Friday, October 29, 2010

Awesome Instrumental Stoner Rock From Canada

Thanks to Sam from the band Monobrow for sharing this fantastic album!
Monobrow is a trio from Ottawa, Canada. This band plays Instrumental Stoner Rock and they do that more that awesome! Their self-titled debut album is an excellent piece of work. The guitar player Paul is nothing less than a virtuoso. This guy plays great riffs and outstanding solos! The accompaniment of drum and bass should not be shortchanged. Brian and Sam are also gifted musicians.
Monobrow treats you on eight great songs on this album. The sound is well produced. This is a highly recommended album! Listen this album and you will agree with me! Enjoy and support this band!

Instrumental rock enthusiasts Monobrow churn out a love of powerful riff-driven psych-rock on their debut.

Where modern instrumental rock bands tend to fall down is in a lack of originality and variation during the ideas process, something that thankfully, can not be said about Monobrow.

It was in the bustling Canadian metropolis of Ottawa, that the trio of Sam Beydoun (bass), Paul Slater (guitar) and Brian Ahopelto (drums) first gained exposure to a wider audience thanks to Carleton University’s CKCU station.

Swirls of feedback surround ‘Naught Witch’ as does the genre-crossing experimentation of hard rock, thrash and warm wah-wah drones that fleet into the appeasing afternoon sun.

Each of the eight tracks on this release is between five and nine minutes in length, and you can not help feeling that this is certainly not by chance.

The complexity of compositions such as: ‘From the Brown Sun’ and ‘Buried in the Backyard’ rise and fall naturally.

It is as if the trio find their composed and natural state towards the end of timely segments that unite a well thought out melody or chord-sequence while ending on a high.

This timely release co-insides with a resurgence in psych-rock, which will no doubt help Monobrow turn the liquid assets on their Bandcamp inventory into gold.

(By Chysounds at

Monobrow - Monobrow (2010)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Electric Wizard is a Heavy Stoner/Doom/Metal band from Dorset, United Kingdom. This is one of the heaviest bands I ever heard. Next sunday I will see Electric Wizard for the first time and I look forward to that concert!
Dopethrone is the third album by Electric Wizard and in my opinion it's one of their best albums. It is an ultimate display of Heavy Doom. The slow parts are very intense. This music with this drive has a hypnotic effect on me. And I like that! Enjoy!

This album is a sludgy mess.

If you need technicality in your music, close the book on Electric Wizard (henceforth “EW”) and continue your search elsewhere.

EW’s most famous opus and third album is everything good musical output should not be. It’s noisy, messy, lazy, droning, at times incomprehensibly overdriven into the depths of monotony and back.

It chews at your brain and then smashes it in with a bludgeon.

And if you come out alive, you find yourself in a world overtaken with blazon psychedelia and drenched in heavy metal madness. It takes the stoner grooves of Kyuss and Queens of the Stoneage and straps them to slow, plodding Beelzebub Anthems of Doom that move along like an elephant at the gaze of a Gorgon. Et tu Brute?

The instrumentation is simple, the musical content even simpler. An average rock band lineup that employs all of its instruments for one simple purpose: to make the sound as low, dense and bleak as possible. Guitars are down-tuned so as to avoid clarity, the drums keeping a simple and affirmative beat, the vocals just a distorted cry over the madness of the instrumentals. Musicianship nonexistent.

The album begins with an intriguing voice sample, no doubt taken from an old 70s B-movie, saying “When you get into one of these groups, there’s only a couple ways you can get out. One is death, the other is mental institutions.” Comical, but somehow disturbing in how true it rings for this album. You might feel you’ve gone insane by the end of the sprawling Funeralopolis, ending its 8-minute duration with an intense jam with the vocals screaming out maniacally, distorted beyond comprehension, propelling the dirge into outer space.

Weird Tales is another highlight, an epic in many different parts, starting out with a typical doom jam and making its way into a droning, distorted bass-driven exposition slathered in feedback and building in intensity. An insane atonal lead shrieks out over the ominous instrumentals that speed up and slow down, making for the most dynamic piece on the album. Weird sounds emanate from underneath the muddy landscape. The sludgy instrumentals then slowly decay into a spacey drone section ala Boris.

Barbarian and I, the Witchfinder are the next to faux-mythology-inspired doom pieces, both highlights and masterpieces in the genre. Intense washes of cymbals paint the distorted guitar and bass these tunes that shift through many droning sections and never get old even in their intense runtimes. Strange sounds and creepy wind noises encircle the landscape, frightening in premise. The vocals are powerful and maniacal. Dopethrone concludes the album with another doom metal masterpiece, employing mysterious voice samples underneath the sludgy gloom of the instrumentals.

