Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Stone Cold Single.

Thanks to Dmitry for sending this one-track single!
Stone Cold Boys from Moscow is a great Stoner band with some bluesy influences. These guys released last year their full-lenght debut album Just A Fish. I didn't get the chance to get my hands on that one, but I'm very curious for that album. I posted their demo a long time ago here.
This track called ((?)) is a great song. It's not known where this song will appear. Enjoy for now!

Stone Cold Boys is a Russian band, founded in 2007 in Moscow. The band's recognizable mark is style-mixing, though originally they belong to the first stoner-rock wave in Russia, with such bands as Cactus Jumper and Evil Cosmonaut. Being interested mostly in 60-70's and 90's, the musicians produce riff-based compositions, throwing grunge, blues, jazz and hardcore in one melting pot. That caused some cold welcome from conservative stoner-listeners and, at the same time, the recognition from the fans of the styles mentioned above. As for themselves, Stanislav, Pavel, Ivan and Eugene never tried to be the part of some specific musical society. Their love for stoner culture and music is neighbouring with their love to some crude humor, boogie-dancing, psychodelic trips and tons of self-irony. Jewish cowboys make friends with Egyptian mummies and Action Heroes, concerning their songs' lyrics. From being serious to being hularious — and don't forget to dance! The band has already gathered some positive reviews from russian musical press and published their first album «Just a Fish» in December 2009. In the atmosphere of conspiracy and mystery Stone Cold Boys are working hard now on their new release.
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Stone Cold Boys - ((?)) Single (2010)

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