Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eating Cigarettes

Puny Human is a Stoner Rock band from New York. Revenge Is Easy is their debut album from 2001 released by Small Stone Records. Beside Stoner Rock there are some Metal influences in their music. Revenge Is Easy has all the ingredients for a great Stoner album: Filthy fuzz guitars, a driving drum and bass combination and an awesome singer. I just rediscovered this album recently and I've learned to value it again. Enjoy!

Tags like Heavy Metal or Stoner Rock don't do justice to New York City's Puny Human. Something like Giant Freaking Boulder Smacking You Between the Eyes and Crushing Your Skull Like an Eggshell Rock would better convey the absurd overkill and slamming power of these boys. Riff-laden, fuzz-busting tracks like Jesus Has My Leg, Way of the Intercepting Fist and Stink of Two Men (not to mention their cover of Aerosmith's Rock in a Hard Place) tell us these guys have spent quality time with their Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Fu Manchu, Kyuss and Tad albums. And their wailing wah-wah guitars, muscle-car boogie and cowbell-rock blast makes it clear they were paying attention. You'll do the same if you know what's good for you. Take it from us, Revenge is sweet.
(By Darryl Sterdan at

Puny Human - Revenge Is Easy (2001)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lord Green.

This very nice demo was sent to me by someone of Fan The Flames Records (A label that is specialized in cassettes and vinyl).
When you hear the name Lord Green, then you can assume that you can expect some cannabis driven music. And when you listen to the first track, then you think you're right about that assumption. Because these tunes reminds of Bongzilla and Church Of Misery. But then starts track two... A portion of unadulterated Hardcore Punk is there right in your face. Lord Green plays some great tunes with an aggressive attitude. Fast and loud is the motto here! That fury continues till track seven. The song Dropping Out is more like the first track. A bit slower and some more stoned. The last track is again the Hardcore Punk madness! Lord Green from Davenport, U.S.A. has made an nice and entertaining demo. Enjoy!

Lord Green - Last Demo (2010)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The World, The Flesh And The Devil

A while ago I've posted the fantastic album For Sardines Space Is No Problem by the Swedish band The Movements here. Now it's time for their album The World, The Flesh And The Devil from 2009.
The Movements is a band from Göteborg that plays some awesome Psychedelic Garage Rock with influences such as Space Rock, 60's Rock, Kraut and even Punk. The songs on this album are all excellent. The Movements has given it all on this album. Enjoy!

First off, this CD should be heard for no other reason than how fucking cool and bad ass the opening track is! It's such a brilliantly constructed track with killer drums, guitar riff, vocals, everything. It moves at such a frenetic pace and just rolls along. The layering and construction is truly quite original and is a great example of how to take something old and wrap it into something fresh. It's a very psychedelia style number, but still very modern. It's a wonderful beginning to the disc for sure.

At time Garage Band like, at times Psychedelic, at times Proggy (very lightly) and at times bordering on Punk, but always blasting through your speakers will full energy. The problem I have had in the past with certain Psychedelic bands is that they might give you one song with energy, catch your ear, and then get quite mellow for everything else. The Movements never forsake their energy and always keep things moving, even on a track like "The Fun Ain't For Free", which starts slow and builds to a slow burn. You never feel like these guys are relaxing, their just biding their time waiting to explode all over the place.

The promo material mentions that this album was written while vocalist David Henriksson was laid up in a hospital bed fighting cancer. It would seem that David poured a lot of his energy and heart into this stuff, and the other members of the band did the same and decided to really give it all they have. The end result is a wonderful release.

This is actually one of those CD's that is really tough to review, as it really needs to be picked apart piece by piece to really give you the reader a full idea of just what the hell this thing is all about. There is so damn much going on at all times, and even though a song such as "I Am You" might be a rather bizarre little number, it breaks into these horn (?) parts that are so catchy it is ridiculous, and it proves that no matter what you might think a song is going to be like, it just might eventually turn into something else entirely. You could almost write a book about an album of this sort. Wild stuff, and I HIGHLY recommend it to anybody looking for high energy, yet something rather adventurous.

(By Carl Isonhart at Sonic Ruin)

The Movements - The World, The Flesh And The Devil (2009)


Qualone was a Psychedelic Space/Stoner Rock band from Atlanta, USA. This band can be seen as the forerunner of Telestrion, because two members are involved with both bands. Qualone has only released one album. This album is a display of awesome Stoner Rock with several influences like Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath.
Just as with Telestrion are the vocals quite remarkable. And I mean this in a positive way!
So if you ever have heard Telestrion and you did appreciate it, then for sure you will love Qualone! Enjoy!

Those of you that were around at the advent of Stoner Rock’s heyday might recall the band Plaster – an American contribution to the KyussSabbathFloydGrandFunk – influenced SR ethic. Simply put, it was big riffs, scorching yet emotive leads, occasional psychedelic aural excursions and a lotta low end. The band broke up and some of the former members reformed as Qualone in 2002.