This is an intense album, that should be played LOUD. If it’s not loud, you won’t enjoy it. Regardless, it’s a masterpiece of its genre and shouldn’t be missed.

(By Kyle Banick at Sputnikmusic)

Electric Wizard - Dopethrone (2000)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Red Queen

Thanks to Guilherme for sharing his band's demo!
Red Queen is a foursome from Brazil, that plays some nice Stoner Rock. This demo contains four great tracks. Red Queen sounds very original. Maybe because of the drums, I like that style of playing. The guitars sound very well and the singer has a good voice for this music. If you like Stoner Rock, then this demo will not disappoint you! Enjoy and support this band!

Red Queen is a band from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. This quartet are formed by the singer Pedro Araújo who listens Black Sabbath every day, Lucas who bring the stoner rock elements for the songs, Guilherme Scarpellini who loves blues and Hendrix style and the prodigy child Ciro Trevisan who plays with furious and madness. Influenced on 90's music and other hard bands of the 70's, the band record your first independent album on 2010. Now it is here, available for your ears.
Enjoy it!

(Their bio)

Red Queen - Demo (2010)

Body In The Trunk

Today a year ago I've posted the Jenny Feels Great EP by the Russian band Bungalow Bums here.
Now it is time to post their full length album called Body In The Trunk.
Bungalow Bums plays Garage Rock with Grunge, Punk and Blues influences. I even hear a bit of rockabilly on some songs!
The four songs on the Jenny Feels Great EP are re-recorded for this album. They sound a lot better. Body In The Trunk is a pretty decent Rock 'n' Roll album. Enjoy!

Bungalow Bums - Body In The Trunk (2010)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Born Into Eternity

The first time I heard Starchild, was on a split album with the great band Rebreather. Starchild did impress me pretty much on that split album. So I went out searching for more of them and I found this CD.
Born Into Eternity is their second album and I must say it is a decent Stoner Rock album with some Doom and Metal influences.
The singer reminds me of something, but I do not know exactly of what. Born Into Eternity contains in overall great music. Enjoy!

"Twin Earth has seen the wisdom in releasing a new album by these Waycross, Georgia doomsters, and it's a step forward, while retaining the doom roots that have made them great. Viewing song titles like 'Rising Star,' 'Earthless,' and 'Born into Eternity' one might be forgiven for assuming that this was just another chapter in the Starchild saga, good as that may have been. But things are a bit different this time: The songs are shorter and the riffs are catchier - stonier if you will - while the music is still as heavy as the proverbial million pound shithammer."
(By Kevin at

Starchild - Born Into Eternity (2005)

Black Nasa

Black Nasa is another band from Chris Kosnik (Atomic Bitchwax). This trio plays some excellent Stoner Rock with 70's influences. Black Nasa has released two great albums. This one is their self-titled debut album. It contains awesome tracks like: Holy Crap, You Don't Have To Hide, Diamond Girl, Walkin, Talkin Blackout Mode and the absolute fantastic Monkey Knife Fight. In short: Black Nasa plays some recommendable music! Enjoy!

While being the active guitarist for Atomic Bitchwax, bassist/vocalist Chris Kosnik turned his attention to his other on-going project, Black Nasa - yet another New Jersey based stoner rock power trio. However, unlike the Bitchwax, which specialized in highly virtuosic psychedelic space rock, Kosnik and his new cohorts - guitarist Duane Hutter and drummer Corey Stubblefield - prefer a far more restrained and straightforward hard rock approach. Focusing on band interplay and groove-based riffs rather than individual flights of fancy or frenetic leads, the band’s eponymous debut features similarities to contemporary outfits like Fu Manchu and Orange Goblin, as well as classic hard rock reference points from the 70s.
(From LastFM)

Black Nasa - Black Nasa (2002)

Monday, October 18, 2010


Thanks to sous chef Luke from the band Hunters for sharing their demo!
This impressive three-track demo is made by Hunters from Chicago, U.S.A. This fivesome plays a great mix of Stoner Rock, Metal, Sludge and Doom. Hunter claims to be influenced by the following: Alice in Chains, Hawkwind, Down, old White Zombie, Earth, Pantera, Motorhead, Exhorder, Black Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, Faith No More, Failure, Sepultura, Slayer, High on Fire, Prong, Mastodon, Sleep, Crowbar, DRI, Tool, Clutch, Melvins, Pigface, Testament, Napalm Death, Entombed, etc.
These guys play their music exceptionally good. All of the tracks from this demo are very high quality! It strikes me that the singer sounds a bit like Ben Ward from Orange Goblin, who also has a great voice.
This demo is the predecessor of the forthcoming debut album. I look really forward to that release! Enjoy!

