Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Italian Weed.

The Weed is an Italian Rock with Stoner and Metal influences. This band has three albums as free download at their website, ...And The Evening Dies is the most recent album and it's their best one in my humble opinion. I like the voice of Monica, although it was better if it was more loud in the recording. ...And The Evening Dies is a pretty decent album, it has some great songs. At first sight The Weed sounds like a "common" Rock band, but it's just more than that. The guys (and girl) make some great rocking music! Give this a chance and maybe you like it. Enjoy and support The Weed!

Some would argue that the Internet kills music. Well, maybe that's what the music industry wants us to believe. Because the music industry -and I am referring to the major labels- during the pre-internet years didn't seem to give a fuck about bands like Τhe Weed. Bands beyond trends and the hype, that is. Bands sincere and faithful to their dream, to the music they love.

Nowadays, thanks to MySpace et al., you can discover music from all over the world without interveners. And the number of bands that are willing to distribute their music more or less free through the internet is increasing.

Having said that, I must admit that this was the first thing that attracted me to the Italian stoner band The Weed. Their new album, entitled "...And the Evening Dies", can be downloaded, without any charge, through the band's website.

But a free download can also be a trap. There are many really shitty artists who attract the audience with the "free download" tag, but their music doesn't mean a thing. This ain't the case here. The Weed are generously offering to anyone interested a solid work, a handful of heavy rock tunes, full of energy blasting through the speakers.

This isn't an innovative album. After all, stoner rock is a genre full of clichés and battered formulas. But it is still pretty much enjoyable, a call for headbanging, erratic body movement and mind trips.

The opening song, Daybreak, sets the tune for the rest of the album: a furious composition, with changing dynamics, from full speed to trippy, slower parts. Thankfully, female singer's Monica Sardella's voice ain't the fragile, delicate, "help me, I'm almost dying" voice that is so trendy in heavy rock nowadays. No, it's a strong voice, full of passion, skilled adequately to express a large scale of sentiments.

Overall, "...And the Evening Dies" is an enjoyable album that you won't regret listening to, full of songs that are so good that you will be returning back to them again and again.


The Weed - ...And The Evening Dies (2008)

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