Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dark Sludge/Stoner Metal From Arizona

Thanks to Alex from the band Drone Throne for sharing their Demo!
Drone Throne is a band from Arizona that plays some awesome Dark and Heavy music. This four-piece plays a combination of Sludge, Stoner Metal, Punk, Black and even Surf. Drone Throne claims to be influenced by the following: Rudimentary Peni, Dark Throne, Grief, Eyehategod, Sleep, Bad Brains, Dystopia, Cro Mags, Emperor, Raw Power, Nausea, etc. As you can see, this is a wide variety of styles. The result is this five track demo, that is full of heaviness. In 2009 Drone Throne has released a split album with the Arizona band Toad and it seems that there is soon new recording is coming. Tell me what you think of this demo by leaving a comment. (I think the band will appreciate that!) Enjoy and support Drone Throne!

Drone Throne - Demo (2008)

Folkish Stoner Rock From France

Stangala is a three-piece Stoner Rock band from Quimper, Bretagne. These druids combines their music with Folkish and Psychedelic influences. It has resulted in these two free download recordings. ... Dans Les Bois Stangala is a 33 minute album and Lutun Salvia Delirium is a twenty minute EP. Both are pretty decent recordings with a nice atmosphere and there both sung in French. Take a trip through the woods and enjoy!

The story began in the year of 2007, when 3 modern celtic druids gathered somewhere in the mystical woods of Kemper, France. In order to explore other paths of the space-time continuum and finally reach the land of the korrigans, they used their magical knowledge and begun the preparation of potions with psychedelic powers. Lead under the influence of the great green smoke, rites were inspired by the legacy of the great ancients, such as the mighty Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, or the young Queens Of The Stone Age, but also by more local and traditionnal knowledge, of which Brittany, as a Celtic land, is full. First results did not take long to come, and an initiative trip was planned after just a few weeks, thanks to a set of nine songs named "..dans les bois" (translate " the woods"). The druids gained some notoriety and assurance and, after several public ceremonies, they released a new book of magic spells called LSD, or the delirium of the Salvia dwarf.

Today, the druids are gathering secretely once again, consuming even more drugs in their cauldrons in order to, eventually, introduce the world to a path towards a whole new dimension...

(From MySpace)

Stangala - ... Dans Les Bois Stangala (2008)

Stangala - Lutun Salvia Delirium (2008)

Great New Zealand Stoner Rock

This is the self-titled EP by the New Zealand Stoner Rock band Soulseller. This EP contains five excellent tracks with great fuzz riffs. This trio has a great singer/guitar player with a nice voice. I can't wait to hear more from this great band! Enjoy!

"...delivers a five mega ton rock assault ready to smash any jaw in sight, this high-explosive piece of plastic immediately takes the lead and rushes on like a rampant flock of mammoths...makes me think of bands like Calamus and early works of Dozer...Heaps of fuzz laden guitars and heavy grooves with a doomy and psychedelic twist and the god's roll in ecstasy....There is not a single filler on the ep, each track serves its own purpose and Soulseller is just as cocky as a rock band should be." 9/10
(By Tobias Beament at Planet Fuzz)

Soulseller - Soulseller (2008)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

...Lickin' The Toad

From the beautiful city Barcelona comes Howler Toad. This five-piece band plays some great Stoner Rock. Howler Toad claims to be influenced by Kyuss, QOTSA, Nebula, Fu Manchu, Orange Goblin, Sasquatch, Five Horse Johnson, Corrossion Of Conformity and Natas. This list represent a lot of bands that I love! Their debut ...Lickin' The Toad is a free download album with great Stoner songs. The guitar riffs are awesome, even as the solo's. The bass and drums are very solid and Howler Toad is blessed with their singer. The album ...Lickin' The Toad is definitely worth the listen. Tell me your findings by leaving a comment and support Howler Toad! Enjoy!

Howler Toad - ...Lickin' The Toad (2009)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not So Radio Friendly

I posted the radio friendly version of this album earlier before here. Now here it is with full length songs and in full glory!
The second album of the Saint Petersburg band The Grand Astoria is a great one. It is a perfect sequel to their first album. The Grand Astoria plays some great Stoner Rock with a twist of Grunge, Metal And Blues. II contains five almost instrumental songs with a great vibe. The songs I like the most are Enjoy The View and Radio Friendly Fire, because these songs have a great atmosphere!
The artwork is as the first album excellent. I don't know who made these drawings, but this person can't be left unmentioned!
The Grand Astoria start their European tour in september, so check the tour list on their MySpace and maybe you can see them in a venue near you! If you like this album, order it here. Enjoy and support The Grand Astoria!

