Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some Days Velvet

Last friday I went to a show of The Grand Astoria in Amsterdam and they played together with two other bands. Some Days Velvet was one of them.
Some Days Velvet is a band from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands featuring the bass player of Tekhton. This trio plays Alternative Rock with Doom, Metal and slight Sludge influences. One advantage of this band is the singer, this guy is terrible good. He has a great sense of melancholy. He knows how to embay drama in his singing. This makes the music a bit dejected.
A small drawback of this demo is the sound, it is a bit puny. But that is more common with a demo recording. Nevertheless, the three songs on this demo are quite good. I'm curious about the next release. Enjoy!

Some Days Velvet - Demo (2009)


Leo said...

Great band, great performance!
..And indeed 'a terrible good singer'!

They are somewhat reminiscent of bands like; 'While Heaven Wept', 'Paragon Of Beauty', and a little bit of 'My Dying Bride' and 'Tool' aswell.

Hope they come with something new soon...

Dimitrije said...

Very good! Amazing Maynard style vocals and impressionable performance in general...