Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Down A River

Thanks again to the guys of Dinosaur Eyelids for sending me their new CD!
In may last year I've posted the first album called Winter Solstice by Dinosaur Eyelids. Now I'm honored to offer you their second album called Down A River. This album is a logical follow-up to the first album. Down A River contains fourteen nice tracks of Stoner and Grunge influenced Alternative Rock. The album kicks off with the great song Maelstrom Of Malevolence. This album sounds very good. It is well produced. All instruments sound outstanding and are in good balance. The singer does like on the first album a great job. This guy is blessed with a fantastic voice.
In terms of songs, this album is very balanced. There is next to the heavier songs also room for some quiet songs.
This is all in all a very good album. If you have appreciated the first album, then I think you will also like this album. My personal favorites are: Maelstrom Of Malevolence, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Nibiru, Blood Beat and Freedom Is A Word. Enjoy!

Dinosaur Eyelids is alternative rock for a new generation. Based in New Brunswick, NJ the band has earned a reputation for their incendiary live performances. Their debut album “Winter Solstice” was released in December 2009 on itunes and Amazon. They play regularly and are house favorites at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick. They also perform regularly at The Stone Pony (Asbury Park), North Star (Philadelphia), Arlene’s Grocery (NYC), Fontana’s (NYC), Bar East (NYC), The Fire (Philadelphia) and Championship’s (Trenton). Their sound is like The Replacements being molested by Soundgarden.
(Their bio)

Dinosaur Eyelids - Down A River (2011)

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