Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dirty Clouds Upon My Head

Thanks to the guys of the band Weathers for sharing this EP!
Weathers is a Stoner/Sludge trio from Greece. The awesome EP Heavy Truck contains four tracks that are full of heaviness. Weathers is according to Facebook influenced by the following: Kyuss, Artimus Pyledriver, 1000Mods, Om, Sleep, Bongzilla, Weedeater, etc.
Heavy Truck is an EP with great guitar parts, heavy drums and bass and a terrific singer. This EP is definitely worth the listen. Enjoy!

Weathers were formed in the end of 2009.
Ramon(bass) and Stavros(drums) after a few jams found their way and wrote their first song “Oblivious”, that was when Jim(guitar) and Mike(vocals) joined the band. At the beginning of 2010 the band recorded their first Promo CD which containes 3 songs,“PROMO 2010”. Unfortunately,in the middle of august Jim left the band owing to personal reasons and Mike replaced him. Until now they have played with several greek bands and have given many performances. In the middle of march they recorded and released their first (self-financed) EP "Heavy Truck".. The future plans of the band are to record their first full-lenght album and make as many lives as they can. Finally,the band is ready to performe live concerts with new songs and much more to give...

(From Facebook)

Weathers - Heavy Truck EP (2011)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Straight From The Gutter

Do you remember the band 180 Proof that I've posted earlier before here? These Aussie dirty rockers are back with a new EP. This EP called The Gutter Sessions Part 1 – The Filth and Freedom Overture is filled again with Sleazy Hard Rock 'n' Roll. 180 Proof offers you with this new EP three new tracks and one song that already did appear on their promo EP. The Gutter Sessions: Part 1 – The Filth and Freedom Overture is another proof of the kick-ass filthiness that is performed by 180 Proof. Enjoy!

180 Proof's latest EP “The Gutter Sessions: Part 1 – The Filth and Freedom Overture” was recorded and released completely independently by the band, from their own studio in the back of a motorbike workshop in inner city Melbourne.
(From their info sheet)

180 Proof - The Gutter Sessions: Part 1 – The Filth and Freedom Overture (2011)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Step Away From The Controls

These brilliant tunes were shared with me by the band Planetoid!
Planetoid is a band from Boston, U.S.A.. These guys play some superb Stoner Rock with Space influences. These space freaks had released their debut album Shadow Of The Planetoid in 2009. This album was an outstanding piece of work. Now is Planetoid back with a new EP. This one is called The Abraxas Tactics - Phase 1: The Kiss Of The Magnetar. This EP is the first part of four EP's that will be released this year. The Kiss Of The Magnetar contains four tracks which can be described as awesome. What is striking me is the incredible good playing by these musicians. Furthermore has this band also a singer with a great voice. This EP certainly tastes for more! I look forward to the release of the parts 2 to 4. Enjoy and support Planetoid!

We are Planetoid
Our mission: to enslave the human race with our transmissions of face-melting rock. In the wake of an intergalactic war, the likes of which this universe has never seen, we have been cast backwards in time from the year 3032. Marooned on this accursed planet known as Earth, we have taken on the guise of the most highly respected and influential force this world has ever known: That of a rock & roll band.

Bludgeoning the drums with mechanical fury is Admiral Time: A cybernetic organism so technologically advanced he is able to bend the very fabric of the universe by force of will alone.
Incenerating the electric guitar is General Ovatus Talieah: A plant-based creature single-handedly responsible for the genocide of countless organisms throughout the known universes.
And finally, Locrius. Master of the bass-time continuum, preacher of Church of the Overdrive. A dread-goblin assassin turned demagogue, he is capable of shifting phase between dimensions and controlling the minds of his victims with but a word.
Together we have forged a ghastly tribunal of evil geniuses, war criminals, and abominations. The only other proof of our existence lies in the testimonials of the few who have survived our live performances. All who stand opposed will be destroyed.

(Their bio)

Planetoid - The Abraxas Tactics - Phase 1: The Kiss Of The Magnetar (2011)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can You Hear This Color?

Electric Aborigines is the second album by the band Awesome Color from Brooklyn. This album is a outstanding follow up of the debut album from 2006. This album sounds to me as some sort of a Psychedelic fusion of The Stooges and The Who. If you liked the first album of Awesome Color, then you certainly don't wanna miss Electric Aborigines. Enjoy!

To paraphrase a better man, “What a Goddamn Great Second Awesome Color Record.”