We are Hunters from Chicago, IL. We're a five piece heavy band made of ex members of Arbiter of Conceit, Plague Bringer, The Arnolfini Marriage, etc. We don't often get compared to many bands but some bands that we love are Corrosion of Conformity, Sleep, Howl, White Zombie, Pantera, Down, High on Fire, etc. Our music reflects an amalgamation of all of those influences but doesn't sound like a particular one. In June 2010 we recorded a 3 song demo at Phase audio in Highland Park IL with Andrew Ragin of the Atlas Moth that also features guest vocals on the track Engine of Deceit by Stavros from the Atlas Moth. We played shows with Red Fang, Earthride, Indian, Black Cobra, Struck By Lightning, Howl, Rue, Black Skies, etc. and went head first into the studio to record our full length which is being mixed as we speak and will be shipped to Florida to be mixed by James Murphy (Testament, Death, Disincarnate, Konkhra, etc).

Hunters - Summer Demo (2010)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Atomic Bitchwax

The Atomic Bitchwax is a band from Neptune, New Jersey. This trio plays some straight forward and high energetic Stoner Rock. This is their debut album from 1999. It is album full of great songs like Birth To The Earth, Kiss The Sun, Last Of The V8 Interceptors and Shit Kicker!
The bass player and singer Chris Kosnik did also play in the awesome band Black Nasa. Enjoy!

Smokin' guitar, rippin' bass, pounding drums, and a big smile wrapped around my face. These are the things I found within the first minute, of the first track, off The Atomic Bithcwax's first album. When you fire this album up one thing is apparent this is the Ed Mundell show, guitars take center stage in this record. If you're not a fan of big guitar rock, and long extended jams, then this is probably not going to be "your thing" so don't even bother picking this one up.

The album starts of with fazed feedback, and warbled noise, but quickly jumps right to guitar boogie, and it doesn't stop. After listening to the opening track, Stork Theme you get a general feel for the album. Occasionally it switches things up, on the more strait ahead rock songs, Hey Alright, and Sh*tkicker the later of which being a personal highlight for me. Every so often Ed will let the rhythm section shine, and this is no more apparent then on another stand-out track. Last Of The V8 Interceptors, which is one of the more spaced out numbers on the album.

After ten tracks of fun to listen to guitar rock, your hit with the closing track, The Formula, a ten minute epic, where everyone is at the top of there game, and the band pulls out all the stops. There could be no more fitting end to the album.

In conclusion, this album has a lot of things going for it, it's a new take a few forms of old music. It combines blues, rock, guitar boogie, psychedelic, stoner rock, and strait up rock and roll, into something that is pretty fresh and fun to listen to, it deserves a solid 4 out of 5.

(By Anthony Hoch at Sputnikmusic)

The Atomic Bitchwax - The Atomic Bitchwax (1999)


Thanks to Chucknology for sharing this demo!
Deadfatso is a five-piece band from Antwerp, Belgium. This band has all the ingredients for some good Stoner Rock: Great guitars, a singer with a very good voice that fits well with the music and, not the least, some decent and solid drum and bass. This demo contains four great tracks that taste absolutely for more. Enjoy!

Once described as: ...drunken tires on a stoned desert road with white lines of speed to mark the edges...

Antwerp, late 2005: DEADFATSO was founded and so was their sound: loud, heavy and sexy. Influences like Kyuss, Soundgarden, Monster Magnet, Helmet, QOTSA, Mad Season, Black Sabbath, Elbow, Brant Bjork, ...... were mixed in a groovy cocktail but their sound is mostly build around the musical ideas of the five DEADFATSO members. Therefore the DEADFATSO sound appeals to a wide audience.

In march 2008, DEADFATSO recorded a four-song demo: a live recording in their rehearsal studio under the exclusive supervision of Steven from Suburb Productions who produced the demo.
(Bio from

Deadfatso - Demo (2008)

Website (coming soon) - MySpace - Facebook

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bulgarian Hard Rock 'n' Roll (Part II)

Thanks again to Toshe for sharing these albums from his band Daily Noise Club!
Almost a year ago I've posted the three-track single Let Us with the awesome track Do You Wanna Know
Now I offer you the full-length albums Dirty Dress and Next Level. Daily Noise Club plays a combination of Hard Rock and Rock 'n' Roll and these guys do that damn fine.
This band offers you some great catchy tunes. The album Dirty Dress even shows a pinch of Stoner. The album Next Level features the song Do You Wanna Know (Yes, again!) and more great songs. These two albums definitely deserve a listen! Enjoy!

