Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Folkish Stoner Rock From France

Stangala is a three-piece Stoner Rock band from Quimper, Bretagne. These druids combines their music with Folkish and Psychedelic influences. It has resulted in these two free download recordings. ... Dans Les Bois Stangala is a 33 minute album and Lutun Salvia Delirium is a twenty minute EP. Both are pretty decent recordings with a nice atmosphere and there both sung in French. Take a trip through the woods and enjoy!

The story began in the year of 2007, when 3 modern celtic druids gathered somewhere in the mystical woods of Kemper, France. In order to explore other paths of the space-time continuum and finally reach the land of the korrigans, they used their magical knowledge and begun the preparation of potions with psychedelic powers. Lead under the influence of the great green smoke, rites were inspired by the legacy of the great ancients, such as the mighty Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, or the young Queens Of The Stone Age, but also by more local and traditionnal knowledge, of which Brittany, as a Celtic land, is full. First results did not take long to come, and an initiative trip was planned after just a few weeks, thanks to a set of nine songs named "..dans les bois" (translate " the woods"). The druids gained some notoriety and assurance and, after several public ceremonies, they released a new book of magic spells called LSD, or the delirium of the Salvia dwarf.

Today, the druids are gathering secretely once again, consuming even more drugs in their cauldrons in order to, eventually, introduce the world to a path towards a whole new dimension...

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Stangala - ... Dans Les Bois Stangala (2008)

Stangala - Lutun Salvia Delirium (2008)


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yeah this sounds good! Thanx riez!


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Fucking awesome! Riez