What is it, then? Better songs? A deeper understanding of the recording process? More confidence? Brooklyn-via-Ann Arbor trio Awesome Color (nee Violent Ramp!) figured something out this time around. Without making any wholesale changes to their songs or sound, they are now in possession of the juice, the stuff, that thing that a lot of bands don’t have. “Talkin’ it / Ain’t walkin’ it,” belts out guitarist Derek Stanton on “Step Up,” and he sells it just by virtue of his tone. His bandmates Mike Troutman (bass) and Allison Busch (drums) have no problem following suit.

Joe Carducci would nut all over this one; they’re a perfect case for the rock argument in Rock and the Pop Narcotic. Small lineup, traditional approach, bought and paid for on the virtues of their own (loud) talent and (explosive) expression. This is a hard rock record, ostensibly from the blues, informed by punk but not ruined by that genre’s myriad excuses. And the only thing holding it back from falling in with a hard rock record from the ‘70s is their refreshing lack of concession towards overstatement. Lots of those old heads kick back like they’re out of control, and simply cannot believe they’re rockin’ this hard. In truth, it’d be a lot more righteous – and a lot less insecure on the artists’ behalf – if the audience gets to decide that. Well, guess what, motherfucker. I am that audience. And I say that Awesome Color gets the pass.

There’s sustain both technically and in the songcraft that plays against the internal tension of the songs, and these two dynamics shove the poles in the holes with effortless ease. A groove is established in every song straightaway, but there’s no showing off. The record begins with a blast of feedback and, after three impassioned opening statements (“Eyes of Light,” “Already Down” and the aforementioned “Step Up”), they settle comfortably into the sort of scorched-earth, tall-as-gods slunk that could easily sidle up next to AC/DC and stare those wild eyes down. There’s more grit to this 45 minutes of music than in the dead skin that gets shaken out of the PedEgg I keep seeing advertised all over cable.

Many try to rock. Few succeed like Awesome Color. Many bands can hold a simple, solid riff for five minutes. Few can figure out how to fuck with it to keep the ears ringing without trying too hard, but on “Outside Tonight” these guys make it seem as simple as breathing. Loads of bands reheat so many goddamn TIRED rockarolla tropes like they’re playing to people dumb enough to buy it. Awesome Color rocks so effortlessly that it’s a wonder why most bands would inflict themselves on us in the first place. What’s the secret? “Let’s take our time / And do it right / Tonight,” they inform us. And in that, there’s no further need for explanation. You either are or you aren’t. They are. Electric Aborigines is, and restores in name and action the Michigan-Australia Cross-Continental Rock Pipeline to free-flowing status, unclogged of the piss and shit that threatened its operations.

(By Doug Mosurock at
Dusted Magazine)

Awesome Color - Electric Aborigines (2008)

I MIss The Future

This album was shared with me by Twin Lakes Records!
Myty Konkeror is a band from the U.S.A. This band is hard to label. The music that Myty Konkeror plays goes from Noise to Stoner Rock, from Psychedelic to Alternative and from Grunge to Space Rock. What is clear is the important role of the guitar. The album I Miss The Future is absolutely a fine piece of work. There are only 200 copies printed on vinyl, so hurry if you want to obtain a copy! Enjoy!

Twin Lakes Records is proud to announce the release of a second edition of MYTY KONKEROR’s critically- acclaimed debut LP “I miss the future.”--a Copernican declaration of blow yr head off rock. Thanks to some stellar reviews and its inclusion in several end-of- year Best Of 2010 lists, we’ve sold out of our first edition lathe-cuts, placing orders from all over North America, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Finland, France, and the UK. We've already begun taking pre- orders on a second edition of 200 copies pressed to 140g white vinyl, officially out on March 12th.

Here’s what people are saying:
"First of all, the fact that so few people are going to own this album on vinyl is a damn shame, there’s an empty space in almost everyone’s collection for a record like this." --OMGVinyl

“The sounds of Connecticut’s MYTY KONKEROR are incendiary...Grainy guitar tones, steady drone distortion, rugged and rusted melodic fragments, and a commanding vocal delivery make I Miss The Future a must listen.”
--Cool Things I Find

“The album undulates from rolling psych rock (''sus Envy') to shoegaze ('Whitewash') effortlessly, embodying both styles with aplomb...already high up on my must haves for 2011.” --Sonic Masala

"If more than a small classroom’s worth of people had access to this record, who knows what could happen!" --YellowGreenRed
“In short, this is ‘myty’ buzzing and bruising guitar rock.” --MAGNET

Tracks like “Vastare”, “‘sus Envy”, “Cell Division” and “Whitewash” have seen consistent radio airplay from Jersey City's influential WFMU among others.
Since late 2006, Brooklyn/New Haven-based MYTY KONKEROR has played shows with some of underground rock’s most compelling acts, including Awesome Color, Blues Control, La Otracina, Spectre Folk, Monotract, Black Helicopter, and Ultrabunny.

