Monday, March 1, 2010

Heavy Italian Stoner Metal Part 2.

Pain Is The Game is the second album by the awesome Italian Stoner Metal band Allhelluja. The first album Inferno Museum was already a killer album, but with this one it's getting even better. Prepare yourself for some more aggressiveness! My favourite song on Pain Is The Game is The King Of Pain, a real great song. Hear those damn guitars! Enjoy!

With Pain Is The Game, Allhelluja make their own contribution to the current mini-trend of ushering the rock n’ roll back into European metal. As with Chrome Division on Nuclear Blast, Scarlet Records recording artist Allhelluja jumps in with the aim of sounding contemporary from a production standpoint while also paying homage to the thick grooves and power chord nuclei of more traditional heavy metal. They accomplish this on Pain Is The Game by combining the metal sensibilities of Motorhead with the simple, mid-tempo riff-barrage of a band like Soundgarden, while also retaining the feedback-driven garage-band feel of both. However, singer Jacov Bredahl (Hatesphere) doesn’t sound like Lemmy or Chris Cornell at all but rather raises an uncanny conjuration of some St. Hetfield anger, especially on “Soul Man.” But again, he still keeps it very contemporary by mixing in plenty of hardcore yelling along the way. Oh, and the movie dialogue from Angel Heart was a nice touch! Try as I might to find something wrong with this CD, I just couldn’t. The fact is, I like it more and more with each listen. It’s a little repetitive and not as catchy as some of its competitors, but this album still rumbles like thunder and rocks like a motherfucker.
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Allhelluja - Pain Is The Game (2006)

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