Monday, February 7, 2011

Australian Kick-Ass Rock 'n' Roll

Thanks to the guys from 180 Proof for sharing their promo EP!
180 Proof is a Hard Rock trio from Melbourne, Australia. Their music has also some Blues, Punk and Sleaze influences. Their promo EP contains three songs with the revealing titles like It Sucks To Be You, Go Fuck Yourself and Suck it. The music shows a no-nonsense and straightforward attitude. In other words, we've got to do here with first-rate kick-ass Rock 'n' Roll! Enjoy!

180 Proof are a 3 piece rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Combining the best of blues-based hard rock, classic metal, and old school punk attitude, 180 Proof are making a mark playing lean, mean, rude, crude, sleazy, nasty rock and roll with catchy, filthy choruses and massive riffs.

Guitars/Vocals: J.J. Mötherfücker
Bass/Vocals: Professor Serious
Drums: Andrew "Andy" Andrews

(From their bio)

180 Proof - 180 Proof Promo EP (2010)

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Johnny said...

This is awesome! great chorus in Suck It - it's catchy like a pop song, but so filthy at the same time. cool solos too.