Friday, February 5, 2010

Surprising Great Spanish Stoner Rock

Well, what do we got here? Now, this is Geller Project from Sevilla, Spain and this is their free download demo!
These five guys plays very nice Stoner Rock with some fury in it. I mean a bit of aggression and in some parts easier passages. This stuff is real awesome! These five songs are all great.
And you couldn't guess this is a demo. It sounds too good to call it so.
So if you like some Furious Stoner, go experience Geller Project! Enjoy and support these guys!

Geller Project was born from the need of 4 friends to stay together with the rock by excuse. After their first demo “Let’s right” and some live shows at their shoulders, they understand that they needed a change at his compositions. With the addition of a second piece on guitars, Geller Project gets the sound and the force that they wanted. The Geller Project’s demo 2009 cross the line of Rock to get a personal sound with harsh riffs, dark passages and personal melodies. Sit down, listen it, and enjoy it...
(From MySpace)

Geller Project - Demo (2009)

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Anonymous said...

Hey riez! thanks for this awesome stoner. :)

Cheers Anders