Qualone retains most of the above-described Plaster aesthetic, but to these ears, Qualone is on the more accessible side of SR; a kinder ear towards melody and harmony. The big riffs are still there and the leads still smoke (the one on “Mind Cloud” singed my eyebrows), but the choruses are bigger and have better sticking-quality than the Plaster material I was familiar with. The band also take on a bong-rock psych excursions (“The Kind” and especially the well-done Beatle-esque “Mushroom Flower”) with equal aplomb for you more cerebral psych heads.

Truth be told, In a pinch, I prefer the more adventurous modern heavy psych of Colour Haze, Gas Giant and Los Natas, but Qualone do what they do well. Andy Samford is a great voice for the band – distinctive and confident – reminds me of Collective Soul’s Ed Roland especially on the big infectious-riff rockers like “Watermelon”. Not a put down, “Shine” still rocks like a MoFo.

Good stuff. Gives a ray of hope for those of us that think Stoner Rock’s best days ended with Man’s Ruin went out of business.

(By Chris Barnes at Hellride Music)

Qualone - Qualone (2004)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Falls Of The Wastelands

Thanks to the guys of Palm Desert for sharing their album!
Falls Of The Wastelands is the third album by the Polish band Palm Desert. I have earlier posted their first album called Dawn Of The Burning Sun. I just wonder why I have missed the second album The Highest Fuel Level. Anyway, let's get back to their new album.
Palm Desert offers you with the album Falls Of The Wastelands some awesome Stoner Rock. Compared to the first album, I hear a lot of progression. But the influences of Kyuss and Fu Manchu are still obvious present. Nevertheless are the eleven tracks of Falls Of The Wastelands all great! A great album from the desert of Poland. Enjoy!

Palm Desert - Falls Of The Wastelands (2010)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Excavation is the name of a EP released by Aqua Nebula Oscillator. This EP contains four tracks of raw and dark Psychedelic Garage Rock. The songs Girl and Lost In Space already appeared on the album Under The Moon. But the versions on this EP are some different. They're more raw.
The tracks Echos and Bordel are as far I know previously unreleased. Excavation is for sure a recommendable EP for people who appreciate Aqua Nebula Oscillator. If you want to buy this EP, you have to hurry. There are only 500 copies. Enjoy!

Aqua Nebula Oscillator are a psychedelic acid punk group from the womb of Paris, France. Below the city, in the skulled caves of David Sphaer'Os (guitars, sitar, organ, synth, vocals and leader/Guru of Aqua Nebula Oscillator), dripping with trip visuals and artifacts from the other side, the band has made the catacombs of the 9th Arrondissment an immobile lair of time and space exploration. Since it's inception in 1999, as expected of any cult bearing a seeming philosophy of of turn on, tune in, fuck off, Aqua Nebula has cast a rotation of numerous talented black clad freak-out musicians, including multi-talented drummer/musician/filmmaker Juan Trip, vocalist synth and electronic machinist Shazzula, and prolific drummer Antoine Hadijoannou to name a few. Each versed in a repertoire of 60s psych garage, and early 70s space rock, ANO's music is an entrancing journey within that time frame, but set to a destination millions of years from now, or perhaps millions before. Hyper-fuzzed ragas, ear-piercing synth and wah-wah oscillations, atop voodoo rhythms, with a ferocity to blow up any garage band one might detect as influence or sacred, Aqua Nebula Oscillator exists today as the most mind melting psychedelic rock experience, and exists for us all as an auditory tab offering us waving liquid glimpses into the strange new worlds of light and darkness that exist in the center of the mind and beyond. Aqua Nebula Oscillator, "Excavation", is a 45rpm 12" released by Assommer. A glimpse of the bands heavy acid punk jams recorded in the caves in 2007, "Excavation" preserves the bands original raw recordings of Nuggets-worthy "Girl", and Wah-Fuzz jams like "Lost in Space". Limited to only 500 copies, housed in hand-screen printed black and gold poster sleeves, "Excavation" serves as a literal excavation of the band's long lost recordings, a classic fuzz record to be discovered for future generations of proper psych heads and freaks, but for now, a crushing rock and roll record sure to dig up and bring light to the lost primal nature within us.
(From Norman Records)

Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Excavation EP (2010)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Down A River

Thanks again to the guys of Dinosaur Eyelids for sending me their new CD!
In may last year I've posted the first album called Winter Solstice by Dinosaur Eyelids. Now I'm honored to offer you their second album called Down A River. This album is a logical follow-up to the first album. Down A River contains fourteen nice tracks of Stoner and Grunge influenced Alternative Rock. The album kicks off with the great song Maelstrom Of Malevolence. This album sounds very good. It is well produced. All instruments sound outstanding and are in good balance. The singer does like on the first album a great job. This guy is blessed with a fantastic voice.
In terms of songs, this album is very balanced. There is next to the heavier songs also room for some quiet songs.
This is all in all a very good album. If you have appreciated the first album, then I think you will also like this album. My personal favorites are: Maelstrom Of Malevolence, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Nibiru, Blood Beat and Freedom Is A Word. Enjoy!

