Monday, March 1, 2010

Slovenian Strange.

There's many great music for free available in the world of MySpace, like this:
Broken Lock is a band from Slovenia and it's hard to describe their music. The band says they play Alternative, Progressive and Hardcore music. I think it's more than that. I even hear some Stoner, Funk and Jazz influences. Ater from 1999 is their first album. It's strange music, but also great. The guitars are very nice. This debut album contains some nice songs, which all are different from each other. This is stuff I can't compare with anything, but I like it! (And maybe do you!) Enjoy!

The band was created in 1995, some changes in lineup followed and band was finally formed in 1997. First album called "Ater" was recorded in the harshest conditions in 1999. "Ater" enjoyed good critics and the band was invited to Novi Rock 2000 festival and recieved the Boomerang award in 2001. In following years band toured and played with names like Laddio Bolloco, Karma to Burn, Dozer, Psychopath and many other. In 2002 band recorded its second album called "Endemic". The first video - the song "Alloy" - was recorded in 2003. In XII.2004 the second video - the song "G" - was released and hit the charts. Currently the band is preparing the songs for the third album.

Broken Lock - Ater (1999)

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