Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A C-Box request: SKÅNSKA MORD.

I guess Small Stone will not be happy with this post, but I can't ignore C-Box requests!
Skånska Mord is a awesome great StonerRock band with 70's Hard Rock influences. Their album The Last Supper is just great. The sound is good. The songs are great. And I love that organ! What do I need to say more? Enjoy and if you like the album, BUY IT!!!

"With The Last Supper we're returning to Sweden, and like their neighbors in Brain Police, Skanska Mord embraces big riffs and big hooks, making it seem like it's still the beginning of this decade. For fans of the genre, what makes this a boon is that Skanska Mord makes it sound new. Tracks have plenty of booming, bombastic heft to go along with their bluesy grooves. They're catchy and heavy, familiar enough for accessibility but not so much that you're underwhelmed with a sense of deja-vu. For a fan of honest, heartfelt rock, there's not much else you could ask for."
(By Arzgarth at

Skånska Mord - The Last Supper (2010)

Credits and thanks to ORION WARNING!


Anonymous said...

Hey riez:) this is so awesome stoner from Skåneland in sweden, I love this guys!!


Anonymous said...

Link is dead.