Next Level album reviews:

“Next Level” as a disc, is a strange beast indeed. The only really common thread throughout the album is a high level of energy, the pieces move from mood to mood and sound to sound, whether it be angry and explosive (opener "Next Level"), ecstatic and energetic ("Above"), a slow burn buildup to explosion ("I See (What You See)") or positively mournful and troubled ("Dead Gent"). One thing that probably hurt this album considerably was that the sound/style is difficult to pigeon-hole. While that is all well and good for a listener, that did not sit well with radio. You were either grunge or you weren't. But this album is probably the most successful example of blurring the lines. The sound of the Daily Noise Club is still rooted in early 1980s glam/alternative but the distorted guitars have been slimmed down to a more subtle production. In other words, it's heavy music performed softly. Although the CD is full of contradictions that do not bode well for popular music, still it shows another musical aspect of the rock music, that reveals its beauty after listening to it several times.
( AMAdea Records, Bulgaria)

Daily Noise Club are fighters and they are very passionate about their music.
Granted, the title and opening track, isn't one to grab you by the throat, but the following 'Do You Wanna Know' sets the pace for a series of blistering in-your-face songs which can be loosely described as eaw streetwise rock'n'roll from the gutter with stabs of "alternative rock" (whatever that may mean) and a nod or two back to sleazy 80's Hollywood (think Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango et al rather than Poison or Warrant).
The funk in 'Shells' sounds not naive and childish, but rather mature, whilst 'Positive Relief' has a spaced-out vibe to it which makes me think the boys had a spliff or two when they were writing and recording it. The rest is, as they used to say back in the day, "gutsy, ballsy, horny" rock'n'roll and if you ask me, 'Next Level' is well worth getting a hold of. And don't miss this band live either.


Daily Noise Club - Next Level (2008)

Daily Noise Club - Dirty Dress (2002)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Selfish Manifest

Float A Ziggy is a band from the nice city of Groningen, The Netherlands. This threesome plays a combination of Grunge and Stoner Rock. Their EP The Selfish Manifest contains four great sounding tracks. The singer sounds to me like a hybrid between Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) And Mark Arm (Mudhoney). This guy has a very good voice. The guitars are another awesome thing. The riffs and the sound of great! The drums and bass are very solid. All this sounds promising for the future!
I'm looking forward to see these guys perform next friday! Enjoy!

Float A Ziggy - The Selfish Manifest EP (2010)

An English/French Collaboration

Thanks again to Tom from the label Exhilarate Records and the band Blame Keiko for sharing this split EP!
This split EP is as collaboration between the British duo Blame Keiko and the French one-man band Purple Magic.
Blame Keiko features two songs on this cassette split. This duo plays according to their MySpace a mix of the following styles: Stoner, Sludge, NWOBHM, Doom, Drone, Avant-Garde, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Down-Tempo, Experimental, Grindcore, Hardcore, Instrumental, Noise Rock, Noisecore, Post-Rock, Post-Punk, Powerviolence, Progressive, Psychedelic, Punk and Shoe Gaze.
I must say that Blame Keiko plays their music very well. These two tracks taste for more!
Purple Magic has made three songs for this split. All instruments are played by a guy called Philoxera and he did also the drum programming. The result are some nice tracks with a strong ambient feeling. Enjoy!

Blame Keiko/Purple Magic Split Cassette (2010)

Blame Keiko MySpace

Purple Magic Website & MySpace

Monday, October 4, 2010

Beware The Gelatinous Gloop

Thanks to Tom from Exhilarate Records for this submission!
Beware The Gelatinous Gloop Compilation is a great compilation by Exhilarate Records from Birmingham, England.
This compilation represent 22 bands that play different styles like: Doom, Drone, Sludge, Stoner, Noise, Black, Death, Progressive and Industrial. I like all these styles, except Industrial. So 20 tracks are really great to me. The only band I'm familiar with is Dopefight. (These guys just released their album Budss and I asure you: it is awesome!)
In overall this is an awesome compilation with various music. And I like to give a compliment the designer of the artwork. It looks absolutely fantastic! Enjoy!

Beware The Gelatinous Gloop Compilation (2010)

Exhilarate Records MySpace - MySpace - Blogspot