Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not So Radio Friendly

I posted the radio friendly version of this album earlier before here. Now here it is with full length songs and in full glory!
The second album of the Saint Petersburg band The Grand Astoria is a great one. It is a perfect sequel to their first album. The Grand Astoria plays some great Stoner Rock with a twist of Grunge, Metal And Blues. II contains five almost instrumental songs with a great vibe. The songs I like the most are Enjoy The View and Radio Friendly Fire, because these songs have a great atmosphere!
The artwork is as the first album excellent. I don't know who made these drawings, but this person can't be left unmentioned!
The Grand Astoria start their European tour in september, so check the tour list on their MySpace and maybe you can see them in a venue near you! If you like this album, order it here. Enjoy and support The Grand Astoria!

"This truckload of rock(s) known as The Grand Astoria has led me to surrender on all fronts. After listening frantically over and over to this album I have decided that this have to be the best band ever from Eastern Europe. St. Petersburg and Russia are truly on the move and this is for sure one of the best albums in 2009! On the self titled debut album by the Russian rock gods you get six different flavours of dynamite-smelling munchies beautifully wrapped all together in a conspicuous surprise box. These fuzzadelic stringburners touch every inch of your pagan body and bring you the finest in both psychedelic stoner and cow-shit-smelling-southern-fried-armwrestling-metal-flavoured-redneck rock with a touch of blues... It is hard to pick a specific song as a favourite because every single minute of the album is a joyful ride, and as I have said before The Grand Astoria is a first class band who rides them high horses all the way up without any difficulties. 50% of the songs on the disc have vocals, the other half is a mind-blowing instrumental journey into the unknown."
(By Tobias Beament at Planet Fuzz)

The Grand Astoria - II (2010)

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of a 're-up' of the full version. All links are dead.


Insane Riez said...

The link is refreshed!