Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ORANGE SUNSHINE Live At RoadBurn 2007

Awaiting the Elektra Stoner Fest, here a recording from Orange Sunshine at RoadBurn 2007. I only didn't have a tracklist for it.

The problem with music in the late 60's was the hippy shit, right? The goddamn peace and love stuff, the acoustic folkies, the going-to-San-Francisco-with-flowers-in-yr-hair. But what if the 60's were as wildly murderous a time as these strange days? What if it was ALL Charlie Manson and napalm and muddy drugfreak people and Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker? Well, then, there'd only be, like, 5 bands left standing- the Stooges, the MC5, Hendrix, Blue Cheer, and Orange Sunshine. Not that dutch acid-warriors OS were actually THERE or nothin', the cats in the band are all like, 25 years old, but they sure the fuck sound it. This here album is such a throwback to the era, such an utterly authentic psyche-punk-blues fuzz-riot, that it seems bizarre such an artifact is on compact disc at all, like ya really oughta hold out for the reel-to-reel edition, ya know? Dig the 15 minute ode-to-Cream "Hey Mama", complete with an extended space-madness supernova guitar solo that sounds like a mastodon slowly sinking into the tar pits, or their harmonica-driven fuck-blues take on "I'm a Man", or the duck-walkin', Chuck Berry-on-even-more-drugs retro-rock n' roll of "Wham Bam...", or the swank fuzzboogie of "Ain't No Way" for ample evidence of OS's brilliant UFO ride back to 'Nam. Sez on the back that this 'un was recorded "At Hans Mulder Studios, The Hague, 1971", and even tho only half of that is true, you'll believe it, man. This is the best idea 60's drug rock has inspired since that time you dipped an entire Freak Brothers comic in blotter acid. See ya on the spaceship.

Live At Roadburn (04-20-2007)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Preview Of Where I'm Going To

Ok, I didn't got tickets for the Roadburn Fest, too bad. But I go to the Elektra Stoner Fest, Sliedrecht, Holland. It's a nice line-up. As preview I post the EP from DeWolff (this one will be released as 12"), more info, see my previest post here.
And for everyone who is going to RoadBurn: Have lot of fun and don't forget the smokingprohibition.

DeWolff EP (2008)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

All Good Come From Sweden II

I can't wait for the new Truckfighters album called Mania. This one wil be released in may. The Desert Cruiser EP is their first recording. The song is the openings track of Gravity X.

Truckfighters, from Örebro (SWE), have, in a short time, risen to be one of the world’s best bands within alternative rock – fuzzrock. During 2005 they toured in Sweden, Finland, Germany, England, Austria, Italy, Belgium and Norway. With their progressive fuzzrock they try to accomplish a total experience for the listener.When Truckfighters were formed back in the days of 2000 they had a bunch of musical directions and influences. Their intention was not to play a special kind of genre but to make fresh music with a solid foundation in the heavy rock legacy. The band has never been afraid to mix different styles and try unconventional ideas while creating.The music became as heavy as it gets without being classic metal.Truckfighters prime element is not in the studio or the rehearsal room. It is in live act they fully bloom, with a kind of raw energy they explode transferring their power to the audience leaving no one untouched.Gravity X is Truckfighters first full length album. Prior to this record the band has participated on two split records and one collection. Gravity X has been received with arms wide open by trade press / fanzines and is with this Fuzzorama/Meteorcity co-release now up to 3 pressings and counting…In meantime Truckfighters did 2 European support tours for Fu Manchu and released their second full length that’s called ‘Phi’. Conclusion…keep your eyes on the tourdates.
(From rocknrollhighschool.nl)

Desert Cruiser EP (2001)

Friday, March 27, 2009

All Good Come From Sweden.

As I said before Greenleaf is one of my favourite Stoner Bands ever! They made three albums: Revolution Rock, Secret Alphabets and Agents of Ahriman. These are highly recommended, so buy these albums. I found this EP on the internet a couple of years ago and it's not to find in any record store. I couldn't even find an cover image.