"This truckload of rock(s) known as The Grand Astoria has led me to surrender on all fronts. After listening frantically over and over to this album I have decided that this have to be the best band ever from Eastern Europe. St. Petersburg and Russia are truly on the move and this is for sure one of the best albums in 2009! On the self titled debut album by the Russian rock gods you get six different flavours of dynamite-smelling munchies beautifully wrapped all together in a conspicuous surprise box. These fuzzadelic stringburners touch every inch of your pagan body and bring you the finest in both psychedelic stoner and cow-shit-smelling-southern-fried-armwrestling-metal-flavoured-redneck rock with a touch of blues... It is hard to pick a specific song as a favourite because every single minute of the album is a joyful ride, and as I have said before The Grand Astoria is a first class band who rides them high horses all the way up without any difficulties. 50% of the songs on the disc have vocals, the other half is a mind-blowing instrumental journey into the unknown."
(By Tobias Beament at Planet Fuzz)

The Grand Astoria - II (2010)

Order The Album Here

The Filth & The Fury

Thanks to the manager of Heavy Glow, Blair Kodman for sharing this EP!
Heavy Glow is a Rock trio from San Diego, California. This band plays Stoner Rock with Psychedelic, Blues and 60's/70's influences and Heavy Glow does that very well.
Heavy Glow is often compared with QOTSA, Cream and Blue Cheer. The singer and guitar player Jared has a remarkable and awesome voice. The Filth & The Fury EP is their second release and it contains five great tracks. The most striking song in my opinion is Love Ghost, an outstanding song with blues influences! If you like this EP, visit the website and order The Filth & The Fury EP. Enjoy!

Jared Mullins and Joe Brooks formed San Diego-based power rock trio Heavy Glow in August 2008. The group recorded its first EP at Velvet Revolver’s Studio in Los Angeles with legendary producer Stevie Salas, who has worked with artists such as Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger.

The self-titled debut EP’s six songs capture the band’s ability to communicate raw, visceral music. It was released to favorable reviews and international airplay. FOX’s new detective series “Good Guys” used Heavy Glow’s “Grinning in the Dark” in the soundtrack for its second episode.

The band is often compared to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Blue Cheer and The Black Keys. Mullins said the band strives for “hard-hitting, gritty, infectious and melodic rhythms to create a sound that is both informed by the past and undeniably modern.”

With the addition of new drummer Dan Kurtz in 2009, the band released a follow-up entitled The Filth & the Fury in January 2010. The EP contains 5 new songs, all cut with the band playing live in one room over a period of six hours. Singles include “Hot Mess” and “Love Ghost.” Classic Rock Magazine distributed “Hot Mess” in its sampler CD for its July issue.

One reviewer said, The Filth and the Fury “… will transport you to a bygone era. Heavy Glow has mastered the tones and styles that dominated the crunchy and fuzzy psychedelic sounds that permeated freedom rock. Combined with the smoky soul of the vocals supplied by Jared Mullins, you have a win-win situation.”

The Filth & the Fury is available online through iTunes, Amazon, Napster and Rhapsody.

(Their Biography)

Heavy Glow - The Filth & The Fury EP (2010)


The Karovas Milkshake is a Russian Garage band and they take you 45 years back in time. This trio plays some great 60's Psychedelic Garage Rock! The Lo-Cow-Motion Single contains four nice songs. These guys remind me a lot of bands like The Yardbirds, The Monkees, The Kinks, The Sonics, and so on. My favorite song of this single is Hey Girl!, a great song with a Psychedelic twist. Enjoy!

The Karovas Milkshake - Lo-Cow-Motion Single (2010)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mile-Hi Sludge From Denver

A big thanks to Jesse from the band Low Gravity for sharing their EP!
Attention everybody! Here is a big promise for the future: Low Gravity!
This four-piece band from Denver, Colorado has released their self-titled debut EP. It contains five awesome Sludge/Doom/Stoner Rock tracks. The riffs are so f***ing good and heavy! The vocals are great and listen to the bass and drum rhythms, they're absolutely outstanding!
According to their MySpace Low Gravity is influenced by the following bands: Baroness, Bongzilla, Brant Bjork, Halfway To Gone, High On Fire, Karma To Burn, Keelhaul, Kylesa, Kyuss, Orange Goblin, early QOTSA, Red Giant, Solace, Sourvein, Suplecs, SuperHeavyGoatAss, Weedeater, YOB.
When you look at these influences you know this can't go wrong. An absolute recommendation! I hope to hear a lot more of this band in the future. Enjoy and support Low Gravity!