Suggested tracks: ‘sus Envy, Cell Division, Vastare, Whitewash

(Press statement from Twin Lakes Records)

Myty Konkeror - I Miss The Future (2010)


Monday, March 21, 2011

Carpet Of Smoke

Thanks to Steve from the band Second Gear Grind for sharing these EP's!
Second Gear Grind is a band hailing from Cristchurch, New Zealand. I know this band from their contribution for the New Zealand compilation Stonerfest '09. This fivesome plays some excellent Stoner Rock. These two EP's got it all: Heavy fuzz guitar riffs, thumping bass and drums and a great singer. On the second EP Grayscale there's even a fabulous organ. Second Gear Grind is according to their My Space influenced by the following bands: Black Sabbath, Turbonegro, Kyuss, Clutch, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Monster Magnet, Orange Goblin, The Allman Brothers Band, Electric Wizard and Down.
This is not a band that you can let pass by. This is music that needs be heard! Enjoy and support this band!

Second Gear Grind was formed in early 2005 when friends Mike and Steven (formerly of PTHC band Subsidence) sought to smash the South Island rock scene with a new brand of fuzz drenched rock which was previously lacking in the area.

Second Gear Grind gigged steadily earning support and momentum as one of the country's leading fuzz rock acts, playing alongside The House of Capricorn, Slavetrader and Soulseller among many others throughout many cities in Aotearoa culminating in December's Eyes Of The South - Stoner Rock Fest at Christchurch's infamous Jetset Lounge.

Despite various line up readjustments and reformations the band are settling into a groove and vastly developing support within the rising NZ stoner scene. Second Gear Grind offer an uncompromising abundance of severely down-tuned, fuck-off riffs, contagious groove, and an assault of fuzz sending everyone it touches deep into the cosmos.

2008 brings about a new set of challenges and a new direction for the esteemed rock fiends, reforming the lineup with Adrian Patchett (The Fuckstains, Content To Bleed, Subsidence, Hatecrime) on bass, James MacLean (Vice of the Sky) as a second guitarist and Kalem Mallon on drums. The new lineup played the Auckland leg of the Devils Kitchen Australasian Stoner Punk festival with The House of Capricorn, The Defendants, Soulseller and Interconnector on March 15th, which was a huge success. Keep your eyes peeled for releases in Winter of '08 as the band begins to expand their horizons. Can you dig it?! - 666 -

(Their bio from

Second Gear Grind - Fistful Of Silver (2008)

Second Gear Grind - Grayscale (2010)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Close Your Eyes And Imagine This Color

Awesome Color was a Brooklyn based trio that was around from 2004 till 2010. This band played some awesome Psychedelic Garage Rock which was very influenced by The Stooges. Awesome Color has made three albums and this was their debut from 2006.
What is very characteristic of this band were the intense grooves and the great guitar parts. The vocals seem to me somewhat a crossover between Iggy Pop and Steve Houtmeyers of Hypnos 69.
Awesome Color has made a great performance with this debut album. This band is not that well known and that has amazed me a bit. It is great music! Enjoy!

The three members of Awesome Color couldn't have possibly been alive during The Stooges' early, nihilistic and dangerous days, let alone old enough to have actually been at Max's when Iggy bled out half his insides. So it's something of a curiosity that this trio can create such a heavy and hairy sound that bears more than a passing resemblance to The Stooges or their Detroit peers, MC5. Being that Awesome Color began in Ann Arbor, it may just be in their blood; they've inherited that burly, Big Muff sound. Whatever the source of such, ahem, raw power, Awesome Color has it in spades.

Their self-titled album, released on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label and produced, in part, by Moore himself, is a classic garage rock record that puts any of the past decade's half-assed attempts by other bands to shame. Any Swede in a suit can attempt Stooges theft and make it passable, but these three young American gents do their rock `n' roll right. This is fuzzed-out, heavy, and completely awesome stuff, as their name might lead you to believe. Opener "Grown" slaps the listener with some ironclad guitar chugs and steady skin-beating, courtesy of Allison Busch. Frontman Derek Stanton channels Iggy Pop in his slithering, lascivious vocals, yet with his own ragged charm.