In theory, forming a rock group seems like a no brain’er. Get a group of musicians who have a shared love of certain bands and who can get along with each other for at least an hour. Hell, sometimes they don't even have to be musicians (especially if you're looking at the Top 40 charts). But in reality, it's a lot tougher, as the essential ingredient? What makes the group truly unique and memorable - is something that can't be defined, learned, or bought. Call it talent, magic, or whatever you want, but Greenleaf’s got it. A super group of the stoner rock scene, the band was formed sometime in late 1999/early 2000 by guitarist Tommi Holappa (Dozer), drummer Daniel Liden (Demon Cleaner and the drummer on DOZER's "Through the Eyes of Heathens," and currently in AND The Machine Said Behold!), and engineer/ bassist Bengt Bäcke. Featuring a revolving cast of fellow musicians who share a love of heavy fuzz rock, including Fredrik Nordin (Dozer), Daniel Jansson (Stonewall Noise Orchestra), and Peder Bergstrand (Lowrider), Greenleaf has consistently defined what rock 'n' roll was, is, and should be. You put 2001's "Revolution Rock" and 2003's "Secret Alphabets" on and you're going to have a hard time taking them off. The band cooks, because they've got that special ingredient. It's time to rejoice, because Greenleaf is back with "Agents of Ahriman." Like their past releases, "Agents" is a righteous kick in the ass and a testament to the almighty riff. This time, Tommi and Bengt are joined by Oskar Cedermalm (Truckfighters) on vocals, Erik Bäckwall (Ex Dozer drummer) on drums, Jocke Åhslund (Payback) on Hammond organ, and a handful of guest appearances. This new lineup keeps Greenleaf moving forward without losing track of what made them great in the first place. Take note - this is what rock bands should sound like. Make way for the “Agents of Ahriman.”
(From MySpace)

Greenleaf EP (2000)

Take you back to 70's Moscow: TOTR

Totr is a 70's influenced Stoner band from Moscow, Russian Federation. This EP has a great sound with good songs on it.

"TOTR was formed in the may of 2006. That month they had already performed on the stage of Moscow club. Trying different styles they found themselves in oldschool music driving you to 70th and turning back as a time machine."
(From MySpace)

Totr EP (2008)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Acid King is a great band from California, U.S.A. I saw them at Roadburn 2007 and they really blew my mind.

Acid King is a stoner metal band from San Francisco, California. It was formed in 1993 by frontwoman Lori S., drummer Joey Osbourne and bassist Peter Lucas. Acid King have since recorded three studio albums and three EPs with a series of bassists.
The band's name was inspired by the book Say You Love Satan. It is based on the character of Ricky Kasso (nicknamed 'The Acid King') who committed a satanically-motivated murder in Northport, New York during 1984. The band itself have also been featured in two books – The Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal and the A to Z of Doom, Gothic & Stoner Metal – both published in 2003.
Strongly influenced by traditional doom metal and psychedelic rock, the band have developed and maintained a distinct musical style throughout their career. This is characterised by slow-tempo, low-tuned and heavily distorted guitar riffing, complemented with "hypnotic" female vocals.
(From Wikipedia)

Down With The Crown EP (1997)


10" EP (1994)

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Not The KYUSS Song!

In my opinion Demon Cleaner is together with Greenleaf and the thirst three albums of Dozer the best Stoner Rock what Sweden has to offer.

Demon Cleaner was a Swedish stoner rock band formed in the late 90s as an instrumental trio by Kimmo Holappa, Martin Stangefelt and Daniel Lidén. They named the band after a Kyuss song. Daniel Söderholm joined as singer soon after and after a few split singles with Dozer they recorded their first full length album, The Freeflight, which was released in 2000. Söderholm left soon after the recording. Stangefelt took over vocals and Snicken and Ville Astrand joined the band. Daniel Jansson soon took over at bass from Astrand.
Their second album Demon Cleaner was released in 2002. Daniel Lidén left after it's release and the band broke up after a last tour with Mr Pillow on drums.
After Demon Cleaner broke up Daniel Lidén joined Dozer while Daniel Jansson and Snicken created Stonewall Noise Orchestra. Daniel Lidén and Daniel Jansson were also members of Greenleaf.
(From Wikipedia)

Demon Cleaner (2002)

The Freeflight (2000)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Live From Italy: RE DINAMITE

This live promo from Italy's Re Dinamite is a nice album with a good sound. They shared the stage with some famous names.

