Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Come Home

Thanks to Amadeus from the band Home for sharing their EP!
Home is a Sludge/Hardcore/Metal band from Innsbruck, Austria. This trio has released one awesome three track EP. That EP is sold out! So what we've got here is a re-release of that EP. This version contains six tracks, but I must say that two of the the three additional songs are not something for my taste.
The three primary tracks are great, especially the second track Matt Demon. That song reminds me a lot of Voivod. The fourth and fifth track are remixes of the third song called Dice Game. And in my opinion these remixes are really horrible! The sixth track is a live recording of a song named Patricia. This song is quite alright. So the first three tracks are the most interesting ones. The rest... Well, judge for yourself! Enjoy!

Home - Home EP (Re-release 2010)


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