"Ridin'" has some kick-ass riffage, coasting into a faster pace than the album's gut-punching opener. Stanton approaches with a near whisper in the Sabbath-like "Free Man," before coolly declaring "I'm just a free man." "Unknown" explodes with blasts of blazing hot harmonica blowing and wild guitar freakouts, while "Hat Energy" proves to not only be a cool title, but a great mantra when Stanton recites that he's got it "on his skateboard" and "all over this town."

Awesome Color live up to their name without fail, offering 8 tracks of awesomeness and vibrance, unfailingly carrying on the legacy of their home state's rock heroes, despite currently living in New York. And though I've never seen them live, I hear there's some crazy shit that goes down when they perform. Considering the kind of damage that they do on record, I recommend everyone bring a helmet.

(By Jeff Terich at Treblezine)

Awesome Color - Awesome Color (2006)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Apocalypse Psychedelicka

Galacticka is an Instrumental Psychedelic Rock band from Tampere, Finland. Their sound is mainly based on Space Rock, but there are also some Stoner grooves.This band has created several releases and Apocalypse Psychedelicka is their most recent one. Apocalypse Psychedelicka is a great album with eight songs. Each one is awesome. This is absolutely nice to listen! Enjoy!

Galacticka is a Finnish psychedelic band formed in 2004. Apocalypse Psychedelicka is their first official album, before this they have pot out seven CD-R releases but unfortunately I haven’t heard these. This Tampere-based band plays hypnotic, kraut rock styled and rather heavy improvisation based instrumental rock, and the best reference point might be Circle in the 90’s. The keyboards are a bit more varied and jamming, though.

”Acid Rain”, the first track on the album starts with sounds of rain and thunder. After a drum fill there comes a hypnotic kraut riff in 5/4 time bringing to mind Circle ten years ago. At around the four-minute-marker the keyboards start to jam, nice! Then some heavier, slow riffing and electric piano follow and finally the kraut riff returns before eight minutes along with great analogue synths. An excellent starter! “Unsanity” starts off in a rather peaceful way with clean guitar and small UFO sounds and grows gradually. This is a hypnotic track as well, and soon it cools down again and some rather psychedelic bubbling and hallucinatory sounds follow. Then they build up again and relax in the end. “Implosion” is a wilder and shorter Circle-like blast in ¾ time; heavy and pretty fast stuff. The guitars stay repetitively pretty much in one chord which works. “Fallout” is at first slow and hard stuff with synth effects; at some point the track starts to speed up a bit and gets more variation and we get to hear some hypnotic jamming. After about six and a half minutes there comes a faster, heavier thing that sounds like heavy rock according to my young son. Then some slower, great jamming follows again. “Pigs” is the fastest and wildest track on the album and occasionally it almost crushed your skull. Before one and a half minutes have passed there is a slower part with strange, almost classical sounding melodies. Then it gets faster again and we get some space sounds. Although the album’s been excellent so far, the best piece is still yet to come. “Homo Nihilus” begins peacefully in 7/8 time signature, but gets fiercer after one and a half minutes. There’s some hypnotic going here too. The track cools down a bit again, and a superb, Oriental styled synthesizer solo follows. Towards the end they let it rip so that I’m almost transformed into a black hole. Amazing stuff! One of the best Finnish albums this year.

(By DJ Astro at Psychotropic Zone)

Galacticka - Apocalypse Psychedelicka (2006)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Long Way From Earth

Qualone was the forerunner of Telestrion and before Qualone there was Plaster. The person who has played in all three bands is Andy Samford. This guy has in my humble opinion an impressive voice. I really love the sound of him! Thereby he also knows how to play his guitar and to write some great songs together with the other members. The sound of Plaster is more Stoner and less Space compared to Qualone and Telestrion. Plaster is according to MySpace influenced by the following bands: Blue Cheer, Kyuss, Atomic Rooster, Grand Funk Railroad, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Andromeda, Kiss, Melvins, Sleep, The Obsessed, Monster Magnet and Pink Floyd.
The album Long Way From Earth is a awesome piece of work! It may not sound that original, but I think it is great! The song Mushroom Flower also appeared on the Qualone album.
If you enjoyed the albums by Qualone and Telestrion, then you will also appreciate this album. Enjoy!

