Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Thrash Metal With Spice

The first singer of Spiritual Beggers Christian "Spice" Sjöstrand (And also known from Mushroom River Band and currently Spice And The RJ Band) did make some Thrash Metal with Kayser. I like this band very much. Go and give it a try.

Kayser saw the first ray of light in early June 2004 when Spice (ex Spiritual Beggars), Mattias "Swaney" Svensson (also The Defaced), Bob Ruben (ex The Mushroom River Band) and Fredrik Finnander decided to join forces. No boundaries and no limits and that goes for everything, the members stated initially to set the aim straight. As for the sound, its best described as a mutation of Black Sabbath/Megadeth/Slayer with dips from different good bowls of classic and modern metal. Originating from the pens of Spice and Svensson, Kayser enforces the pillars of metal with absolute authority. Focus always lies on the song, easily identifiable through the supreme vocals by Spice, though the emotional and musical expressions stretch from heavy introvert pounding to pure hate driven ferocity. Kaysers debutalbum titled "Kaiserhof" was recorded at Caesar Studios in Helsingborg with producer Richard Larsson. It was released on Scarlet Records June 2005. It..s a brutal album with great tunes such as: "1919", "Good citizen", "Noble is your blood" and "Seven days to sink". In the fall of 2005 Fredrik Finnander left Kayser and Helsingborg guitarist Jokke Pettersson joined in. Jokke really loved the music and found his place right away. In February 2006 Kayser went in the studio to record their upcoming album "Frame the world...Hang it on the wall" again with Richard Larsson in his Caesar Studios. The result was great! To give a hint of what it all sounds like the material is best described as displaying a bit more diverse and dynamic side of Kayser. If you're a fan of riff laden, melodic kick ass metal packed with some really awesome vocals and cool solos this is something for you. Ranging from total hammers to atmospheric moods, the songs have it all. Fear not, it's all Kayser. In August 2006 Helsingborg bassplayer Ewil Sandin joined Kayser.
(From MySpace)

Frame The World...Hang It On The Wall (2006)

Kaiserhof (2005)

Some Goodness From Canada

Here's another great album I found on the web. Flood from Canada plays some great Sludge/Stoner. Unfortunately there's no website or MySpace of this band.

These local sludgemeisters are gonna give our resident bong-bubblers the Donkeys and Floating Widget some serious competition for the Montreal Sabbath throne. You know the M.O. here: Ozzy-like vocals, vintage Monster Magnet riffs, Hawkwind phase noise etc., but Flood surprise with unlikely jazz jams (“Slough of Despond”) and bludgeoning grooves (“Loose”). Flood prove that they’re no Johnny-come-lately types either by adding a Blue Cheer cover for good measure. The lyrics are a bit iffy here but with riffs dripping with this much heaviosity, who gives a toss what this guy’s singing about? 8/10
(By Johnson Cummins from

Flood - Stone Core Fever (2002)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Øresund Space Collective - Good Planets Are Hard To Find

This is the most recent album of Øresund Space Collective and not Inside Your Head as I said in my previous ØSC post.
This one is ripped from vinyl. Special thanks and credits to Zillagord!

This is the 5th CD by the all improvised space rock band from the Copenhagen-Malmö region of Scandinavia (Øresund). It was recorded at the Black Tornado Studios in November 2007 and featured new members on drums, percussion, bass, guitar and sitar that had never been in the studio with the band before. The dynamics and vibe was different and KG from the band Siena Root played some amazing sitar on the opening and closing pieces of music on the CD. We think you will find the music has a more progressive and melodic element and is less spacey than our previous releases. The same cool vibe and long journeys await the patient listener. The CD was mixed by Steve Hayes (Secret Saucer) in the USA. Steve also provides on synthesizer solo on Orbital Elevator to replace one that Mogens played when his synthesizer went out of tune. Steve has different ears and different gear so the mix is unique. The band allowed Steve full freedom in the mix process, so he actually becomes more a part of the musical project, so to speak. The CD was mastered to give a nice round but intense rich sound by Henrik Udd, who had mixed and mastered the band's previous 2 albums. The band on this release was: KG- Sitar, Guitar; Tobias- Guitars; Mogens- Hammond and Synthesizers; Jocke and Thomas- Bass; PIB- Drums; Luz- Percussion; Dr. Space- Synthesizers The band has played the Kildemose Festival, headlined the Slottskoggen goes Progressive Festival and also played the Space Rock Odyssey 2008 Festival in Uppsala in 2008. Currently, the band has plans to play gigs in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, in March and April 2009, including opening for Hawkwind at Oslo's legendary Rockefeller Venue on April 18th.