Dinosaur Eyelids is alternative rock for a new generation. Based in New Brunswick, NJ the band has earned a reputation for their incendiary live performances. Their debut album “Winter Solstice” was released in December 2009 on itunes and Amazon. They play regularly and are house favorites at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick. They also perform regularly at The Stone Pony (Asbury Park), North Star (Philadelphia), Arlene’s Grocery (NYC), Fontana’s (NYC), Bar East (NYC), The Fire (Philadelphia) and Championship’s (Trenton). Their sound is like The Replacements being molested by Soundgarden.
(Their bio)

Dinosaur Eyelids - Down A River (2011)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cowbells & Cobwebs

Cowbells & Cobwebs is a double compilation CD by the Australian webzine Planetfuzz. It contains 28 tracks of the finest underground Stoner Rock bands and 15 of them are exclusive unreleased tracks. The guys of Planetfuzz have put a lot of effort and love in this compilation. Behold the tracklist and you'll agree with me that this compilation is really something awesome. Enjoy!

Planetfuzz had a dream spanning many years to produce a KICK ASS compilation with many new upcoming bands and source enough previously unreleased material to warrant a good find! This our first release will allow us to branch off and continue spreading the good vibe of good bands and allow us to put out splits, EP’s and LP’s! With so many great Labels & Zines on offer, we hope to be able to contribute to the flow of great bands being released and hopefully given our passion for Fuzz will be Successful! Cowbells & Cobwebs is sure to explore the mind, the senses and the unknown! Now available!
(From Planetfuzz)

Track List:

Disc 1 (Cowbells)
01 – Mangoo – No Clue*
02 – Orthodox Fuzz – Black Goat*
03 – Arrowhead – Eagle Death Machine*
04 – Ride the Sun – Ride*
05 – Audio Dream Sister – Marquis Moon
06 – Sons of Giants – Mr Whoo*
07 – Sungrazer – Zero Zero
08 – Moab – Morelore*
09 – Honcho – Earth
10 – Gate 9 – Rolling Wheel*
11 – Propane Propane – It’s Alright
12 – Spelljammer – Nine
13 – Loimann – T.H.C. (Towards Higher Consciousness)
14 – The Grand Astoria – Raise the Dead*

Disc 2 (Cobwebs)
01 - Inner Mountain Flame - Celestial Mechanics
02 - Maaswater Veenlijk - Whores of Babylon
03 - Coffin on Tyres - Time Machine
04 - Tombstones - The Source*
05 - Forged in Flame - The Underground*
06 - Floodstain - Slumbering Titan Slayer*
07 - Electric Cavemen - In a World Gone*
08 - Soulseller - The Temple*
09 - The Graviators - The Magician*
10 - Samsara Blues Experiment- Back to Life*
11 - Cigmouth - Damn Critters!
12 - Mother of Six - Ahab
13 - Keef - Never Smile
14 - El' Garsonorogio - Night Dream, Life Dream*

* Exclusive Unreleased Tracks

Planetfuzz Records - Cowbells & Cobwebs Compilation (2010)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some Days Velvet

Last friday I went to a show of The Grand Astoria in Amsterdam and they played together with two other bands. Some Days Velvet was one of them.
Some Days Velvet is a band from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands featuring the bass player of Tekhton. This trio plays Alternative Rock with Doom, Metal and slight Sludge influences. One advantage of this band is the singer, this guy is terrible good. He has a great sense of melancholy. He knows how to embay drama in his singing. This makes the music a bit dejected.
A small drawback of this demo is the sound, it is a bit puny. But that is more common with a demo recording. Nevertheless, the three songs on this demo are quite good. I'm curious about the next release. Enjoy!

Some Days Velvet - Demo (2009)

Module Overload

(Godzilla's) Eatin' Dust is originally the fifth album by the Californian Stoner Rockers Fu Manchu. This album was first released back in 1999 with the fantastic line-up featuring Brant Bjork. Now there's this re-release from 2010. The difference compared to the first edition is not only cover image, but also the order of the songs. My favorites of this album are Eatin'Dust, Mongoose, Module Overload, Living Legend and of course the Blue Oyster Cult song Godzilla! Enjoy!