Low Gravity - Low Gravity EP (2010)

U.K. Dirty Heavy Rock

Thanks to Ollie from the band Grifter for sharing this EP!
From the south west of the U.K. comes Grifter. This trio plays some Stoner influenced Dirty Heavy Rock and these guys do that very well. Last year Grifter released the great EP The Simplicity Of The Riff Is Key. This is their 2008 EP High Unholy Mighty Rollin'. This EP contains five nice songs and they rock! As the band says, it sounds a bit like the great band Scissorfight. As I said before, a great EP. You can buy both EP's here. Enjoy and support Grifter!

Grifter are an ass kickin', booty shakin' whiskey rock band from Plymouth in the UK. Kicking out the jams with a shared love of Sabbath, Clutch, Scissorfight, AC/DC, Motorhead and ZZ Top, Grifter are the nuts!!!

(From MySpace)

Grifter - High Unholy Mighty Rollin' EP (2008)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dirty Woman

Demon Lover is the Full-lenght debut album by the Mexican band Dirty Woman. This band plays a combination of Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal and 70's Hard Rock. According their MySpace and Facebook pages Dirty Woman is influenced by the following: Sabbath, Kiss, Ac/Dc, Corrosion Of Conformity, Fu Manchu, Down, Rose Tatoo, Kyuss, Masters Of Reality, Motorhead, Grand Funk Railroad, Fireball Ministry, Deep Purple, Blue Cheer, Orange Goblin, Thin Lizzy, Hendrix, Spiritual Beggars, The Who, Nebula,Stones, Judas, Maiden, Hellacopters, Zeppellin, Gluecifer, Cathedral, Obssessed, Kinks, Trouble, Saint Vitus, Mc5, Atomic Bitchwax, Saxon, Neil Young, Diamond Head and Elvis!
These influences have led to the album Demon Lover, a very nice album that deserves a listen by all of you. If you like the album, you can buy it here, here, here or here. Enjoy and support Dirty Woman!

Dirty Woman - Demon Lover (2009)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Great Stoner Rock 'n' Roll From Basque Country

Kuraia is a trio from Basque Country. This band plays Stoner Rock with a Rock 'n' Roll attitude. This EP contains seven great tracks that make you feel good! Before this EP Kuraia has released two full-length albums. The lyrics are Basque, so I don't have a clue of what they're singing about. It is also very hard to find any information in English about Kuraia.
The only thing left to say is if you like some up tempo Stoner Rock, then you should give this a listen! Enjoy!

Kuraia - Piztu Da Piztia EP (2005)

Thanks and credits to Grandfunk Boy!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Chilean Heaviness

Thanks again to Pepeph for sharing this stuff!
Mamba is a Chilean bass and drum duo and they play extreme heavy! Their music is a crossover of Metal, Punk, Doom, Noise, Sludge, Rock, Jazz, Experimental, Retrogore and Cine B.
One of the members is Pepeph, also the guitar player of the Stoner Rock band Humberstone. With Mamba Pepeph plays bass and does the vomiting(!). The album Retrogore sounds rude and heavy with some atmospheric parts! Some of these atmospheric parts does remind me of the movie soundtrack from Apocalypse Now. Retrogore is not an everyday album, but it is for sure worth a listen! I am curious what you think about Retrogore, so be kind and leave a comment! Enjoy and support Mamba!

Mamba - Retrogore (2009)


Breathing is the first EP from Freedom Bleeder. This EP contains three great Stoner Rock tracks. The title track Breathing also appears on the 2003 album 10 Out Of 10. Enjoy!

The band was formed in 1995 in Uppsala by Johan Haag, guitars, Henrik Renstrom, vocals and Gustav Grusell, bass, with the intention to play heavy rock inspired by bands like Kyuss and Monster Magnet. Soon raw, heavy rock could be heard from their rehearsal room , which was located in an old industrial building. The band soon recorded a demotape, on which old friend Kim Nordberg played the drums. Later the band has recorded a couple of more hot rockin’ demotapes. Kim was later replaced by Johan Hedman, who has now been replaced by the local drummer Andreas Wiil. The band has now signed a record deal for two fullength albums with the Londonbased label Yperano records. In fall ‘99 another change in the line up took place when Andreas moved from Uppsala. He was replaced by Peter Hedberg.
(Bio From LastFM)

Freedom Bleeder - Breathing (2000)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Awesome Chilean Heavy Psych Stoner Rock

A big thanks to Pepeph from the band Humberstone for sharing this album!
Humberstone is a Chilean band from the city Santiago. This band plays awesome Heavy Stoner Rock with Psychedelic, Doom and Metal influences.
Humberstone started in 2000 and has made two demos before this album. There were also changes in the band line up.
This self-titled album contains nine tracks and they're all killers! I love the guitar sound on this album. The drum and bass are really heavy and pounding. The singer has a great voice. So Humberstone is an impressive and highly recommended album! Enjoy!