- Tobias / guitars
- PIB / drums
- Thomas / bass
- Jocke / bass
- Luz / percussion
- Mogens / Hammond, synths
- Dr. Space / Synths
- KG / sitar, guitar, Hammond

Øresund Space Collective - Good Planets Are Hard To Find (2009)

This is were the band's name from: The Øresund Bridge, connecting Sweden and Denmark. Go Wiki for more about this.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

From Germany: VENGURA

Tonight I did some MySpace-walking and I found this band. Vengura from Trier, Germany plays some decent and solid Stoner Rock with some slight metal influences. The singer does sometimes sound like James Hetfield, but not in an annoying way.
Go judge for yourself!

Rock? Metal? Stoner?

Who wants to be pigeon-holed? First, and foremost, VENGURA makes music. Music that grooves, pushes and makes your body move. To convince the world that "the small fine grains of rock" are more than fading dust is the necessity. Birkenfeld (Nahe), Rheinland-Pfalz, in the center of the heart of nowhere is ideal for spending free time in the rehearsal room. It is here where the songs arise, it is here where five individuals meet to merge for one aim ... to create the sound of VENGURA. Sergio, on bass drives the required pressure, the guitars of Martin and Attila rock the walls, pressed on by the surge of Peter on drums. This incredible sound is perfected with the voice of Peffi, who can only be compared to Hetfiled and Garcia.
Experience the sound of VENGURA! Five new songs were recorded in October 2007 at the Siegburg studio to be release under the title "Small Fine Grains of Rock".

(From Musiknachwuchs)

Vengura - Small Fine Grains of Rock (2007)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 SUMA Split Singles

The best recording of 2006 is in my opinion Let The Churches Burn of Suma.
Here is a serie of split singles they recorded in 2005.

#1 is a split with stoner rockers BASTINADO from Zagreb, Croatia featuring vocalist of the Croatian band CHANG FFOS. Remaining installments will feature swedish bands MAURFAHR (#2) and TEXAS MOTHERFUCKERS (#3) - other band of SUMAs guitarist. Coming in silk-screened covers in an edition of 500 copies each. Collect all three for the full cover picture.

Suma/Bastinado Split 7" (2005)


Suma/Maurfahr Split 7" (2005)

Suma/Texas Motherfuckers Split 7" (2005)

Suma MySpace
Bastinado MySpace
Maurfahr MySpace
Texas Motherfuckers MySpace

Øresund Space Collective - Inside Your Head

Earlier before I did post some Øresund Space Collective stuff. Here is the latest album.
I have to thank Mari for this contribution.

"Leave your normal life behind, close your eyes and fly into the unknown reaches of your mind. The music is meant to get Inside Your Head and give you a pleasureful and unique listening experience. You don`t know where it is going or what you will hear. You just go with the flow of the band."
(From All That Is Heavy)

Øresund Space Collective - Inside Your Head (2008)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TWIN EARTH - Trancers 33 7" EP

I consider Arthur from Orange Sunshine as one of the best guitar players from Holland. One of his previous bands was Twin Earth (Don't confuse it with the same named Swedish Stoner Band).
The song Trancers also appeared on the first Motorwolf compilation CD.

Psychedelic acid rock for those who are into Monster Magnet and the Stooges, cool!

