album is hard to find, printed on 1000 copies only. Get impressed by this fast and furious Punk Metal.





Loud Pipes - The Downhill Blues (1997)

Some other Sci-Fi Freaks

Chapa, a guy who putted Humo Del Cairo under my attention, sended me this one. Gran Cuervo (Black Crow) is a band from Argentinia. They play Stoner Rock with several influences like Reggae. They're also crazy about Sci-Fi movies. When you are gonna listen to this demo, have a seat in your most relaxing chair and light a good smoke.

Demo (2007)

An 80's Sci-Fi Soundtrack

Bull Dyke Rodeo is an Instrumental Stoner Doom band from the U.S.A. They claimed to be influenced by Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall and Robocop. What I hear is good Stoner Doom with Metal elements like High On Fire.

Born and raised in the IL/IA/WI Tri-State area, bull dyke rodeo was conceived in August of 2004. After four years together, we have played shows across the midwest, as well as released a full-length album, JAILBREAK. We've shared the stage with national acts such as Droids Attack, Imperial Battlesnake, Bible of the Devil, Tight Phantomz, Lamont, Black Cobra, The Horde, and The Tanks. We are a doom/stoner rock band with technical skill, big grooves, and huge riffs. Our material ranges from sludge stomping to doom jamming. We tune down and turn up.
(From MySpace)

Jailbreak (2007)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More 500 FT. OF PIPE

Here some more stuff from 500 Ft. Of Pipe. Beside the So Good single the download file contains two demo songs and four songs from a unknown EP. I can't really find info of it. Maybe someone can help.

So Good 7" (2000)

A big thanx to Peter from Greece for sharing this link!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


It seems that I have the nasty habit to post bands that splitted up. So is 500 Ft. Of Pipe. Great Stoner Rock from Detroit Rock City, but 500 Ft. Of Pipe called it Drug Rock. Whatever.

500 Ft. Of Pipe is a drug rock band from Detroit. 'Drug rock' is a term used by the band to provide a framework for their collective aesthetic vision, to crystallize their nebulous inspirations/aspirations into a distinct and meaningful 'sound'. The formula calls for equal parts distortion, psychedelia, and stoner ennui, buffered with old-fashioned pop sensibilities, and catalyzed by means of a certain notorious pastime. Think Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer; think Monster Magnet and Kyuss; think MC5 and Stooges; think Doors and Deep Purple. Then again, think something entirely different altogether. 500 Ft. Of Pipe is new. 500 Ft. Of Pipe is a trio fronted by a stand-up rock-out two-fisted keyboard player (Ross Westerbur), who belts out angry-young-man lyrics interwoven with 'yeah, baby!'-type rock and roll exclamations, while his left hand coaxes stunning lines from a Rhodes Piano Bass (a la Ray Manzarek), and while his right attends to a distortion-drenched, Marshall-fueled Rhodes Seventy-Three, sounding more Ritchie Blackmore than John Lord. Terminally jaded guitarist Kevin Edwards offers the six-string counterparts of soaring, echo-fuzz-wah screams and pentatonic riffage (surely these are the 3,000 guitars that Buck Dharma prophesied!), while drummer Mick Stone attacks his minimalist kit with all the vehemence that only his Type A-plus personality could invoke. Heavy... ...This is drug rock, baby.
(From MySpace)

The Electrifying Church Of The New Light (2003)


Dope Deal (2001)


Better Living Through Alchemy (1997)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

3 Cool Stoner Rock Compilations

If you are new to Stoner Rock, then you can start with these compilations.

High Volume: The Stoner Rock Collection (2005)

1. Gas Giant - Too Stoned
2. Bad Wizard - So Bad
3. Clutch - Willie Nelson
4. Nebula - The Void
5. The Hidden Hand - Falconstone
6. Unida - Left Us To Mold
7. Orange Goblin - No Law
8. Suplecs - No Law
9. High On Fire - To Cross The Bridge
10. Sea Of Green - High For The Ride
11. Formula - Hello To Oblivion
12. Corrosion Of Conformity - It Is That Way
13. The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight - Ride Out
14. Bottom - Nadasoul

Inhale 420 The Stoner Rock Compilation (2000)

