Friday, March 12, 2010

Great Swedish Stoner Rock: FREEDOM BLEEDER.

John Garcia sang the words Freedom Bleeder in the Kyuss song Demon Cleaner. I don't know if that was the reason for this Swedish Stoner band to call them self so. I don't know anything from this band, cause there's a little to find about Freedom Bleeder. No website, no MySpace, except for the review below.
But what I do know is that Freedom Bleeder has made an awesome album called 10 Out Of 10. With this album Freedom Bleeder made a damn fine mix of Stoner Rock and Hard Rock. The songs are all great. Enjoy!

"Freedom Bleeder burst on to the scene way back in 1999 with the insanely infectious track "A Million Times" on the Molten Universe Volume 1 compilation. Since then they've released a CD Single and have been on other compilations. Finally, the equally infectious full length CD is upon us. I've been waiting 6 years for this one and it's no let down! 10 Out of 10 is groovy fuzzed out stoner rock of the highest calibre. File next to Dozer, Lowrider, Josiah, etc..."
(By El Danno at

Freedom Bleeder - 10 Out Of 10 (2003)

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Anonymous said...

They are from Uppsala in Sweden. Beside this full length they released an ep on Molten Universe and a split 7" with their friends from Mugwumps (they shared the same bassplayer Gustaf).

Also, Henrik (singer) is featured on a Daredevil 7" comp. He and some guys from Dozer is on that one. And they called themselves Cockburn. They only recorded one song for that particular compilation.

Johan (guitars) is now in band called Sir Henry Stout

Hope that info is useful.