Friday, March 26, 2010

A Rectification.

In my last post I said Sharon Stoner is Stoner Band from Uzbekistan. Well, they're not! Sharon Stoner comes from Basque Country, Spain. I can figure out why they do not mention Spain, because Basque people don't recognize the Spanish authority.
This album is the first full-lenght album from 2006. It's a great album with nice Stoner Rock songs. Enjoy!

Sharon Stoner - 3 Mila Bira (2006)

(Credits and Thanks again to Tager!)


Anonymous said...

La ignorancia es la madre del atrevimiento.

Anonymous said...

You are allright! the basque people we are not spanish! and we are very proud for it!

Sharon stoner is one of the best group in our scene. very good energetic live shows, with autentic vintage sound.

But you may listen Neubat,(also basque) stereosaurus album, in my opinion is great!!! with sabbath, natas, fu manchu influences!

listen here:

if you want the album: