Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Elvis Lives In Poland!

Thanks to the guys from Elvis Deluxe for sharing their album!
Elvis Deluxe is a very nice Stoner Rock band from poland. Lazy is their first album and it's fantastic! These are really great songs. It grooves and it rocks! The album starts with the song Superorfeo and then you know this thing can't go wrong! The guitar has a cool fuzz sound and the other instruments does also sound great. The vocals are very nice. In one sentence: Elvis Deluxe is awesome! These guys are working on their second album and I can't wait to hear that one. Enjoy and support these guys!

In 2002 four long-time friends (including even some blood relatives), who had been involved in different bands (mostly HC/post HC/rock stuff like Ahimsa, Coalition, Afraid of That Day), started to jam together playing what they had a great affection for their entire lives: ‘70s-influenced stoner rock.
In 2003 they recorded a demo which turned out to be pretty popular among the slowly growing breed of their fans. Soon they became one of the most active Warsaw bands, crossing all genres, and being present at different types of shows from punk rock to rock’n’roll to hardcore and rocking the nights out like crazy.
Every once in a while they hit the road to gig Poland, Lithuania, Germany, ending up in some Czech clubs, making a nice soundtrack to bar fights.
Easy going dudes took it easy. It took them a while to record their very first full length, but when they did (at Serakos Studio, Warsaw, spring 2006) it turned out to be really worth waiting for. The record is called „Lazy” and well... it really is.
The dudes have charisma and have the skills and even though they’re taking it easy, they take it seriously. Many years of friendship and jamming together made them only tighter and hungrier for good shows and road adventures. They will roll slow and if you stand on their way... well, you can be sure to roll with them.

(From MySpace)

Elvis Deluxe - Lazy (2007)


ksn said...

kickass song, looking forward to this! thanks and greets from nyc,

yeoldstinkeye said...

Thanks. Sounds good.