Re Dinamite is a project which arose in September 2005 from the union of one member of the T.H.U.M.B. and two of the DOGGIE POSITION, two active bands in the rock'n'roll and stoner environment from the province of Treviso. The signs of the union had already arrived in the spring of the same year...but nothing allowed to foresee that in a few months’ time would born the project Re Dinamite! The members of the group are: Vanny r'n'roll at the guitar, King Ricky at the drums and voice and The Zmudah at the bass and voice. So Re Dinamite is a trio but at the same time an only entity which plays mainly simple and fast, direct and compact pieces. In few words it’s a trio, fit for manufacturing pieces without compromises, which in 2006 began to make its way through numerous concerts and recorded a Promo Live to the 44 club and its first Ep "RE DINAMITE" at the Garage study of the friend Ruggero Pol. in Conegliano. "RE DINAMITE" is recorded on two inches ribbon and mixed in Analogical way after less than 3 days of intense job; the result immediately probes to be notable, an almost live work which completely reflects what the trio is able to do live and grasps the sound of the band: aggressive bass and drums which accompany granite riff of guitar, a rocky rock'n'roll on a rhythmic base soaked in blues and stoner but also psychedelic expansions alternate to frequent moments of deadly draught. In 2007 an intense live activity countersigns the movements of the band which succeeds in highlighting itself and concluding an agreement with Go Down Records (Gorilla UK, The Morloks, OJM, Small Jackets and many others) for the co-production of the homonym debut album that goes out November 23rd 2008. In the same year an agreement is reached with Black Nutria for the digital distribution of the pieces through the most important devoted portals such as iTunes and many others in order to guarantee the availability all over the world. The whole season 2007/2008 have been characterized by an intense and rich in satisfactions live activity: the band plays, among the others, with Brant Bjork, Lords of Altamont, The Hormonauts, OJM, Gorilla and a lot of bands of the Italian underground panorama. In 2008 some hits of the band participate to different compilations, among which "The Heavy Psych Italian Sounds", "Tomato", "Race to the Unknown" and are broadcasted in many radios. The trio take part in radio programs, among which is wanted to mention "The Jet Generation" of Radio Sherwood. Currently Re Dinamite is working to the new album which will be out in 2009.
(From MySpace)

Rawk Dinamite Live At The 44 Club (2006)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Another Great Band From Sweden: PILOTOS

Pilotos from Sweden is a great Stoner Rock band that reminds me of The Matadors and Are We Ape? (Check them out on Pascalito).
I have to thank Spiritbeggar from The SludgeSwamp for this.

Pilotos is a four-piece rock band from Stockholm. They are closing in on the ten year mark of activity wich is when all the cool bands break and become famous. So join the group and later on you can claim that you was into Pilotos when the band was still "underground".. Over the years Pilotos have released the albums "Thank god for the devil" (2006) and "Powers of Evil" (2003). They are currently in the process of recording and rehearsing new material - rumor is that some of the songs include Swedish lyrics. Besides touring all over Sweden the band has also performed in many cities of Europe. Antwerpen, Strasbourg,Vienna and Eindhoven are some of the stages where Pilotos have set foot. Pilotos music is about love, happiness, life and blood. Have a laugh and get a little crazy now. Keep your eyes and ears open. New material in a very near future!
(From MySpace)

Thank God For The Devil (2006)

Powers Of Evil (2003)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

ASTROQUEEN: A Demo and a 7"

A couple of weeks ago I posted the album Into Submission. Now I have for you the demo Themes From The Magic Ocean and the Rufus The Space Agent 7", both contained in one file.

Astroqueens music can be described as heavy, fuzzy, downtuned, spaced-out rock! With influences from bands such as early Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Kyuss and Soundgarden.

The members of Astroqueen live in the small sea side village of Stenungsund, which is north of Gothenburg, Sweden. This is where they put their heavy tunes together. The dudes have been jamming together in different projects since 1995 but it wasnt until the summer of '98 that Astroqueen was born. After intense jamming and excessive practice hours spent in the garage they entered the studio to record their first demo.

In June '99 Astroqueen recorded one track for the Swedish stoner compilation called "Molten Universe: Volume 1". Also featured on this compilation are bands such as Dozer, Lowrider and Mammoth Volume among others.

