Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A great Stoner and Rock 'n Roll Compilation.

This is an excellent 2 CD compilation album by the great Belgian label Buzzville. See the tracks on the lower image and you know what I mean!
Ok, this stuff is not that recent, but still alright. Enjoy!

"If you're wondering what's going on in the wonderful world of stoner and other underground hard rock, this is the place to be. Rock 'n' Roll Blvd Vol 1 is as thorough a compilation can be. The two disc set covers a shit ton of ground. Even better, almost half of the songs are previously unreleased, so it’s not a retread of the same old same old. You got rock, metal, psychedelia, and doom all in one two disc package. Check it out."
(By Arzgarth at

Rock 'n Roll Boulevard Vol.1 (2005)

(Thanks and credits to Лёлик)

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