Friday, February 25, 2011

Lord Green.

This very nice demo was sent to me by someone of Fan The Flames Records (A label that is specialized in cassettes and vinyl).
When you hear the name Lord Green, then you can assume that you can expect some cannabis driven music. And when you listen to the first track, then you think you're right about that assumption. Because these tunes reminds of Bongzilla and Church Of Misery. But then starts track two... A portion of unadulterated Hardcore Punk is there right in your face. Lord Green plays some great tunes with an aggressive attitude. Fast and loud is the motto here! That fury continues till track seven. The song Dropping Out is more like the first track. A bit slower and some more stoned. The last track is again the Hardcore Punk madness! Lord Green from Davenport, U.S.A. has made an nice and entertaining demo. Enjoy!

Lord Green - Last Demo (2010)

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Wild Thing said...

Fantastic band! I'm completely addicted to Lord Green! Thanks so much Riez!