At this point the public interest in Astroqueen started to grow and they were approached by the small label Monster Zero (Germany) who wanted to release an Astroqueen 7". Since Astroqueen hadn't yet recorded any material they moved some recording equipment into their garage and laid down five tunes on tape. This demo is known as "Themes from the Magic Ocean". Two tunes from this recording, "Rufus the Space Agent" and "Asteroid Blaster (pt. 1)" ended up on the Monster Zero 7".

Shortly after the recording Underdogma records (US) approached Astroqueen and requested a track for their upcoming compilation of 27 other stoner rock bands which included the likes of Solace, Solarized and Men of Porn. Once again picked from "Themes from the Magic Ocean".

In October '99 Astroqueen did two gigs with American rockers Unida. One show in Gothenburg and the other one in Stockholm.

At the same time the demo "Themes from the Magic Ocean" was mailed to several record labels. In december 1999 Astroqueen was signed to Pavement Music. Their first longplaying record was produced by King Diamond guitarist - Andy LaRouque and it saw it..s day in the summer of 2001.

The band took timeout in 2004 and some of the members are already engaged in new musical projects like Hearts of Black Science and Sambassadeur. This page is a reference page to their past work and music influenses.
(From MySpace)

Themes From The Magic Ocean (1999)

Rufus The Space Agent 7" (1999) 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Versolafine Underground Voices: An Italian Made Compilation

The guys from The Versolafine Psychedelic Database sended me this one. It's a cool Psychedelic/Stoner Rock Compilation. If you see the tracklist, you know you want to get this!

Versolafine Underground Voices (2008)

Versolafine Underground Voices Website & Myspace

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Neurosounds Vol.1: Stones From The Sky: An Italian Compilation

Here's another Italian Stoner/Post Rock compilation I found on the internet. There are some nice songs on it.

Neurosounds Vol.1: Stones From The Sky (2007)



1 Vanessa Van Basten - La Scatola (6.10)
2 Lento - Need (5.50)
3 Morkobot - Zorgongollac (3.04)
4 Infection Code - Sweet Taste Of Sickness (4.50)
5 Tears|Before - Portland (6.32)
6 Incoming Cerebral Overdrive - Food (2.54)
7 Storm{O} - Inconsiderata Putrefazione (3.20)
8 Sicklown - Illusion (8.05)
9 Psychocean - Overtones (4.57)
10 Amia Venera Landscape - A New Aurora (7.09)
11 Juggernaut - Nailscratched (4.35)
12 Jagannah - Pyl (4.00)
13 Last Minute To Jaffna - Dawn (11.20)
14 Deflore - Home (3.05)

1 One Starving Day - Black Star Aeon (12.34)
2 Fog In The Shell - The Night Will Not Stay (8.24)
3 Tomydeepestego - Mizar (11.27)
4 Three Steps To The Ocean - Submerged Universe (10.17)
5 Viscera/// - White Flies (7.53)
6 A Cold Dead Body - Our Best Years (7.05)
7 Orbe - Aleph (6.20)
8 Turquoise - Glimmervoid (8.20)
9 Larva - La Pioggia e Le Lumache (7.01)

Friday, March 6, 2009


This is a very strange and hard to find compilation. Very raw and harsh. If you see the artists on the tracklist, you know what I mean.



1 Carcass - Genital Grinder 2 (3:00)
2 Godflesh - Love Is A Dog From Hell (8:13)
3 Terminal - Cheesecake John F. Poodle (4:25)
4 Stretchheads - Three Pottery Owls [With Innuendo] (0:50)
5 Coil - Contains A Disclaimer (7:34)
6 Silverfish - One Silver Dollar (3:00)
7 Terminal - Cheesecake Head's Human Disease (2:13)
8 God - Dum Dum Slug (6:27)
9 Stretchheads - Groin Death (1:17)
10 Carcass - Hepatic Tissue Fermentation (6:10)
11 Godflesh - My Own Light (4:11)
12 Napalm Death - Internal Animosity (5:19)

A Dutch Legend: Q65

Q65 from The Hague, Holland was one of the first Nederbeat bands. They got famous with the single The Life I Live.
The Singer Wim Bieler sung in English with a very heavy The Hague accent, he died in the year 2000.