Formed in 1996 out of the ashes of psychedelic doom pioneers Pickman's Model. Played shows with Nebula, Electric Wizard, Fireball Ministry, Place Of Skulls, Earthride, Sixty Watt Shaman. Played the Stoner Hands Of Doom and Emissions From The Monolith festivals more than a few times. made a couple of albums, then broke up.
(Their bio from MySpace)

Plaster - Long Way From Earth (1998)

Andy Samford is someone who is involved in ​​a lot of music. Find more of his work here.

A French Surprise

Thanks to Sébastien from BitterChupChupWeLose for sharing their album!
BitterChupChupWeLose is the ridiculous name of a French band. This foursome plays Sludge influenced Stoner Rock and most of their songs are quite uptempo and straight forward. There's even a pinch of Hardcore in their music. Their sound is pretty original. The vocals are great, just as awesome the music is. The album BitterChupChupWeLose is a surprising piece of work. Trust me, you really have to listen this album! Enjoy!

BitterChupChupWeLose - BitterChupChupWeLose LP (2010)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Deus Ex Machina

Groover Von Krueger is a band from Melbourne, Australia that plays some sort of Progressive Rock. The Deus Ex Machina EP is their debut release. This trio claims to be influenced by acts like Mr.Bungle, Frank Zappa, Brant Bjork, The Hellacopters and Beast Of Burden. This has resulted in five nice songs. The music is pleasant to hear. The songs are very varied. My personal favorite is NOAB (Nazi On A Bike). But the other songs are also great! You really should listen this EP. It is definitely worth. Enjoy!

I bid you welcome to this humble abode, electronic residence of yours truly, Groover von Krueger of Melbourne (MBA).

Let me be quite frank, the purpose of this site is to induct you into a web of audacious awesomeness the likes of which have never been seen before.

Your Grace is no doubt aware that Groover von Krueger is dedicated to the production of the finest quality modern music. That is indeed our primary purpose.

However, Groover von Krueger is also involved in a business at once very old and very new - the rabbit hole business. We're talking custom-built and hand-crafted. In short, the finest quality rabbit holes using all the latest rabbit hole technology.

Now you might ask yourself 'what is a rabbit hole good for?' Well, a rabbit hole is good for falling down. But, in time-honoured tradition, that requires a leap of faith on your part.

Your Eminence, Groover von Krueger is an attempt at a new way of making and distributing music (and rabbit holes) - direct from us to you with no intervention from suit-wearers and bean-counters. We are a fledgling enterprise, but we hope you will join us. Subscribers to GvK will receive our debut EP, a regular edition of The Weekly Groover and up-to-date correspondence on matters of fact and fiction. A box seat to a story strange and true as we put our Master Plan into action.

Friend, the dawn has broken and the golden rays of the morning sun throw light upon this glorious endeavour. Let us crack open the bone and suck out the marrow. Let us pop the cork, crack the tinny and cheer up our hearts. Let us see where this rabbit hole.

(From their website)

Groover Von Krueger - Deus Ex Machina EP (2011)

Wreck And Reference

Thanks to Felix and Ignat for sharing their EP!
Wreck And Reference is a DIY electronic Doom duo from Davis, California. This duo is averse of guitar. So they used only synthesizers and samples. I must say as guitar lover that the result is not bad at all! Wreck And Reference offers with the Black Cassette EP some great music. This EP contains six songs that are full of despair and dejection. Their music reminds me somehow of the Sisters Of Mercy.
Do not be dissuaded by the lack of guitar and listen this EP at least one time. Maybe you like it. Enjoy!

Wreck And Reference - Black Cassette EP (2011)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Woolly Bullet

Let's start with a funny fact. The last name of the keyboard player of this band is Blowen. Well, blowen is the dutch word for smoking pot!
Woolly Bullet is a five piece band from Eliot, Maine, USA (According to Bandcamp and ReverbNation) or from Dover, New Hampshire, USA (According to Facebook). This band plays some great Stoner Rock that is heavily inspired by seventies Rock music. According to their Facebook page, Woolly Bullet is influenced by the following: The Dead Weather, Led Zeppelin, Say ZuZu, Swamp Yankee, One Hand Free, Jon Nolan and the Working Class Girls, etc.
The result is this magnificent free to download self-titled debut album. These guys know how to play some great music. The songs are mostly instrumental. Some songs have a bit of Space Rock, because of the organ. (Mr. Blowen is doing a real excellent job!)
All in all, this is a formidable album that definitely deserves a listen. Enjoy!