Twin Earth - Trancers 33 7" EP (1995)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Band Of Mat Bethancourt: CHERRY CHOKE

After Josiah, The Beginning and Kings Of Frog Island, Mat Bethancourt is back with Cherry Choke. With this band returns Mat back to the sixties.
Cherry Choke released recently their debute album. These are two 7" singles from 2008.  (Released 99 copies each) 

CHERRY CHOKE Rumored to be named after a victorian prostitute with a very unique talent Cherry Choke play hard rockin’, ultra heavy, Blue Cheer/Hendrix inspired, psychedelic rock. Their signature sound of molten guitars hyped up on cheap and noisy effect pedals, heavy Gibson bass and sonic drum attack offers an acidic orgy for the mind and body... add a singer who rasps with a garage band's untutored authority and you have got yourself one hell of a group... Cherry Choke
March 2009 saw the release of their debut album via Elektrohasch Records with two limited edition 7” singles (only 99 copies of each) on Blackhand Records already released back in 2008. A mid atlantic blend of bubble-gum garage punk and mystical psychedelic acid rock n soul abandon this power trio are armed with a white hot live set and razor sharp tracks. Cherry Choke will blow your dirty little minds...
(From MySpace)

Cheetah 7" Single (2008)

Evil Deceiver 7" Single (2008)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Album Has Possessed Me.

This album has hit me like a bomb! Chicxulub from Australia's Ahked is awesome. This album has everything: Great Stoner sound with a Kyuss feel, some Psychedelics and strange Atmospheres. Ahkmed recently signs to Elektrohasch Records.
Go judge for yourself.

A special thanx and credits to Robixxx!

Melbourne, Australia's Ahkmed is really on to something. Their self-described sound is "post-stoner," and that's an apt description, as the band fuses the more traditional psych and fuzz utilized so often by the best of the stoner bunch with the more atmospheric instrumental approach of bands such as Pelican and the more recent Mogwai albums. Cool concept - it's like somebody put chocolate in my peanut butter, and peanut butter in my chocolate, and I'm loving it. What's even cooler is that this trio isn't afraid to throw a little kraut into the mix as well, and while that might sound really disgusting if we were still talking about peanut butter and chocolate, musically it works well.* I hear echoes of Neu!, Amon Duul II, and Tangerine Dream in some of these sprawling tracks. Oh, and for the record, the last track has vocals; the other three do not. These guys have been around since 1998, and it's a shame that they haven't gathered more notoriety, because this is pretty intriguing stuff, and they actually manage to take modern heavy psych and put their own spin on it. I really can't recommend this enough. Now come to America so I can see it all live.
Reviewed by Andy "Dinger" Beresky (

Ahkmed - Chicxulub (2007)

Some Mellow Stuff. (Take It Easy, Not So Heavy)

Another thing I found in my mailbox: Rachael from Poland is a band that makes some Indie/Garage in a mellow way with male and female vocals. The band says it's influenced by bands like Dandy Warhols, QOTSA, BRMC, Black Angels, PJ Harvey.
I prefer more heavy stuff, but this sounds good. Give it a try.

Band members:
Mike - guitar, vox
Bart - bass
Szymon - drums
Olg - voices

Rachael - I Bet You Like Drugs Instead Of Sex EP (2008)

Some Great Stoner/Sludge From Serbia

The band Tona from Novi Sad, Serbia sended me their debute album called 1000 (Tona means Ton or 1000 kg in Serbian). This is a very good sounding album. You really should get it.

Coming from Novi Sad, the town in sleepy northern Serbia's province of Vojvodina, TONA started playing loud in summer 2005. Right from the start, this 5-piece aimed at creating versatile and original sound, combining the best of rock, metal and punk music of the last decades.
Anything that can be combined into a powerful sonic blast is put into the band's cauldron and cast into a solid piece of rock, making the unique sound of TONA.
The band just released their first full-lenght named 1000. The album is released for SKC NS, regional government sponsored label that aims to promote alternative culture in Serbia.