Humberstone - Humberstone (Disco Naranjo) (2006)

Tales From Beyond

Thanks to the band Sunday Driver On Tour for sharing their EP!
Sunday Driver On Tour is a five-piece Southern Rock band from Bielsko-Biała, Poland. Their music is influenced with Hard Rock and Stoner Rock. Tales From Beyond is their debut EP and I must say it sounds real good. These five songs are really nice to hear. I hear some Down influences in their music. The singer has a great voice and the riffs are very nice! I think the Southern Rock fans will appreciate the Tales From Beyond EP. Enjoy and support this band!

The idea to form a band reaches 2006. Zaczek & Malin who were playing together in NDC, decided to occasionally jam with their friend Molfer, ex-guitarist for the band Necrossis, who just got back from the army. The project work-name was “The Fridge”. The guys started to loosely jam and write some songs together. Unfortunately Zaczek’s & Malin’s obligations with NDC made it impossible to give their full attention to the project. The turning point appeared to be the breakup of NDC in 2008. Shortly afterwards the guys decided to focus on “The Fridge”. They found the drummer Talle’y from an advert. His unique drumming style seemed to fit perfectly for the project needs. It was then, when the band started to write their proper material, and it was also then when the bands final name Sunday Driver On Tour was decided. After few months of playing together, the quartet started to look for a lead singer, which eventually become Koper. Zaczek & Malin knew him from academic circles in Cieszyn, where they were collaborating in a project called Ilinks. Sunday Driver On Tour debut gig was on september 19th 2009 in Primus Pub in Czechowice–Dziedzice. In December the band went to Parabellum studio in Katowice to record their first EP called “Tales From Beyond”.
(Bio from MySpace)

Sunday Driver On Tour - Tales From Beyond EP (2010)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spacetrip On A Paper Plane

Thanks to Steini for sharing the music from his band Sahara Surfers!
Sahara Surfers is a band from Schlitters, Austria. This band plays some great Psychedelic Stoner Rock. Spacetrip On A Paper Plane is their first album. It contains six fine songs. This band knows how to play their songs. I like the voice of the lovely Julia, she has a real pleasant voice. The musicians do their job very well! The influences according to their MySpace are: Kyuss, Lowrider, Astroqueen, Brant Bjork and the Bro's, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Dozer, Colour Haze and Rotor. The major influence I hear is Colour haze, that sound rings through all of their songs! Spacetrip On A Paper Plane is a great album that should be heard by anyone! Enjoy!

Founded in November 2007 in well-known metropolis Schlitters in the Ziller Valley the band met to celebrate its passion for stoner rock. From the beginning it was clear to everybody that this band is facing world wide success. It's just all about being patient and getting stoned to make the time pass 'til then. As a prospectively world-wide known bunch of rockstars we had to move to big city Innsbruck to underline these ambitions. That's where we are now working on new stuff and where we are experimenting with news sounds and our bodies.
(From MySpace)

Sahara Surfers - Spacetrip On A Paper Plane (2010)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Money For Soul

Money For Soul is the second album by Baby Woodrose. This album is again full of pleasant Psychedelic Sixties Garage Rock tunes. Great songs are: Honeydripper, the single Disconnected, Hippy Chick and the title track Money For Soul. This album is another proof of Lorenzo Woodrose's musical genius! Enjoy!

