Friday, March 12, 2010

A C-Box request: BLACK RAINBOWS.

From Roma, Italy hails Black Rainbows. This trio play some great deal of Stoner/Desert Rock. Twilight In The Desert is their first album. These guys play some excellent songs! These tunes have a relaxing effect on me. This album can be experienced at best with some cannabis. (Without will also do!) I'm curious for the second album: Carmina Diablo. For now: Enjoy Twilight In The Desert!

Black Rainbows Formed in 2005, They started as a joke, Just to have fun with some Heavy Psychedelic, Stoner, Desert tunes, But after recording their first full lenght “Twilight In The Desert” They were picked up from Longfellow Deeds Records, A French rock label site in Paris. In these years they continue to smarten up their sound with dozen and dozen live shows sharing the stage with many cool bands like Dead Meadow, Black Mountain, Los Natas, Witchcraft, White Hills, Micheal Davis from Mc5, Vic Du Monte’s Persona Non Grata And Alfredo Hernandez From Kyuss.Their Sound Is A Mix Of Seventies Like Mc5, Blue Cheer, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and recent Hard Psych, Stoner from Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, QOTSA and Nebula.
They are now ready with the second chapter: "Carmina Diabolo" 45 minutes of heavy-psych/stoner rock, released in red, gatefold vinyl, And CD 12 pages booklet by Longfellow Deeds Records.
 Artwork made by Angryblue, The Great American Illustrator.
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Black Rainbows - Twilight In The Desert (2007)

Thanks and credits to SpiritBeggar!


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Me say Thanks too!


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Just the other day I looked unsuccessfully for this one, and now I see it here. Thanx a lot!

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Their new album is even better!!

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Insane Riez does not tolerate racist, political and religious expressions or other crap.and the weeeed!!! crap, yes!! so patetic¿?

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Thank u very much for this, i love this band !!! Tnx