Friday, November 21, 2008

You have to see this!

DeWolff are three youngsters in age 14-17 and they ROCK! De Wolff creates a 60's/70's sound with only drums, guitar and Hammond organ which reminds of Deep Purple, The Doors and Led Zeppelin. This is a performance in a dutch TV show last week. Their first EP is just released.

This is a review from You can also order their EP here.

CDEP. Psychedelichardgroovin'funkyrock'n'rollin'hotbluesdrivin' hellhoundingsupersweetsixtiesexplosion! DeWolff: a howlin' guitar, a filthy Hammond-organ and steady, groovin' drums. Consisting of INFA's singer-guitarplayer Pablo, his brother Luka on drums and Robin Piso on organ, DeWolff takes you back in time with their raw, bluesy, sixtiesrock. 10- or 20-minute songs? No problemo! They are, after all, influenced by bands like Ten Years After, Cream, Band of Gypsys and The Doors. These 3 experienced stage-animals create pure, raw music; straight outta heart and with passion. DeWolff brings you groovy bellbottom-rock, hellhound-breathtaking bluesrock and even purple-hazey psychedelic love and peace. So take your daily LSD-potion, put on your pink sunglasses, grow your hair and trip that shit with DeWolff!

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