Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The World, The Flesh And The Devil

A while ago I've posted the fantastic album For Sardines Space Is No Problem by the Swedish band The Movements here. Now it's time for their album The World, The Flesh And The Devil from 2009.
The Movements is a band from Göteborg that plays some awesome Psychedelic Garage Rock with influences such as Space Rock, 60's Rock, Kraut and even Punk. The songs on this album are all excellent. The Movements has given it all on this album. Enjoy!

First off, this CD should be heard for no other reason than how fucking cool and bad ass the opening track is! It's such a brilliantly constructed track with killer drums, guitar riff, vocals, everything. It moves at such a frenetic pace and just rolls along. The layering and construction is truly quite original and is a great example of how to take something old and wrap it into something fresh. It's a very psychedelia style number, but still very modern. It's a wonderful beginning to the disc for sure.

At time Garage Band like, at times Psychedelic, at times Proggy (very lightly) and at times bordering on Punk, but always blasting through your speakers will full energy. The problem I have had in the past with certain Psychedelic bands is that they might give you one song with energy, catch your ear, and then get quite mellow for everything else. The Movements never forsake their energy and always keep things moving, even on a track like "The Fun Ain't For Free", which starts slow and builds to a slow burn. You never feel like these guys are relaxing, their just biding their time waiting to explode all over the place.

The promo material mentions that this album was written while vocalist David Henriksson was laid up in a hospital bed fighting cancer. It would seem that David poured a lot of his energy and heart into this stuff, and the other members of the band did the same and decided to really give it all they have. The end result is a wonderful release.

This is actually one of those CD's that is really tough to review, as it really needs to be picked apart piece by piece to really give you the reader a full idea of just what the hell this thing is all about. There is so damn much going on at all times, and even though a song such as "I Am You" might be a rather bizarre little number, it breaks into these horn (?) parts that are so catchy it is ridiculous, and it proves that no matter what you might think a song is going to be like, it just might eventually turn into something else entirely. You could almost write a book about an album of this sort. Wild stuff, and I HIGHLY recommend it to anybody looking for high energy, yet something rather adventurous.

(By Carl Isonhart at Sonic Ruin)

The Movements - The World, The Flesh And The Devil (2009)

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