Superfuzz, good stuff! 30 seconds into Money for Soul, and you’ll be thinking you found yourself a combination of early Mudhoney (vacuum cleaner fuzz) and Monster Magnet (Guf Lorenzen’s soulful vocals are a bit reminiscent of Weindorf’s), but a few minutes later you’ll realize you’re beamed back to the second half of the ‘60’s, to a time when each kid with a garage had a guitar and bashed out simple rock ‘n roll. When I tried to visualize the members of Baby Woodrose, I came up with a bunch of slackers in a haze of pot-smoke, fondling their worn-out copy of Nuggets and cherishing a closet full of obscure 45’s. Whereas many of their Scandinavian brethren (Hellacopters, Hives, Gluecifer, to name a few of the obvious ones) dabble in high-energy rock that first saw the light of day more than 35 years ago, Baby Woodrose goes a few years further back. Although it’s obvious this is a contemporary band, their influences are to be found on the Nuggets-compilation and psychedelic albums (just not the extended jam-kind): The Sonics, pre-Forever Changes Love, The Seeds, The Standells, and so on. In the hands of most other melomaniacs (what I assume they are), Money for Soul could’ve come off as a hopelessly hollow genre exercise, but it’s become much more than that here, as the band tears through four decades of garage rock with a stylish aplomb that’s pretty rare nowadays.
It’s not that the album contains instant garage classics that could match, say, The 13th Floor Elevators’ “You’re Gonna Miss Me,” The Remains’ “Don’t Look Back,” or Love’s “7 and 7 Is,” but there’s hardly anything bland either, as these concise, natural sounding tales about women, sex and drugs (for the most part) are ideally suited when you’re gonna organize that retro-party you’re thinking of. Of course, leader Lorenzen already had the opportunity to exercise with On Trial (where he played drums), and this time as well, one catchy hook is immediately followed by a next one, guitars buzz like in the golden days of 1965-‘68 and deliciously nagging organ melodies wind up now and then. It’s no surprise that “Disconnected” – with its no-nonsense attitude and brevity – was a single, as it embodies everything that’s good about psychedelic garage rock. There’s even better stuff, though: the rudimentary “Pouring Water” has to be the catchiest song to come from Denmark in a long, long while, “Never Coming Back” sounds like one of the greatest tributes to The Seeds AND The Sonics ever recorded, while the exuberant title track, with its pleasantly offensive lyrics (“You know how to suck dick, but don’t know how it feels” – allegedly about a record company executive), matches anything by, say, American neo-garage band The Mooney Suzuki. Like that band, Baby Woodrose also succeeds in incorporating a generous dose of soul (and a salute to Redding, with a lot of “Gotta gotta gotta” in “You Own It”), melody and attitude. Not as hard-rocking as the party tracks, but equally memorable, are the psychedelic pop of “Hippie Chick” and “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” songs that undoubtedly would get Sky Saxon’s seal of approval. It all goes to show that nostalgia and inventiveness needn’t be opposites, and if it weren’t for the fact this trio has digested 40 years of rock ‘n’ roll-history (with a bit of imagination, there are also hints of glam, punk and Blue Cheer-muddiness to be found), most of these songs would’ve fit nicely on any excellent 60’s music compilation. Even the gloomy ballad “Carrie” (also a single) works pretty well and serves as a nice break halfway the album. In fact, the only minor complaint that I have is that they felt the need to close the album with the much heavier “Volcano,” an excellent rocker in stoner-fashion, but one that somehow doesn’t seem to fit on this album and comes off as a weird afterthought. Anyway, Baby Woodrose’s second album is a winner. They’ve recently won some prize in Denmark, so now it’s up to the rest of Europe (and the world) to head over to Bad Afro Records and read more about them (or order a copy of Money for Soul).


Baby Woodrose - Money For Soul (2003)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boogie Van

King Of The Road is an awesome album by the great Stoner Rock band Fu Manchu. This album contains a lot of excellent tracks like: Hell On Wheels, King Of The Road, Blue Tile Fever and Drive. But my absolute favorite is Boogie Van. This song has something spooky. I think Boogie Van is one of the best Fu Manchu songs ever. Enjoy

After a bit of a break from albums, not counting the Return to Earth singles compilation, Fu Manchu fully fired up and took off again with King of the Road, an album that doesn't so much follow on from The Action Is Go as flat out continue it. Hill has a touch more bite to his vocals this time around, but otherwise there's little to differentiate the two records -- and that's very much meant as a compliment. With plenty of touring and other things under their belts, the lineup has fully jelled and sounds it, Bjork's bad-ass drumming (and occasional cowbells, of course) and Balch's insane lead guitar crunch possibly even better than ever. Together it's all one megariff and nasty, slamming rhythm after another, and face it, anyone expecting anything else from Fu Manchu really needs to find another band. Joe Barresi co-produces with the band, and while there's no extra keyboard/organ weirdness this time around, it hardly matters. In as much as there's a theme to King of the Road beyond the basics of driving, drugs, and that demon rock & roll, it's driving -- there's a reason why the cover and internal art features a slew of great '70s-era photos from a massive van rally. The one shot of the fully leather-covered interior of one mobile love nest, complete with black curtains, about says it all. Then there's the megachugging title track ("King of the road says you move too slow!"), "Hell on Wheels," "Boogie Van," and so forth -- call it a concept album that doesn't waste time with elves and yogis. As with the last album, a punk/new wave nugget gets the cover treatment here -- none other than Devo's "Freedom of Choice." Needless to say, now it sounds just like a Fu Manchu original.
(By Ned Raggett at All Music Guide)

Fu Manchu - King Of The Road (2000)