1. Crowbar - Dream Weaver
2. Los Natas - Alohawaii
3. Supafuzz - Mr. Policeman
4. Sixty Watt Shaman - Southern Gentleman
5. Murder 1 - Whole Lotta Rosie
6. Gunfighter - Anti-Hero
7. Mammoth Volume - Seagull
8. Herbert - Devil's Garden
9. Bakerton Group - Mainstream
10. Sunride - Straightliner
11. Terra Firma - High Horses
12. Mystick Krewe Of Clearlite - Railhead
13. Rotors To Rust - Canaan

Stoned Revolution (The Ultimate Trip) (1998

1. Kyuss - Thumb
2. Nebula - Down the Highway
3. 7Zuma7 - Blue T.S.
4. Sheavy - Automaton
5. Orange Goblin - Aquatic Fanatic
6. Spiritual Beggars - Redwood Blues
7. Celestial Season - Retrosky
8. Slo Burn - July 4:47
9. Sleep - Dragonaut
10. Beaver - Magic 7
11. Shine - Lost Sun Dance
12. Goatsnake - Mower
13. Electric Wizard - Stone Magnet
14. Acrimony - Find the Path
15. The Heros - Demoniser 48/48
16. 35007 - Big Bore

Friday, January 9, 2009


From the 'music Walhalla' called Sweden, comes Mammoth Volume. One of the great  Stoner-bands like Dozer, Demon Cleaner, Greenleaf, etc. In december 2008 they decided to quit.

Mammoth Volume. Really, the band's name says it all. Their sound is BIG and WOOLLY and bound to the icy north. But that doesn¹t quite explain where the other elements found in the music come from..... The band's 70s-styled retro-rock, mixed with experimental soundscapes has developed over the years. Universal influences cited by the band range from obvious to reflective and include Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Rainbow as well as bands like Budgie, Mike Oldfield, Yes, King Crimson, The Mahavishnu Orchestra and Gentle Giant. Mammoth Volume rock hard, but also offer layer upon layer of musical nuances to be peeled back with each new listen. There are roaring motor cycle engines and waves upon the beach, raging Vikings and endless starry skies in their works. Behold a musical giant in the making, behold Mammoth Volume.         

Return Of The Mammoth Volume (Demo 2005)

Noara Dance (2005)
Mammoth Volume (1999)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life after Gas Giant: Øresund Space Collective

From Copenhagen, Denmark comes Øresund Space Collective,
a Space, Psych, Stoner Rock collective featuring two members from Gas Giant. In 2007 they released their third album called  The Black Tomato. 
It's a band with apperance of many guest musicians. Sometimes they play up to 12 men on one stage. There are many influences, like Pink Floyd, Ozric Tentacles and Black Sabbath.

The Øresund Space Collective (OSC) had their first jamsession in April 2004, encouraged by longtime spacerock-fanatic Scott Heller; aka Dr. Space. The collective is a group of Danish, Swedish and American musicians that get together as often as possible for free form improvised cosmic music. The flavour of the music is different with each session.

The stretched out jams can often combine complex interplay between guitar and synthesizer as well intense drumming and bass playing. Sometimes chaotic, sometimes melodic but most of the time funky and cosmic ! We enter into the genre of funk, jazz, reggae, kraut, stoner, folk, world, electronica and space rock ( and probably some others) as we improvise our way along. The jam sessions alternate between Malmö and København across the Øresund bridge, which connects Denmark & Sweden! The core of the collective features current and former members of the Danish bands Mantric Muse and Gas Giant as well as the Swedish band Bland Bladen. Quite often other musicians join as well from other Swedish bands like the Carpet Knights, Drahk von Trip and Sgt. Sunshine.
(From Myspace)

Here are some downloads from live shows:

Øresund Space Jam 46- Dragens Hule, København Oct 11th, 2008


Here some more songs from these Danish Psychedelic Stoner Rockers I found on the internet.

Monday, January 5, 2009


From Argentinia comes Humo Del Cairo. It's Stoner, It's Atmospheric and it Rocks. The music on this album reminds me of Los Natas, heavy rocking with some relaxing passages. Their self-titled album is from 2007.