Saturday, February 13, 2010

Canadian Heaviness.

This is another great and strange EP that is send to me! Cop Shades is an Experimental and Punk influenced Stoner Rock band from New Brunswick, Canada. Their self-titled EP is awesome! And they do it without guitar! Still the sound is complete, because of the use of some electronics and the heavy fuzz bass. The music is really heavy and the songs are great. I don't even miss the guitar! Go listen to this and enjoy! It will be a nice experience!
A big thanks to Kyle for sending this!

(February 12, 2010 – Moncton, NB, Canada) - COP SHADES, a new Moncton based stoner/indie/experimental rock band, have released their debut EP as a free download via Superbob Records - the home of The Monoxides formed by drummer Ken Kelley in 1993. The band consists of veteran musicians of mainstay Moncton bands The Peter Parkers, The Woods, and MEN (a 2-piece band featuring Eric’s Trip drummer Mark Gaudet).

Musically, COP SHADES exhibit a blend of influence from bands such as Kyuss, Death From Above 1979, Liars, and Shearing Pinx. This unification combined with absence of guitars, powerful mind numbing drum beats, fuzzed out electronic bass tones, and a plethora of vocals styles and effects all further contribute to their fresh approach.

“We simplify our creative and ethical process of maintaining an artistic outlet. The state of music in its entirety has been dumped on its head, as such so should ones approach and mindset. COP SHADES is the medium in which we are viewing and ultimately experiencing our personal vision.” says drummer Kyle McDonald.

The band recently shot a video for their single “North Korean Arts Degree” which will be debuting in March 2010. Additionally, this spring they’ll be hitting the studio to record their debut full length due this summer prior to their extensive coast to coast tour of Canada in August.

Formed in mid 2009, Introducing a slick fusion of indie, psychedelic, electronic and desert rock - COP SHADES are shooting for one of the fastest up and coming bands on the east coast of Canada.

This summer they’ll be representing Atlantic Canada with an extensive tour from Sydney, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia and back throughout August 2010 - sharing the stage with bands such as Bad Vibrations (ex-Dog Day), Flying Fortress (ex-Goat Horn/Zuku), Ash Lee Blade (ex-Tchort), Black Moor, Shearing Pinx, Hunter Gatherer, Amelia Earhart, Feral Children and many more.

(Their biography)

Cop Shades - Cop Shades (2010)

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