Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blow Your Mind!

A while ago I tried some Baby Woodrose (The Hawaiian) and I got sick as hell. I blew my stomach, so to speak!
So I prefer the Danish Baby Woodrose, a very nice Psychedelic Garage Rock band with a sixties feeling. Baby Woodrose is formed by Lorenzo Woodrose, who also plays or had played in several other bands like On Trial and The Setting Son. Blow Your Mind is the first album by Baby Woodrose and I say it's an awesome one! Enjoy!

"The music is very different from Lorenzo’s main band On Trial, this is 60´s sounding psychedelic rock with a strong pop vibe. If you have (and love) the Nuggets box you’ll love this as well, if you also like The Wellwater Conspiracy and bands like Farflung and ST 37 you gotta buy this disc as well. ...Lorenzo has a great voice that at times reminds me of Dave Wyndorf’s, on top of that he handles all the instruments himself on this CD. ...You simply can’t go wrong with a record filled to the brim with acid guitars, trippy lyrics, great vocals and extremely catchy melodies with a strong pop vibe (which is an art that seems to have been more or less forgotten since the heydays in the 60´s)."
(By Hogfeldt at

Baby Woodrose - Blows Your Mind! (2001)

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