Monday, February 21, 2011

Falls Of The Wastelands

Thanks to the guys of Palm Desert for sharing their album!
Falls Of The Wastelands is the third album by the Polish band Palm Desert. I have earlier posted their first album called Dawn Of The Burning Sun. I just wonder why I have missed the second album The Highest Fuel Level. Anyway, let's get back to their new album.
Palm Desert offers you with the album Falls Of The Wastelands some awesome Stoner Rock. Compared to the first album, I hear a lot of progression. But the influences of Kyuss and Fu Manchu are still obvious present. Nevertheless are the eleven tracks of Falls Of The Wastelands all great! A great album from the desert of Poland. Enjoy!

Palm Desert - Falls Of The Wastelands (2010)


Vince said...

Insane Riez said...

That's great! Thank you, Vince!

JK said...

Ye gods! Those grade A polish freaks are damn productive!!


Mari said...

This is cool stuff indeed, thank you very much!