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Qualone was a Psychedelic Space/Stoner Rock band from Atlanta, USA. This band can be seen as the forerunner of Telestrion, because two members are involved with both bands. Qualone has only released one album. This album is a display of awesome Stoner Rock with several influences like Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath.
Just as with Telestrion are the vocals quite remarkable. And I mean this in a positive way!
So if you ever have heard Telestrion and you did appreciate it, then for sure you will love Qualone! Enjoy!

Those of you that were around at the advent of Stoner Rock’s heyday might recall the band Plaster – an American contribution to the KyussSabbathFloydGrandFunk – influenced SR ethic. Simply put, it was big riffs, scorching yet emotive leads, occasional psychedelic aural excursions and a lotta low end. The band broke up and some of the former members reformed as Qualone in 2002.

Qualone retains most of the above-described Plaster aesthetic, but to these ears, Qualone is on the more accessible side of SR; a kinder ear towards melody and harmony. The big riffs are still there and the leads still smoke (the one on “Mind Cloud” singed my eyebrows), but the choruses are bigger and have better sticking-quality than the Plaster material I was familiar with. The band also take on a bong-rock psych excursions (“The Kind” and especially the well-done Beatle-esque “Mushroom Flower”) with equal aplomb for you more cerebral psych heads.

Truth be told, In a pinch, I prefer the more adventurous modern heavy psych of Colour Haze, Gas Giant and Los Natas, but Qualone do what they do well. Andy Samford is a great voice for the band – distinctive and confident – reminds me of Collective Soul’s Ed Roland especially on the big infectious-riff rockers like “Watermelon”. Not a put down, “Shine” still rocks like a MoFo.

Good stuff. Gives a ray of hope for those of us that think Stoner Rock’s best days ended with Man’s Ruin went out of business.

(By Chris Barnes at Hellride Music)

Qualone - Qualone (2004)

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