Saturday, February 13, 2010

Great Psychedelic & Space Stoner Rock From Atlanta

Telestrion comes from Atlanta, U.S.A. and this is their first album. This band plays an excellent combination of Psychedelic, Space and Stoner Rock. Telestrion does remind me of two bands: Bigelf and Hypnos 69. When you think you're hearing an organ, you're wrong. What you hear is the Theremin (Read the article on Wiki by clicking the word.) Hypnos 69 does also use this device.
Telestrion is an awesome album with lots of variety and outstanding songs. If you like Cosmic Psychedelic sounds then you really should check this out. Enjoy!

"Open the door to your mind and take a ride with Telestrion. Let their brand of heavy cosmic rock and roll take you on a journey to the deepest reaches of inner and outer space, singing a tune, clapping your hands and stomping your feet the whole way. Musically, Telestrion's multitude of diverse influences (old and new) give way to a sound that is fresh, distinct, and uniquely their own. Andy Samford (guitar/vocals), Brian Holcomb (guitar/vocals/theremin), John Smith (bass), and Chris Stewart (drums) formed Telestrion in the fall of 2006 following the demise of Qualone."
(From AllThatIsHeavy)

Telestrion - Telestrion (2007)

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