Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Filth & The Fury

Thanks to the manager of Heavy Glow, Blair Kodman for sharing this EP!
Heavy Glow is a Rock trio from San Diego, California. This band plays Stoner Rock with Psychedelic, Blues and 60's/70's influences and Heavy Glow does that very well.
Heavy Glow is often compared with QOTSA, Cream and Blue Cheer. The singer and guitar player Jared has a remarkable and awesome voice. The Filth & The Fury EP is their second release and it contains five great tracks. The most striking song in my opinion is Love Ghost, an outstanding song with blues influences! If you like this EP, visit the website and order The Filth & The Fury EP. Enjoy!

Jared Mullins and Joe Brooks formed San Diego-based power rock trio Heavy Glow in August 2008. The group recorded its first EP at Velvet Revolver’s Studio in Los Angeles with legendary producer Stevie Salas, who has worked with artists such as Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger.

The self-titled debut EP’s six songs capture the band’s ability to communicate raw, visceral music. It was released to favorable reviews and international airplay. FOX’s new detective series “Good Guys” used Heavy Glow’s “Grinning in the Dark” in the soundtrack for its second episode.

The band is often compared to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Blue Cheer and The Black Keys. Mullins said the band strives for “hard-hitting, gritty, infectious and melodic rhythms to create a sound that is both informed by the past and undeniably modern.”

With the addition of new drummer Dan Kurtz in 2009, the band released a follow-up entitled The Filth & the Fury in January 2010. The EP contains 5 new songs, all cut with the band playing live in one room over a period of six hours. Singles include “Hot Mess” and “Love Ghost.” Classic Rock Magazine distributed “Hot Mess” in its sampler CD for its July issue.

One reviewer said, The Filth and the Fury “… will transport you to a bygone era. Heavy Glow has mastered the tones and styles that dominated the crunchy and fuzzy psychedelic sounds that permeated freedom rock. Combined with the smoky soul of the vocals supplied by Jared Mullins, you have a win-win situation.”

The Filth & the Fury is available online through iTunes, Amazon, Napster and Rhapsody.

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Heavy Glow - The Filth & The Fury EP (2010)

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