Sunday, November 30, 2008


Prohibition Of Mushrooms!

Tomorrow december the first a new law comes into force in The Netherlands. Our minister of health department, Mr. Ab Klink prohibits the selling, possessing and using of hallucinating mushrooms, the so-called paddos.
This law is created after the dead of two foreign tourist that haved used paddos, high likely in combination with booze and other drugs. While smartshops provide proper information about using paddos. So the Dutch citizans can forget about the enjoyment that paddos brings!
This law contains a list with around 186 species of forbidden mushrooms. The most ridiculous thing is that some species can be found in everyones backyard, in public parks, forests and even in The Royal Palace Garden. So every civilian who has a backyard can be in offence, even our queen! It's almost to laugh about!
Now we can await a new law that probably forbids the famous coffeeshops, again created by Mr. Ab Klink. I guess that in a year time the most coffeeshops will be closed.
The gouvernment of The Netherlands tries through these laws to stop criminallity around drugs.
I guess it will turn the other way. It will lead to illegality, poor quality of dope and that kind of things, while with the smartshops and coffeeshops the autorities can keep an eye on it!

It's a sad, sad day!


The Whale said...

Yeah, I heard mixed things about coffeeshops. They are closing some but at the same time I heard that some mayors want to start legalizing the cultivation of marijuana...

(I hope they don't close 'em!!!)

Insane Riez said...

Whale, you're right. In some cities near the border of Belgium are coffeeshops closed to prevend drugs-tourism from Belgium and France. It's also right that many mayors want a good policy about coffeeshops. Now it's legal to buy dope in a coffeeshops, but for the coffeeshops it's illegal to get or buy cannabis. The mayors want to change this situation. But they won't get support from health department.

The Whale said...

Yeah, I heard they are having meetings about it (the mayors). But do you think there is going to be a complete shutdown? or just some bordertowns like now? (and you don't happen to know if the Miami in Terneuzen is still closed?)

Insane Riez said...

We got gouvernment that is lead by a christian coalition. They want to wipe out everything that has something to do with having fun. They already forbid smoking in bars and restaurants. And this minister Klink is very persitent!

GodMachine said...

That sucks man, I live in America, so I'm used to bullshit drug laws. But this hurts the push to legalize any drugs.

The Whale said...

I have never taken' paddos before, but my chances of trying it now are slim. It's going to be a very sad they for French/Belgian/Dutch stoners if they ever prohibit marijuana in the netherlands.