So, I (Dave Nebbia) decided to do an RPM Challenge in 2011... I was determined! The last attempt turned into something special and never got released, it was the launch and birth of Swamp Yankee.
This year, I wanted to get some player I have never played with before and try to put together some magic. So, I contacted Jon Nolan and then we added Geoff Taylor on Bass from One Hand Free, Andrew Blowen on Organ Piano and Synth, and then Jon McCormack on Guitar and Bass. I played all the drums and sang on a few of the tunes. That was the idea.
I started to collect melodies by me humming on my iPhone... bits of verses and choruses and whatever other melody I thought might get us going.
We all show up on a Sunday night at 6PM, get rolling at 8PM and start recording at about 9:30PM. I took my iPhone melodies and sat with JonMC and he transposed them into guitar and we were off and running. 2 hours later, we had 3 tunes. We then show up the next night at 6:00PM and within 7 hours have all 10 tunes done! We had our friend Jamie Biscomb sing on one tune and do back ups on another. Boom, DONE! Hope you like what came out!

(Their bio from reverbNation)

Woolly Bullet - Woolly Bullet (2011)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Weasel Putorius

This contribution was sent in by the band Fura. Thank you for that, guys!
Fura is a band from the Spanish island Mallorca. This foursome plays a Instrumental and Experimental combination of Post Rock, Math Rock and Shoegaze. The result is this three-track EP called Mustela Putorius, an epic and beautiful piece of work. I guess this is the first release of Fura, but it tastes definitely for more! Enjoy!

Fura was founded in late 2008 when 4 musicians from around the world decide to combine their artistic creativity resulting in a musical experiment with a sound that is similar to a ferret (fura in catalan): they could sleep many hours, entering in a state of absolute calm, to become a very active and curious animal.
(From Facebook)

Fura - Mustela Putorius (2010)

The Most Dangerous Animal Is Me

Scissorfight is a band from White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA. This band plays a blend of Stoner Rock, Punk and Metal. It seems that these guys present themselves as aggressive maniacs who will put up a fight without a warning and without any reason. Mantrapping For Sport And Profit is their fourth album and it is my favorite one. This album contains some songs that are full of aggression. This is mainly due Ironlung's awesome vocals. He sings really mean and vicious. The music fits seamlessly with these vocals. Great songs are: New Hampshire's All Right If You Like Fighting, The Most Dangerous Animal is Me, Go Cave and the absolute highlight Blizzards, Buzzards And Bastards. Enjoy!

The forth full-length album from crusty punks Scissorfight shows the band tightening their sound into a impressive stoner metal force to be reckoned with. The excellent production (by Andrew Schneider and Craig Riggs, along with the band) shapes the thick guitars into brutal chunks of shrapnel, cutting through the songs with a frightening fury. Ironlung's vocals also improve on this album, falling somewhere between Gwar's Oderus Urungus and Clutch's Neil Fallon. It is his charismatic growl that gives this album the strong personality it needs. Although their lyrics are still pretty average, the delivery makes up for it in spades. The album is a tad overlong, mostly due to the amount of time the band is willing to spend on one riff. But most of the songs are pretty short and harmless, and the band has a good sense of track placement that keeps things interesting. The average listener may not be impressed, but fans of stoner metal may want to give this a listen.
(By Bradley Torreano at All Music Guide)

Scissorfight - Mantrapping For Sport And Profit (2001)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Even Now We Are Preparing To Love You

It's Not The Heat, It's The Humanity is the second album by the New York Stoner Rockers Puny Human. This album is the logical sequel to the album Revenge Is Easy. So you can expect a lot of awesome Stoner Rock songs. This is yet another great release by Small Stone Records. A highly recommended album! Enjoy!

"Rock is back. Its soundtrack for 2003 is coming. It's coming to cure your mind and body from all that lame corporate rock, the less than listenable drivel that the majors have been trying to package and sell rather heavily as of late. It's coming whether you like it or not. It's Puny Human's "It's Not the Heat it's the Humanity." This recording could easily be described as an underground masterpiece. The songs, the tones, the dynamics.. it has everything that needs to be there. These particular humans sound aptly heavy, yet with a fuzz-inflected boogie circa ‘70s hard-edged classic arena rock (think Grand Funk Railroad and Thin Lizzy playing Devo)."
(By Small Stone Records)

Puny Human - It's Not The Heat, It's The Humanity (2003)