(From MySpace)

"...THIS IS A BEAST OF AN ALBUM, the accomplished production shifting it up a gear from their previous recordings. It's quite clearly one of those that fits into the category of music that has to be played fucking loud to be properly appreciated. Just as Johann Cruyff pioneered the concept of total football, TONA are exponents of TOTAL ROCK. Every instrument attacks, with vocals used rhythmically to intensify the hit.
From the outset there's a claustrophobic, machine-like quality to the music, making you feel you're locked in for the duration. The opener "Red Cylinder" is a choking, Motorhead-inspired anthem, and the frantic pace continues with the bluesy, ZZ Top-esque "Pieces". Some temporary relief comes in the first half of the slower, mournful sounding "Box", still my favourite tune, before that too gives way to fist-smashing, Bitch Magnet style riffs.
Even when it slows down, however, such as in "Go Slow", there's no letup in the monstrous heaviness of the impact, in fact the effect is even heightened by the knowledge that another crushing blow is about to be delivered. You can tense yourself in preparation, but you can't escape from its relentlessly pounding, superhuman power.
Yes, of course it's a macho thing (they're Serbian, for fuck's sake!), a slightly masochistic kick for those who love a bit of visceral aural punishment. And what kind of indie-pop wanker doesn't? HIGHLY RECOMENDED..."

(From Frothing Spleen)

Tona - 1000 (2008)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Mad Löggers

The Mad Löggers was a band from Leiden, Holland with members of Toner Low. I've seen them a couple of times, good live act.
And guess what: Nothing to find on it, no images and no MySpace. This is what I got: I don't know how old this is and who has written this, but it's a good review.

Hi there, on this page you will find some words on The Mad Löggers from Holland. This mad rockin' garage five-piece where around in the Leiden-area from April 2001 'till November 2006. Pics of the final show of The Mad Löggers are here.


The Mad Löggers / H.O.T.T. split-cd has been released on Roadkill Rekordz September 2005. It's become a cd in a smashing 7" cover based on Mötley Crüe's Too Fast For Love album.

The Mad Löggers will release a split-cd with Holland's ultimate sleaze band H.O.T.T. around this Summer (2K5). It will contain: 'Love Ya When Yer Dead' and 'Rock On' (live version recorded at squat De Raad, Alkmaar Holland, on 23 August 2003).
H.O.T.T. is finishing recordings as we speak.

The Mad Löggers / H-21 split album is still available but only a few copies left. So hurry.


* split 12" with H-21 (Dec 2002, Roadkill Rekordz)
* split m-cd with H.O.T.T. (Sep 2005, Roadkill Rekordz)
* Hard Disk Baby on sampler-cd (June 2006, Bar&Boos)
* Exhaustpipe Slut on sampler-cd (Dec 2006, Motorwolf)


The band started in 2001 to play some mad rock in the vein of bands such as AC/DC, The Stooges and MC5, just to mention a few.

The Mad Löggers' name is based upon a story that happened in September 1915 in Katwijk aan Zee (a village at Holland's North Sea coast) and tells of a coastal fishing ship (a 'logger' in Dutch, a 'lugger' in correct English) on which a form of religious mass-insanity broke out. Some people aboard were killed, while the ship was floating safely on the North Sea towards the coast of England. Without any sails and only to be guided by God's Omnipotent Hand. Or maybe it was just luck.

The idea to form a mad-rockin' band such as The Mad Löggers rose in the Spring of 2001. At first, the one and only goal was to play the annual 'Haringrock-festival' in Katwijk aan Zee in September. Toner Low-members Jack (drums), Willem (guitar) and Daan (guitar) were joined by Miranda (bass), who left Toner Low late 1999 and in the meantime did play the bass-guitar for 7Zuma7 and I$I$ that both had broken up.

Being all connected to Toner Low in one way or another the four musicians were quickly found. To do The Mad Löggers' vocals singer Dirk was asked. In the nineties he had been the singer for a local coverband called Five-2-One, but Dirk hadn't been in a band for quite some time. After the first complete-band rehearsals began in July 2001, a few shows were done from September to December.

The following year, in September 2002, The Mad Löggers recorded some of their songs for a split-album with rockers H-21 (with former I$I$-members) from Leiden. The vinyl 12-inch got released early December through Roadkill Rekordz. The Mad Löggers did a three-date local tour to promote the album and played with Duitse Herder, H-21 and Fløffgirl. In 2003 more gigs were done, most of them in the Leiden area and with H-21.

