Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Serbian Stoner Grunge.

Last week I posted the album Napad i Prve Noci by the Serbian Stoner/ Grunge Band Fluid Underground (formely known as Fluid). The guy from this band, Milos send me more stuff of Fluid Undergrond. Thank you again Milos!
What we've got here is one album, two EP's and one single. And all this stuff is good! The EP Stoner is one song in five parts. This is truly a great EP, especially part 4. The Album Stoner IV is an excellent piece of work. The EP Eight Years Of Nothing is also great. But then the single A Grain Of Sand, this is an ode to Dozer. This songs is heavily influenced by the song Blood Undone from the album Through The Eyes Of Heathens. If you think it's a rip-off, then you're thinking wrong. It's a tribute and an awesome song! Enjoy!

Fluid Underground - Grain Of Sand Single (2009)

Fluid Underground - Eight Years Of Nothing EP (2009)

Fluid Underground - Stoner EP (2007)

Fluid Underground - Stoner IV (2006)

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