Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Thanks to the guys of Dala Sun for sharing their terrific album!
Dala Sun is a trio from Greece that plays some awesome Psychedelic Stoner Doom Rock! Their debut album Sala Dun is really impressive! This album is 100% DIY and the sound is awesome! Sala Dun has all the ingredients for a great album: Heavy fuzz guitar, thunderous bass and drums and some fantastic vocals! Beside that, these guys knows how to write some good songs. This album is absolutely a recommendation! Enjoy!

Just a bunch of three guys, getting together by excessivly using mood-shifting, liquid or air-borne substances and just playing loud their dirty stoner stuff, in humid roachy basements or with listeners in autonomous places and squats. We don't play in music-clubs, cause we just don't like the smell of 'em!

Haris : Guitar, Voice
Tolas : Bass
Adreas : Drums

Dala Sun play/distribute/share their music, standing on the DIY anticommercial underground music scene and is opposed to their music being broadcasted by major commercial Radio-Stations and being selled by record super-stores and music labels. The above downloadable material is free to be link-shared through various net-spots of common nature/thesis. In case you want a copy contact us here or at Various spots will be updated soon, on where to find our cd, mostly on autonomous social places/events and squats, for the optional price of 3 euros.

(From MySpace)

Dala Sun - Sala Dun (2010)


Matias said...

hey man! how are you doing bro?
here is the new Suplecs album

cheers man

Anonymous said...

Hey riez! thanx a lot!


Insane Riez said...

Matias, I feel even better now! Thank you for your gift!

Anonymous said...

Greece has one hell of a stoner scene. I"m sure you know of Nightstalker and Planet of Zeus, good stuff.


Radio Garage said...

Thank you for so much amazing music!!! great bands!