September 2005 The Mad Löggers released their final songs on a split-minicd with H.O.T.T., the last True Glam Rockin' Band in Holland. With this release some more local gigs were played in 2005/2006 with bands such as Peter Pan Speedrock, H.O.T.T., Fløffgirl, Left In The Middle, Cheap Thrills, Love Muffin (USA) and Jack Saints (USA). Friday 24 November 2006 The Mad Löggers did their final show at the Amnesty Festival at the Scum-club in Katwijk. As for final words we would like to thank all of our few fans, our many friends and of course all drunk people that bought our stuff.

(From Roadkill Recordz)

DOWNLOAD The Mad Löggers /H.O.T.T. Split CD Single (2005)

DOWNLOAD The Mad Löggers / H-21 Split 12" LP (2002)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Shepherd Has Stopped Barkin' ll

Earlier before I posted two EP's of Duitse Herder on this blog. This is their first 10" EP from 2000.
Unfortunately I could not find the original artwork. This artwork is created by Venividivince, he also created the artwork of the other two EP's.

The Shepherd Is My Lord 10" EP (2000)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sit Down, Have A Smoke, Listen To This And Enjoy!

Yesterday I found this in my mailbox. It was sended by Alberto from King Bong, an Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner band hailing from Milano, Italy. This is their first release and I like it a lot. Long songs with some heaviness that keeps my attention. And I love the album title.
So don't hesitate and get this one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

King Bong was born in the year of VIII, the breed of one night of wild intercourse between the Universal Evil and the very principle of Life. An epic juggernaut, a wooly beast roaring with fierceness and longing for the peace of his adulterated mind. The only way to achieve some rest is to consume the Sacred Weed, raised with love by humans and bestowed in front of the fidgety beast by three distorted minds.
(From MySpace)

King Bong is:

Andrea - Guitar, odd sounds, drones
Alberto - Bass, harmonica, annoying stuff
Teo - Drums, percussions, silly things that can be beaten with wooden sticks

King Bong - How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bong (2008)


1 Wake And Bake (19:38)
2 One Riff To Rule Them All (11:45)
3 Zomblues (4:06)
4 All The Pretty Horses (11:07)

King Bong MySpace

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Previous I posted the Desert Sound volume 1 & 2. These are compilations with Italian Stoner Rock/Doom bands. So here's volume 3. I have to thank Andrea from Mexican Mud (R.I.P.) for bringing this one under my attention.

Friday, May 1, 2009

These Italians take you 40 years back in time.

A while ago I ordered some vinyl stuff at Kozmic Artifactz. This 7" I got as replacement for another item.
Mastica from Italy makes some good Psychedelic Sixties Rock. And when there's a Hammond involved it almost can't go wrong.

Mastica are five heavy psych rockers from the north part of Italy. With a hard and heavy psych sound, derived from the past, Mastica captures attention. They floor the uninitiated with their indisputable musical skills and with songs that are direct and stunning.
Their sound is made using vintage instruments, italian lyrics, vulcanic vocals and a very capable line up, which has recently been improved by the addition of the Hammond organ sound of Apollo (of Link Quartet fame) and by the new guitarist Andrea (Slowtime Mondays). Thanks to their participation in various important international festivals (Euro Ye Ye, Le Beat Bespokè, GoLleida, to name a few) the band have already gotten much attention and gained lots of popularity.

With the last remaining flames of beat and the first hints of hard blues with heavy psych flashes Mastica brings you an incredibly strong and striking 7” single. So lets trip with Uomini and rave to Scemo Chi Spara!

The members of the band:
Matteo Bizzotto (Mad) - bass, vocals
Giovanni Beghetto (Pacio) - drums
Paolo Narduzzo (Paul) - bass, guitar, slide guitar
Andrea Garbo (Garbo) - guitar, talk box, harmonica
Paolo Negri (Apollo) - hammond, clavinet, moog

(From Crusher Records)

Mastica - Uomini 7" (2005)