The Den Haag (The Hague) group Q '65 played raw garage-style music and was often compared for that with their English counterparts, Pretty Things. Remarkable, however, was the singer's voice, who never learned to pronounce English words properly, which resulted in some really amusing-sounding output on their records. Other notable affairs of the group were, amongst others, their stunt of sailing to England by a rubber boat, and also how they often managed to hang halfway over the loudspeaker boxes, in order to keep themselves from falling over. Sometimes, in concert, Peter Vink sat down on the stage, playing as if he was stoned! Apart from that, it must be noted that their first record was the very first production of Peter Koelewijn.
(From alexgitlin.com) 

Afghanistan (1971)


Revival (1969)


Revolution (1966)

Information about Q65 at NME

Another Australian Classic: BON SCOTT & FRATERNITY

One of the first bands before Bon Scott joined AC/DC was Fraternity. This was a Blus Rock band with some Psychedelic influences. They've made two records and the first one, Livestock is highly recommandable.
Seasons Of Change is a re-issue of The Complete Sessions, original released in 1997.

Fraternity were an Australian rock band active in the early 1970s. They are notable mainly for their lead vocalist Bon Scott who was later to join AC/DC; and Jimmy Barnes, Scott's replacement, who went on to join Cold Chisel and have a very successful solo career.
Fraternity were formed in 1970 by some members of the recently-split Levi Smith Clefs. They were without a regular vocalist until Fraternity's bass player Bruce Howe decided to call upon Bon Scott, whose group The Valentines had just disbanded. New Zealand musician John Bissett played keyboards in this early line up.
Fraternity released two albums and a few singles, which enjoyed moderate success in their native Australia. However, an attempt to find success in the UK was not fruitful and in early 1973 the band changed its name to Fang. By mid-1973 the group had stalled and gradually disintegrated, and the members returned to Australia.
(From Wikipedia)

Seasons Of Change(2003)

Download DISC 1 & DISC 2

Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Australian Classic: BUFFALO

I bought this one at Roadburn 2007, thought I was dealing with Buffalo from Argentinia. So it was a surprise it was a seventies classic from Australia. I had to listen to it several times before I concluded that Volcanic Rock really is a great album!

In a genre hardly recognized for its finesse, Buffalo's second album, 1973's aptly titled Volcanic Rock, was about as raw as heavy metal got in the early 1970s (and its cover art's barely concealed eroticism sparked a controversy all its own, but that's another story). Of course, as those well versed in matters of hard rock and metal well know, all of its crudity was absolutely intentional. This seeming contradiction is both epitomized and explained by the Sydney, Australia combo's signature single, "Sunrise (Come My Way)," which boasted unquestionable melodic sensibility and expertly dangled hooks beneath the coarse leather surface of guitarist's John Baxter's earth-rumbling fuzz distortion, and singer Dave Tice's simultaneously warm, soulful, and, when needed, borderline ragged voice. Next track, "Freedom," pays peremptory lip service to the "think big" mentality of then ultra-popular progressive rock (and the band's prog-loving label, Vertigo), but never succumbs to the genre's arrogant self-indulgence. Rather, much as they do on the mostly improvised studio jams "Till My Death" and "The Prophet," the rhythm section of bassist Pete Wells (later of Rose Tattoo) and drummer Jimmy Economu plants its hooves into honest, proletarian blues-rock mud and stays put. Actually, the mid-album vibe almost gets too basic and laid-back come the unremarkable "Pound of Flesh," but any serious concerns are quickly crushed under the stampeding, LP-closing eruption of "Shylock," which introduces Shakespeare to Black Sabbath by way of Budgie and Steppenwolf) and brings Volcanic Rock's most distinctive and powerful qualities full circle for an explosive finale. And, as had originally been instructed on their debut album before being reiterated here, Buffalo's peculiar brand of Volcanic Rock achieved best results when played even louder. [Volcanic Rock's 2006 reissue by Aztec Records resurrected long lost original album artwork for its handsome digipack, included comprehensive liner notes, and added two bonus tracks: the single edit of "Sunrise" and a live version of "Shylock," making it the definitive collectors' edition.]
(By Eduardo Rivadavia, from All Music Guide)

Volcanic Rock (1973)