Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Chilean Heaviness

Thanks again to Pepeph for sharing this stuff!
Mamba is a Chilean bass and drum duo and they play extreme heavy! Their music is a crossover of Metal, Punk, Doom, Noise, Sludge, Rock, Jazz, Experimental, Retrogore and Cine B.
One of the members is Pepeph, also the guitar player of the Stoner Rock band Humberstone. With Mamba Pepeph plays bass and does the vomiting(!). The album Retrogore sounds rude and heavy with some atmospheric parts! Some of these atmospheric parts does remind me of the movie soundtrack from Apocalypse Now. Retrogore is not an everyday album, but it is for sure worth a listen! I am curious what you think about Retrogore, so be kind and leave a comment! Enjoy and support Mamba!

Mamba - Retrogore (2009)

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