After releasing Fu Manchu's remake of Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" as a 10-inch vinyl single in 1998 (yes, some labels were still providing vinyl in the late 1990s), Man's Ruin released the headbangers' Eatin' Dust CD in February 1999. Greatly influenced by the heavy metal of the early '70s, this CD offers a stripped down, garage-like approach to classic metal and steers clear of pop gloss. Some of the production techniques give away the fact that Eatin' Dust is a late-'90s recording, and it would be inaccurate to think of the band as impervious to the influence of '90s alternative rock. But the roots of Fu Manchu's slow, distorted riffs and grooves are early-'70s headbangers like Budgie, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and MC5. From "Godzilla" to forceful originals like "Eatin' Dust," "Mongoose" and "Module Overload," Eatin' Dust recalls '70s metal with pleasing, if less than essential, results.
(By Alex Henderson at

Fu Manchu - (Godzilla's) Eatin' Dust (2010)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Australian Kick-Ass Rock 'n' Roll

Thanks to the guys from 180 Proof for sharing their promo EP!
180 Proof is a Hard Rock trio from Melbourne, Australia. Their music has also some Blues, Punk and Sleaze influences. Their promo EP contains three songs with the revealing titles like It Sucks To Be You, Go Fuck Yourself and Suck it. The music shows a no-nonsense and straightforward attitude. In other words, we've got to do here with first-rate kick-ass Rock 'n' Roll! Enjoy!

180 Proof are a 3 piece rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Combining the best of blues-based hard rock, classic metal, and old school punk attitude, 180 Proof are making a mark playing lean, mean, rude, crude, sleazy, nasty rock and roll with catchy, filthy choruses and massive riffs.

Guitars/Vocals: J.J. Mötherfücker
Bass/Vocals: Professor Serious
Drums: Andrew "Andy" Andrews

(From their bio)

180 Proof - 180 Proof Promo EP (2010)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Thanks to the guys of Dala Sun for sharing their terrific album!
Dala Sun is a trio from Greece that plays some awesome Psychedelic Stoner Doom Rock! Their debut album Sala Dun is really impressive! This album is 100% DIY and the sound is awesome! Sala Dun has all the ingredients for a great album: Heavy fuzz guitar, thunderous bass and drums and some fantastic vocals! Beside that, these guys knows how to write some good songs. This album is absolutely a recommendation! Enjoy!

Just a bunch of three guys, getting together by excessivly using mood-shifting, liquid or air-borne substances and just playing loud their dirty stoner stuff, in humid roachy basements or with listeners in autonomous places and squats. We don't play in music-clubs, cause we just don't like the smell of 'em!

Haris : Guitar, Voice
Tolas : Bass
Adreas : Drums

Dala Sun play/distribute/share their music, standing on the DIY anticommercial underground music scene and is opposed to their music being broadcasted by major commercial Radio-Stations and being selled by record super-stores and music labels. The above downloadable material is free to be link-shared through various net-spots of common nature/thesis. In case you want a copy contact us here or at Various spots will be updated soon, on where to find our cd, mostly on autonomous social places/events and squats, for the optional price of 3 euros.

(From MySpace)

Dala Sun - Sala Dun (2010)

Come Home

Thanks to Amadeus from the band Home for sharing their EP!
Home is a Sludge/Hardcore/Metal band from Innsbruck, Austria. This trio has released one awesome three track EP. That EP is sold out! So what we've got here is a re-release of that EP. This version contains six tracks, but I must say that two of the the three additional songs are not something for my taste.
The three primary tracks are great, especially the second track Matt Demon. That song reminds me a lot of Voivod. The fourth and fifth track are remixes of the third song called Dice Game. And in my opinion these remixes are really horrible! The sixth track is a live recording of a song named Patricia. This song is quite alright. So the first three tracks are the most interesting ones. The rest... Well, judge for yourself! Enjoy!

Home - Home EP (Re-release 2010)


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Alice In Stonerland

Thanks again to Alberto from King Bong for sharing their second album!
Over a year ago I've posted the first album of King Bong here. That album called How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bong was a recommended masterpiece. Now King Bong is back... And how! Their second album Alice In Stonerland is again an awesome piece of work.
This trio has entered the studio without any ideas. The result is this excellent album full of improvised instrumental Psychedelic Stoner Rock. If you enjoyed the album How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bong, then you have for sure to listen to this album. Enjoy!

“Alice In Stonerland” has been recorded live, as usual, as we believe
this is the only way to capture the rawness and liveliness of the rituals held
in honour of the King Bong.

We also decided to experiment a bit. For the first time, under the guide
of the beast, we entered the studio with our minds completely free. Nothing had
been written or rehearsed, we just pressed the REC button and let the music

The result is 34 minutes of improvised music; you may find the audio
quality isn't the clearest, but it's free, so don't complain. We hope you’ll
enjoy your listening experience of “Alice In Stonerland” as much as we enjoyed
playing it.

If you like what you hear, you can order this EP for 5€ (including
shipping costs)!

(Release note)

King Bong - Alice In Stonerland (2010)