Wednesday, March 10, 2010

See It Burn.

A special thanks to Dustin for sending me this great Doom album!
See It Burn is a Doom/Drone duo from Nottingham, U.K. This duo released their album Ascending To The Masters. This album contains a variety of songs. On the one hand you can experience some Heaviness like Sunn O))), on the other hand there are some sad and slow acoustic songs. It's a bit of a strange album, you need to listen a couple of times to it. Still I think this is a good album. Share your opinion by leaving a comment. Enjoy!

With their darkened earthly rich tones and ambient drone, SEE IT BURN are centred between the dark and the light energy force that surrounds the universe, by embracing all the sonic splendour of mother earth’s unconditional abundance, the imminent arrival of dark tone and ambient sound has been evoken….. The time has come to SEE IT!
(From MySpace)

See It Burn - Ascending To The Masters (2010)

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