Tuesday, February 16, 2010

North Carolina Psychedelic Doom.

Thanks to Dave from the band Enoch for sending their EP!
Here's some Heaviness from Asheville, U.S.A. Enoch is a trio that plays Psychedelic Doom with Stoner influences. This four-track EP is a nice one. Heavy grooves with great guitar playing and a great voice. According their MySpace they claimed to be influenced by Sleep, Electric Wizard and Sonic Youth. My favourite song is Infinity, the drive is awesome and the guitar is enchanting. This is truly a great EP. Support these guys! Enjoy!

Enoch formed in the spring of 2008, comprised of ex-members of Descolada, Serpents, Birds on the Ground, and Trapper Keepers. A few line up changes solidified into the current group: Dave Lynch: Guitar, vocals; Charles Howes: Drums; Neal Wilson: Bass. Happy as a trio the band has been focusing on live shows, recording, and is now gearing up to do more touring in 2010. Fans of early 70's rock, Doom and Drone, their goal is to write songs that can be both tight and heavy and also descend into more improvised psychedelic rock territory.
(Their Biography)

Enoch - Moth EP (2009)

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